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Fauxback Jersey Contest – The Entrants (Part IV)

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By Phil Hecken

Back today with the last group, Part IV, of the Fauxback Jersey Contest (if you missed Part I, which ran last Saturday, click here. Everything’s explained in that link, so I won’t repeat it all here. You’ll see the four finalists from Part II (last Sunday’s entrants) following this post. I’ll have the four finalists from Parts III & IV next weekend, when we will vote for our final winner.

Below are the third 25 submissions (in alpha-order), numbered and labeled with the team (and year if applicable) the concepter is throwing back to, as well as a description, if provided; following the submissions, we’ll have voting. As you scroll through the graphics, be sure to make note of the concept(s) you like ”” you’ll be able to vote for as many as you like (but you can only vote once). You guys know the drill by now (click to enlarge, etc.), so let’s get started!

• • • • • •

Sanny, Gene - 1932 Iowa Barnstormers

1. Gene Sanny (1932 Iowa Barnstormers)

Iowa Barnstormers arena football team fauxing back all the way to 1932 :)

• • •

Sarch, Jim - 1976 Colorado Rockies

2. Jim Sarch (1976 Colorado Rockies)

I chose to create a 1976 fauxback for the Colorado Rockies. I have always been a fan of the purple that they use and was interested in seeing how their colors would translate to a late 70’s jersey, and am pleased with how it turned out.

• • •

Saylor, Jacob - Colorado Rockies

3. Jacob Saylor (Colorado Rockies)

I may have been inspired by the Duff beer patch, but it came honesty. I made the artwork with my phone, with my fingers.

• • •

Scheibler, Will - 1936-37 San Jose Sharks

4. Will Scheibler (1936-37 San Jose Sharks)

Alternate faux-history along with the fauxback sweater images for the San Jose Sharks from 1936/37.

• • •

Seher, Greg - 1976 Colorado Rockies

5. Greg Seher (1976 Colorado Rockies)

1976 Rockies Fauxback. The 1976 elements borrowing from:
– NHL Colorado Rockies who came into existence in 1976.
– 1970’s fad of baby blue MLB uniforms.
– 1970’s the horizontal chest stripes of the Astros.
Bonus fauxbackness; mashup conflicting design… home with the nickname and road with the baby blue.

• • •

Skoken, Will - 1934 Baltimore Ravens

6. Will Shoken (1934 Baltimore Ravens)

Description in graphic

• • •

Skwish, Andrew - 1927 Houston Texans

7. Andrew Skwish (1927 Houston Texans)

No description given

• • •

Spisak, Chris - 1985 Colorado Rockies

8. Chris Spisak (1985 Colorado Rockies)

I fauxed back to 1985 for Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies. They should be legit for the contest with their first year being 1993. I envisioned them like this in the 80s, pre-90s trend of incorporating purple into sports uniforms. I’m super stoked on how these came out! Here is my official (49 word) description…

The 1985 Colorado Rockies home jersey comes in the style of a white pullover. ROCKIES in red with white/blue outlines, forms a “peak” on front. Number in blue. Red, white and blue stripes at ends of sleeves, with left sleeve patch. Number on back in red with white/blue outlines.

• • •

Steelman, Rodney - 1920s Arizona Diamondbacks

9. Rodney Steelman (1920s Arizona Diamondbacks)

Arizona Diamondbacks fauxback jersey. Throwing it back to the 1920s and more specifically calling on designs present in multiple Negro League baseball teams of the era.

• • •

Steffes, Scott - 1975 San Jose Sharks

10. Scott Steffes (1975 San Jose Sharks)

Drawn to 1975, the year the most iconic shark movie was released, my design pulls inspiration from era specific jersey design, graphic and branding styles, as well color palette. The final jersey set uses a modern edge to create a unique and expressive look that blends vintage and evolution.

• • •

Taylor, Dan - 1985 Minnesota Wild

11. Dan Taylor (1985 Minnesota Wild)

Ah yes, I remember the ’85 Wild like it was yesterday and their cartoon mascot wearing the winter hat.

• • •

Thomas, Brett - 1985 Vegas Golden Knights

12. Brett Thomas (1985 Vegas Golden Knights)

Even the newest NHL franchise can have a Fauxback jersey. My design for the Vegas Golden Knights throwing it back to 1985 with a casino themed sweater.

• • •

Thyrion, Jason - 1984 Houston Texans

13. Jason Thyrion (1984 Houston Texans)

Texans are in San Antonio because of the Houston Oilers. Name on Back is Lance McIlhenny, a QB during SMU’s Golden Years.

• • •

Tibaldi, Matt - 1978 Miami Marlins

14. Matt Tibaldi (1978 Miami Marlins)

No description given

• • •

Ureel, Mark - 1976 Ottawa Senators

15. Mark Ureel (1976 Ottawa Senators)

This is a throwback to 1976 for the Ottawa Senators with a logo containing the Civic Crown which was worn by honored civilians who entered the Roman Senate. I also changed the team’s colors to what I think was popular back then yellow and a different shade of red.

• • •

Waller, John - 1962 Colorado Rockies

16. John Waller (1962 Colorado Rockies)

My entry is for the 1962 Colorado Rockies. Imagine if you will that MLB’s expansion franchises that year were the New York Mets and the Colorado Rockies (instead of the Houston Colt 45’s). This home uniform is a fauxback to their ‘inaugural’ season.

• • •

Walter, Adam - 1941 Vegas Knights

17. Adam Walter (1941 Vegas Knights)

Attached is the jersey from the 1941 Vegas Knights playing at the El Cortez Hotel. Pay special attention to the themed roundel and coloring that pays homage to the El Cortez’s grand opening.

• • •

Wenzel, Brian - 1920s Anaheim Ducks

18. Brian Wenzel (1920s Anaheim Ducks)

This concept imagines the Anaheim Ducks as if they’d existed in the 1920s, as California’s original hockey team.
A bold ”˜A’ and prominent orange color proudly represent the city of Anaheim and Orange County (unlike Anaheim’s other team).
Clean striping and a sublimated flying-V complete the look.

• • •

White, Dwayne - 1985 Tampa Bay Lightning

19. Dwayne White (1985 Tampa Bay Lightning)

The 1985-1986 Tampa Bay Lightning fauxback jersey. I think that this jersey just feels like what a mid-1980’s NHL jersey would look like playing in the Expo Hall at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

• • •

Whitt, Jason - 1978 Columbus Blue Jackets

20. Jason Whitt (1978 Columbus Blue Jackets)

Ohio’s capital city knew it was big league, it just needed a team. When the Cleveland Barons shut down in 1978, a group of investors stepped up to bring hockey to Columbus. Proud of their hometown, the newly named Blue Jackets splashed COLUMBUS across both their home & away sweaters.

• • •

Wishinsky, David - 1955 Arizona Diamondbacks

21. David Wishinsky (1955 Arizona Diamondbacks)

I did the Arizona Diamondbacks with a design from 1955 giving them more of a cowboy western feel with using the Don’t Tread on Me snake for the Diamondback.

• • •

Woo, Victor - 1980 Toronto Raptors

22. Victor Woo (1980 Toronto Raptors)

Fauxback to 1980. The 80s were all about bright color and bold patterns. The Raptors script logo includes an outline of the CN Tower which was completed in the late 70s. The side panels represent the claws and teeth of a Raptor.

• • •

Yanez, Diego - 1980 DC United

23. Diego Yanez (1980 DC United)

Inspired by Lazio’s 1980 jersey. New logo, darker shade of red. I modified the eagle so that the wings double as a “D” and “C. Wings continue on the sleeves which along with 3 stars make up DC’s flag. The button-less collar and long sleeves are typical of the 70s/80s.

• • •

Yaques, James - 1977 Miami Marlins

24. James Yaques (1977 Miami Marlins)

Description in image

• • • • • •
And there you have it ”” the final group of entries for the Fauxback Jersey Contest. Voting is below (remember, you can vote for as many designs as you’d like, but you may only vote one time).

Fauxback Jersey Contest – Group IV free polls

• • • • • •

Let’s have a big hand for the final set of contestants. Let them know what you think (and maybe even lobby for your favorites) in the comments below!

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Your Second Four Finalists…

…in the Fauxback Jersey Contest.

The results of the second set of voting are in, and we have our first four finalists. Congratulations to Brent Hatfield, Brendan Gargano, Jayley Lane & Ashton Strub, and Jason Higgins. Here’s a look at the final voting (this wasn’t as close as the first set, with two clear favorites heading to the final round of voting):

Fauxback winners - group 2

I’ll have the results of Groups III & IV next weekend, when we’ll also vote for a winner.

Here’s a look at the entries of our second four finalists:

• • •

Hatfield, Brent - 1975 Marlins

Brent Hatfield (1975 Marlins)

1975 Marlins Home Faux-back Jersey

• • •

Gargano, Brendan - 1976 Colorado Rockies

Brendan Gargano (1976 Colorado Rockies)

i chose the rockies because their uniforms have always sucked. im throwing it back to 1976, including the national league centennial patch worn by the NL teams that year. the color palette was inspired by the state of colorado flag, which i partially incorporated on the other sleeve.

• • •

Lane, Jaylen (& Ashton Strub) - 1992 Oklahoma City Thunder

Jaylen Lane & Ashton Strub (1992 Oklahoma City Thunder)

We chose to throwback the OKC Thunder to 1992 because that was the year I was born in and felt like it would be fun to see a team with a boring identity be taken to life with the wacky and vibrant jerseys of the 90’s.

• • •

Higgins, Jason - 1973 Nashville Predators

Jason Higgins (1973 Nashville Predators)

No description provided

• • •

Congratulations to the finalists, and thanks to everyone who participated!

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MLB Does ‘Murica

Most of MLB’s teams busted out their “Independence Day” costumes yesterday (the exceptions will be noted below). Like in past years, the teams got special caps and the jerseys were modified. Special pants were also worn by some teams.

Stance, MLB’s designated sock partner, provided lots and lots of blue/star red/stripe hose for the players, and many of them participated:

Teams who predominately wear blue were given blue caps with red brims. Teams who wear red-dominant colors had red caps with blue brims:

If you wore something besides red or blue, MLB did its best to outfit you:

The caps had the chromaflex patch, rather than an embroidered logo, and a special batterman logo:

Again, the Cleveland baseball team did NOT have the Wahoo logo, and instead were wearing the Block C (both on the cap and on the sleeve):

For obvious reasons, the Blue Jays, playing in Canada on Canada Day, did not participate in the ‘murica festivities, opting instead to wear their red jerseys and caps:

This was one of a couple games where one team went with S&S gear, and the other did not.

The White Sox went with their throwback helmets, rather than their regular ones (a great move), as they matched the S&S costumes much better:

Several catchers wore special Captain America(?) gear yesterday:

The Brewers wore their piss-colored Cerveceros jerseys and navy caps, instead of the S&S costumes. I’m not sure they picked the less-worse choice:

Sports Funhouse had an interesting non-uni observation from that same game:

Interesting (and almost throwbackish look) for the Reds, whose uniforms contained navy blue inside the C, one the brim, and on the sleeves. A couple people mentioned they’d like them to consider going to this look:

The Royals wore their S&S caps, but their regular jerseys (you’ll see why in a minute):

…as did the Twins (because it was the second game of a double-header — both teams wore the full getups in Game 1)

Here’s a change the Yanks could make permanently, if you ask me:

There will be more in the ticker on this, but the A’s wore black “throwbacks” and the Braves did not wear any S&S gear yesterday:

There was probably lots of stuff I missed (not too many people tweeted at me, and I tried to avoid watching much baseball yesterday). But there will be three more days of this stuff, so get used to it.

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Detroit & Cleveland Throwback To The Negro Leagues

Yesterday evening, the Detroit Tigers (playing as the Detroit Stars) and the Cleveland Indians (playing as the Cleveland Buckeyes), played a Negro League throwback game in Detroit. Both teams have worn the uniforms they wore last evening before — in fact, the Indians wore these same uniforms earlier this year (which Paul covered nicely).

It’s no secret that I love Negro League throwback games, mostly because the uniforms are almost always awesome, and many of the players at least attempt to replicate the style of the times (by wearing either oversized/baggy unis or stirrups/socks, or both). Generally, the teams who put on the games do an excellent job, and for the most part Majestic does a great job with recreating the uniforms.

I love how they do the Stars uniforms, but man — do Majestic and New Era HAVE to have their adverts on the unis & caps?

Also, we all know the Tigers are wearing a “Mr. I” patch for their departed owner Mike Illich. But, did they HAVE to put that patch on the throwback?

Seriously, would it kill the makers of the caps and unis, and the team, to keep the makers marks and memorial patches off the Negro League throwbacks? I think we all know the answer to that.

But aside from that minor complaint (well, maybe not so minor) and the fact that some players went pajama’ed (yes, it’s tough to tell with the modern batting helmet ‘n all that it’s the throwback)…

…it was a stellar looking game:

Lots of players going high cuffed…

… and the ever-popular (at least amongst Paul and me) contrasting pocket flaps

Always nice to see the throwbacks — here’s how Cleveland’s looked back in the day (hat tip to Bruce Menard):

You can see more photos here.

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Uniform Tracking – April-June 2017


Got another update from reader Edward D. Kendrick who has been tracking three teams this season (and recently added a fourth): the Diamondbacks (and there is a LOT to track there), as well as the Red Sox and Nationals:

To see the tracking Ed has done for each of the teams, click on the links below:

Arizona Diamondbacks

Boston Red Sox

Washington Nationals.

Baltimore Orioles.

Great stuff Ed. Thanks!

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ESPN reminder: In case you missed it, Paul’s latest ESPN piece features 10 things you might not know about the Astros’ classic rainbow uniforms. Check it out here.

Naming Wrongs reminder: Over on the Naming Wrongs project, Paul has made some adjustments to the wording of the Murph and Ted shirts, and has also added several new Rose Garden shirts. Full details here, or just go straight to the Naming Wrongs shop.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: “With Madison, Wisconsin’s once-giant Oscar Meyer plant closing its doors for the last time this week, the wood-bat summer league Madison Mallards are hosting a July 4 promotion in which former Oscar Meyer workers get free tickets and hot dogs,” says R. Scott Rogers. “The team worked up a terrific “Salute to Weinerville” logo for the event.” … We’ve discussed on here how to remove (with a thread ripper) stitched logos from caps, but Josh Gibson wants to know how to remove a chromaflex patch. … Mark McGwire (now a coach with the Padres), has no use for the Padres modern script, going with the retro font on his brown hoodie (from Maximiliano). … Here are some fun facts about the Twins’ uniform numbers. … Wonderful photo of Jimmie Foxx (Red Sox) and Joe DiMaggio (Yankees) enjoying a pregame moment at Fenway Park, 1938 (from Alex Cheremeteff). Note the “1939 Worlds Fair” patch on the Yankees jersey, which they wore in 1938 as well as 1939. … Last evening the Greensboro Grasshoppers wore these not-a-sandwich jerseys (h/t MiLB Promos). … The Braves did NOT go with their S&S crap unis yesterday, opting instead to wear the home cap on the road (from GlenMaffews). Here’s some more looks (from Jonathan Binet). The reason? “The Athletics wore black throwback jerseys they debuted in 2000 as an alternate uniform in their 30th season in Oakland. The Braves’ road uniforms were the same back then as now with the exception of the cap ”“ at that time they wore the blue cap with red bill for all games, home and road.” (h/t Mitch Barbee). … The Brooklyn Cyclones held a “League of Their Own” night, and gave away these awesome Rockford Peaches caps to their fans (from ZELT BONE). … Here’s a look at the Frisco RoughRiders S&S unis (via Frisco RoughRiders). … Jerry Stackhouse (a Kinston, NC native) was at the Down East Wood Ducks game last night, and threw out the first pitch wearing a Wooodies jersey (from James Gilbert). Jimmer Vilk does not approve. … This was tweeted without context, but I’m not quite sure I’ve ever seen this stat for a “Last At Bat” (from Nick Linebeck.

NFL/CFL/College/High School Football News: No photo, but here is the Florida Gators are switching to Nike’s newest template (from Brock Brames). … Here’s a cool look back at the special helmet with R/W/B stripe worn by the Dallas Cowboys during the 1976 season (from MiniHelmetGuy). … A source (who prefers to remain anonymous) has confirmed what we probably already knew: the Raiders will be going with the new Nike template this season. … Contained within this article on the new partnership between UCLA & UA is the news that the new football uniforms will be released on July 15th.

Hockey News: Philadelphia Flyers goalie prospect Alex Lyon unveiled his new mask which features a likeness of Pennywise, the clown from horror picture “It”, painted on his mask (from jmac6540). … Check out the St. Ignatius Wolfpack Hockey Team uniform sets here and here (from Tom O’Grady). … Quinnipiac University has revealed its updated logo on its new ice rink designs. Submitter Nolan Rich notes, “For the logo, the red tongue and red accent in the Q part of the logo is gone. Now, the tongue it white white the university using a baby blue, a new color recently added to the school’s pallet, replacing the red accent. The Bobcat now is a brighter yellow instead of a the more traditional dark gold. They have removed the traditional TD bank advertisement and replaces it with the NCAA logo. The new Quinnipiac script is inside the blue lines, they never used to have this.” … The NHL Network is using Reebok uniforms in photoshop for free agent signings, according to Derrick Lockridge.

NBA/G-League/College/High School Basketball News: This is a pretty cool story: “Oregon man uses basketball to help his epilepsy,” with a uni-related component. … So, Blake Griffin is apparently important to the Clippers: The internet was in disbelief over Clippers’ T-shirt of Blake Griffin with MLK, Gandhi, Ali, more (h/t Mike Chamernik). … Steven Carlson says, “Pacers appear to have ads on their summer league jerseys. Have they announced an ad sponsor for next season?” (also note teams are still wearing the adidas mountain logo on their jerseys, so the changeover to Nike obviously hasn’t taken effect). … Quinnipiac University has revealed its updated logo on its new basketball court. Submitter Nolan Rich adds, “For basketball they have a larger logo, darker blue out of bounds, the new Quinnipiac script under the basket, and have added two tones of wood for the the arches and the logos.” … Whoa — check this oldie out: “Utah Stars coach Bill Sharman took his boot off and put it in the ABA championship cup after winning the title in 1971. Looks like a wrestling boot.” (Frpm Mike Selock).

Soccer News: In hono(u)r of Canada Day yesterday, Sabrina D’Angelo of the NC Courage sported red braids (good spot by James Gilbert). … Chelsea will be wearing Nike jerseys next season after ending their long-term relationship with Adidas at the end of last season. Here’s a look at the new blue home jersey and white away jersey. … Here’s a look at the new USA soccer kit worn vs Ghana — “player issue kits are missing a star or two for gold cup patch.” (via Conrad Burry). Here’s another look (from Rex Henry). Many viewing on tv thought the blue on the shorts didn’t match the blue on the jersey. I’d say they have a point.

Grab Bag: Matte finish helmets seem to be a trend in cycling too, notes Adam Gerard. He saw several during the Tour time trials yesterday. Also from Adam: “Brown would not be my first uniform color choice“. … Is this Jimmer Vilk’s gear for Tuesday (I kid, Jimmer, I kid!). From Chris Grosse. … Jeopardy host (and Canadian) Alex Trebex wore this “150” jersey on the show to honor Canada’s 150th (from Douglas Ford). Here is some more on that. … Eric Odden observes, “I think we can assume Under Armour isn’t going to mess with the UCLA stripe based on the apparel put out (yester)day.” … Can there be any doubt that WalMart loves America (from Robert Hayes).

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And that’s it for today. Thanks to everyone who submitted for the Fauxback Jersey contest. If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to vote for your favorites! Next weekend I’ll have your 16 finalists and we’ll vote one more time to determine the winner of the contest, who’ll receive a specially created jersey by Steve Rosenbeck of Garb Athletics, based on the winning design — big thanks (again) to Steve for partnering with Uni Watch on these contests (there will be more to come — and also — we’ve again been selected by the Grand Rapids Griffins to host their alternate uniform design contest, which I’ll be running in August). Lots of good stuff ahead!

Everyone enjoy the rest of your Independence Day weekend (hoping most of you have Monday off — like me) and make sure you play safely with fireworks. We don’t need any more JPP’s out there. MURICA!!!

I’ll catch you all next weekend, but… Till then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Have you ever been to Canada? If you look for it on a map, you’ll realize it isn’t far from the United States. But once you cross the border from America to Canada, you’ll immediately know you’re in a foreign land.”

— CliffB

Happy America Day Everyone!

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Comments (32)

    From a purely design standpoint I really like the S&S uniforms. Much better than the camo, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. uniforms. And yes, the Reds look particularly good. Finally, isn’t the whole “‘murica” thing played out?

    *”Note the “1939 Worlds Fair” patch on the Yankees jersey, which they wore in 1938 as well as 1939″

    – The Yankees, Dodgers & Giants wore the NY World’s Fair patch in 1938 only (as an ad for the upcoming fair). In 1939 all MLB teams wore the Baseball Centennial patch.

    With the Oakland A’s deciding to go throwback on this weekend, I think they would have been better suited going with a Philadelphia A’s throwback such as 1954:


    The colours of the Philadelphia A’s throwback match with the S&S uniforms other teams are wearing. Better option than throwing back to Oakland’s BFBS uniform on Independence Day weekend.

    Pacers’ summer league ad patch is about St. Vincent hospital partnering with the Pacers to build a new training facility. It will have the Pacers’ practice courts, as well as St. Vincent medical offices. Nothing to do with regular season jersey ads

    So the final tally in the fauxback contest is 16 Rockies concepts, 12 for the Marlins, 8 Diamondbacks, 5 Jaguars, and 4 each for the Sharks, Raptors, Nationals, and Thunder. All the rest had 3 or fewer. Interesting that there was so much interest in the Rockies, and many of them used the Colorado state flag as inspiration.

    Yes, it was interesting to see all the Rockies and Marlins concepts. Also, it’s surprising how many votes the Marlins entries got considering how similar many were to each other. The cream will rise to the top I suppose.

    Just curious, why are the S&S unis “costumes” and the Negro League throwbacks not? I would think the term more accurately describes the latter.

    But if everyone looks the same, that’s the very definition of “uniform”, whereas “costume” suggests dressing up as something you’re not. To my knowledge, none of these guys ever played for the Buckeyes or Stars.

    For the record, I love the Negro League throwbacks. I’d love to see an MLB team incorporate some of those design elements full time.

    Thunder Bay Border Cats of the Northwoods League wore some Canada 150 jerseys for their Canada Day game:


    I didn’t notice any inconsistencies in the Stars and Stripes socks. Stripes on the left and stars on the right. Is there something about Stance socks where the lefts and rights are distinct? (Genuine question–I don’t own any Stance socks and I’m surprised everybody seemed to “get it right.”)

    Most apparel companies’ high-end socks are labeled “L” and “R” at the toe.

    I’m not having any luck seeing the throwbacks. I can see yesterday’s just fine still, but today’s aren’t loading. Were they put up in a different manner than yesterday?

    Interesting that UCLA and UA are calling the blue “powderkeg” blue instead of “true” blue. A number of years ago UCLA changed from a lighter blue to a deeper blue and called it “true blue”. As Trojan alum, I actually like UCLA’s traditional football uniform, but thought the blue became too dark during the Adidas period. Also UCLA has way too many variations of blue, with royal blue script on the helmet, and navy blue for their road uniforms. I can’t imagine USC having a bunch of red variations, or changing the name of their red from Cardinal to another name.

    When Red Sanders became UCLA’s football coach in 1949, UCLA wore dark blue (as they were part of the University of California system). Sanders thought light blue would look better on the field and on film? So he switched. He called it “powder keg blue,” a light blue color with “explosive kick.” Going back to that nomenclature is very appropriate.

    Thanks, I knew about Red Sanders changing it, but didn’t know about using that name. The color was very light blue back in the 60s and 70s for football, but the basketball team was more of a royal blue. I remember when Larry Brown was the basketball coach and changed to almost a North Carolina light blue, and the fans didn’t like him trying to make them look like his beloved Tar Heals. Don’t like the recent use of navy for their road uniforms. Makes them look like Notre Dame. But a few years ago Adidas had their light blue all wrong on their road white uniforms, where they looked turquoise.

    Love love love Andrew Skwish’s Buckin’ Pigskin for the Texans fauxback.

    The Tribe should simply use the Cleveland Buckets uniforms and caps. Great look and a nod to the past.

    If it weren’t for a certain school to the south of Cleveland, I’d be lobbying hard for the Cleveland Buckeyes. But you know they’d fight that tooth and nail.

    The Royals S&S jersey numbers and script isn’t outlined in red– I think they’re the only ones?

    Steelman’s Diamondbacks or Yanez’s DC United top my list today.

    Overall this has been a great contest. Dozens of great looks. Great job, everyone!

    I think Jim Sarch’s Rockies entry is my favorite of the whole contest, because for me it really captures the spirit of the thing. It’s loud and attention-getting and screams of its intended era.

    Many of the entries are very nice uniforms that don’t really say “fauxbacks”, either because they aren’t bold and retro enough, or because they couldn’t actually be used today (e.g. NFL unis with no number on the front–I don’t think they’d allow that).

    Excellent job, Will Scheibler. That Sharks design was my favorite of the contest. I don’t know how, but you made teal and gray fit in with the 30s. And that logo would look great today.


    Modified my modification (converted to a MSPaint/ friendly version) of a template that sparky chewbarky created on the Chris Creamer forum.
    Cut down the dimensions and modified it to make it closer to a sweater of that era.


    Did a fill in the blank of that modified template and then created the chain stitch shark.

    likely took my much longer than someone with some graphic arts/artist skills would have.

    I understand the reason for the orange of the Ducks jersey, I just don’t know if that would be a common primary jersey color in that era. I think the Chicago Bears had it as an accent. I think the ducks flying in a pattern in the “A” is brilliant. I also like the shoulder patch. My favorite by far.

    You have to get the binder on chromaflex to 120 degrees in order to release cleanly. On the BP caps the patch leaves a bit of a pattern due to deformation of the material. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    To remove a chroma flex patch, put your oven in the lowest setting, (<150), place item in roaster under the oven, let sit. Remove item and quickly pull patch.


    Throw item in dryer at highest setting. Let dryer get to temperature, pull item, and quickly pull patch.


    Place item in automobile, leave car in sunny place. Let vehicle get to temperature, remove patch inside the car.

    Need some help here. I was at the Blue Jays/Red Sox game on July 1st and thought I noticed that Darwin Barney was wearing a different batting helmet than the rest of the Jays.

    While the rest of the team had red batting helmets with a red maple leaf logo, his red batting helmet had the standard Blue Jays logo. I just got a glimpse of it on the scoreboard video screen so I’m not sure if I’m seeing things or if this actually happened.

    Can anyone here find evidence?

    Oh and Happy Fourth of July!

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