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Ti-Cats New Third is Stealthy

Hamilton Ti Cats splash

By Phil Hecken

First up: Paul has a new ESPN Column coming today — it’s the highly-anticipated NFL Uniform Preview Edition. Here’s the column.

Now then — We’re about 3/4ths of the way through with the Canadian Football League unveiling their alternate (or third) or “Signature” uniforms, and yesterday the Hamilton Tiger Cats unveiled theirs.

As threatened promised, our Canadian Football expert, Mike Styczen, reviewed the first set of thirds here, and the Montreal Alouettes here. He’s back today to give us the rundown on the next team to unveil, the Ti-Cats.

Here’s Mike:

. . .

Hamilton Tiger Cats New Third Uniform
By Mike Styczen

The Hamilton Tiger Cats released their Signature Series uniforms on Tuesday. They’ll wear what they’re calling their “stealth” look on Monday in the Labour Day classic against Toronto – though the bigger question in Hamilton right now is “where is the game going to be played”.

Let’s take a look at the uniforms (click on any photo to enlarge):

Ti Cats 24

Ti Cats 15

Ti Cats 4 Ti Cats 18

The new set looks an awful lot like B.C.’s set. The body of the jersey is a gray so dark it might as well be black, the shoulders and pants are black. The trim, including the names, numbers, and striping on the jerseys and pants, is yellow.

Ti Cats 1

Ti Cats 19

The team’s leaping tiger logo is rendered almost invisibly in grey on the shoulders of the jersey, and on the right side of the helmet. The left side of the helmet has the uniform number in yellow.

Ti Cats 5

Ti Cats 10

Ti Cats 12 Ti Cats 16

The motto “Tigertown” is stitched inside the collar (though I didn’t see any pictures of this). The use of that motto seems a little weird to me – I would have thought they’d use Hamilton’s pretty well-established motto which dates back to the 1920s.

While the Tiger Cats usual home look is black over yellow, they have worn monochrome black in the past.

So of all the CFL Signature Series releases so far, this set is the closest to a team’s usual look. There’s nothing too offensive about this set, but nothing too memorable either.

. . .

Thanks, Mike. He and I will be back with the last of the unveilings after they occur.



The Great Cornhole-io Maker

You fine readers may recall a little over a week ago I included an item in the “Too Good For The Ticker” section which detailed some amazing cornhole boards by Andrew Nash. I was fascinated by them, and I followed up with Andrew to find if he had any more, what was his impetus for making them, etc. A few readers even asked me if they were for sale.

Andrew was very obliging and yes, he does have more — plenty more (which I will show you below) and a nice story to go with them. First, here’s a few of his other boards (click on any photo to enlarge):

Current Broncos Final

Throwback Broncos Final
Left: Current Broncos. Right: Throwback Broncos.

Harper Final Strasburg Final
Left: Bryce Harper Nationals. Right: Stephen Strasburg Nationals.

NY Rangers Final GoT
Left: New York Rangers. Right: Game of Thrones.

RG3 Final

. . .

Amazing right?

Here’s a quick “Q&A” with the artist I did:

Uni Watch: These cornhole boards are incredible. As you know from my “TGFTT” section, I never played cornhole, not even once. Did you grow up with the game?

Andrew Nash: Actually, no. I didn’t have any exposure to “cornhole” growing in upstate NY. It was a foreign concept to me until I moved to Virginia where I quickly gained an interest in it. After a while I started looking to buy my own set but then realized it’d be cheaper for me to make my own.

UW: Ugh. Upstate — I went to school upstate. And no, even in the dark ages when I went, there was no cornhole then. But I digress. Have you always had this artistic bent?

AN: I’ve always been artistic, so once I assembled the boards I had to find a way to paint them so I could personalize them. I couldn’t decide on what design I should have for my first boards, my hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY is not a hot-bed of your typical design inspiration (college sports), and I wanted them to be unique so I chose my favorite TV show, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as my first set. I’m not especially proud of that first set, but enough people had interest that I made a few more sets for some friends.

UW: I consider Poughkeepsie to be upstate, but I didn’t think the people who lived there did. Nice you recognize that (I kid, I kid). Did you get “better” with each new set of boards?

AN: I’ve learned something new from every set I’ve made (from design to planning to execution) and part of my enjoyment comes from finding the best way to do it.

UW: Just a hobby, or do you do these things “professionally”?

AN: Right now, it’s something I enjoy doing in my free time for people just to blow off some steam and do something different than my regular job. Having the opportunity to make something cool and be artistic is really just a bonus.

UW: So, they’re not for sale?

AN: As for being for sale, these are all ones I made for friends and family. I can (and am currently for the Notre Dame boards) get in touch with the people who have them to see if they’re interested in selling. I’m not really in this for “business” but I’m not opposed to helping people start their own projects or even doing one for them. The problem is that I’m not a carpenter in any sense of the word so I have little confidence in providing these as commercial products and I’d charge more than most are willing to pay.

UW: Heh. That’s good common sense. And if people are willing to pay for your services, then you need to be properly compensated! OK, anything else before we close?

AN: I really wanted to thank Uni Watch, especially you, Phil, for providing me the opportunity to share something I’m passionate about with the world. Thanks!

UW: No, thank you for sharing them with us!

If you’d like to get in touch with Andrew about his cornhole boards, you can send him an e-mail here. And be sure to wish him a happy belated birthday — it was yesterday!


Texans Mock - Contest Reminder

Design Contest Reminder

In case you missed it, I’m hosting a WFL Design Contest. All the rules and instrux are in the link…

…but if you don’t want to click there it’s pretty basic: If the World Football League hadn’t folded in 1975, and the League were still active today, what would the teams’ uniforms look like in 2014? Click the link for more details. Deadline is September 1, and you can send all your submissions to me:

Should be a fun contest, so if you are a concepter or designer, give it a whirl!



Too Good For the Ticker

Too Good…

for the Ticker

Neat little DIY project from David Westfall today:


I started a little DIY project for myself last week and thought I’d share. As one of my hobbies I collect mini football helmets. My two favorite teams are the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Houston Texans. Someone asked me if there was a ‘half-and-half’ helmet. After searching the internet I saw that there wasn’t, so I decided to make it myself. As you can see, I took a Husker helmet and sprayed it blue for the Texans (only needed one can of paint, you see). I painted the right side because on the back of the helmet (Nebraska side) was the little WARNING sticker that they put on helmets saying, “This is not to be used as a weapon,” etc. I wanted it to look as authentic as possible. After ordering the Texans sticker (which I did AFTER I had painted) I realized the bull head was facing the wrong direction. So, technically the helmet is wrong, but again, I thought I’d share.


Click on any images below to enlarge:





Thanks for sharing, Dave! That came out really well.

OK, now onto the ticker…


Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Slump buster? “Since coming off the DL a couple of weeks ago, Edwin Encarnacion has has little success at the plate,” writes Marc Bauche. “In (Mon)day’s game vs. the Red Sox, he switched to the extremely neon day-glo Nike Vapor cleats and hit a clutch 2-out, 2-run, game-tying double in the 9th. Coincidence? … Reader Jeremy (last name withheld by request) recently visited the Ashland Highlands Museum and found some interesting unis there. “One is from a little league team, which I really enjoyed because my little league team just had shirtzees,” he says. “Anyway, they had several baseball jerseys from locals who made it big including an umpire but the picture didn’t take very well due to poor lighting.” … Orioles fans apparently don’t think the Opening Day tribute to Paul Blair was enough, so they have taken matters into their own hands with a grassroots movement to honor the eight-time Gold Glove outfielder with plans for a simple display of tribute on Sept. 12, when the Orioles face the New York Yankees. … Yesterday was National Dog Day, so Bruce Menard posted this gorgeous photo of the 1916 Cleveland Indians on the Twitter. Also from Bruce: 1909 Hall of Fame Pitcher Rube Waddell with the St. Louis Browns Mascot … Speaking of gorgeous photos, check out this 1909 Pittsburg Pirates poster, Champions of the National League (submitted by Jonathan Daniel). And one more “dog” day photo, from Todd Radom: Satchel Paige & friend, teaming up for the St. Louis Browns. … The Brewers latest giveaway is a Team Selfie t-shirt designed with “input from Carlos Gomez.” … The Pirates’ Gerrit Cole went high cuffed last night. Says submitter Coleman Mullins “Not a great blousing job, but still better than pajamas!” Also, there seemed to be some kind of foreign substance on his pants (via Luke Gillespie). … Pitch a perfecto, get a “Perfect Game Ring.” Check out Dallas Braden’s bling (h/t Sean Sheep Cheng).

NFL News: Mmmmm…nice: Check out this vintage Sports Illustrated cover art showing Fran Tarkenton, by Bob Peak (h/t to Sully). … Wow: Check this pic of Bob Griese wearing a Dolphin helmet with no logo on it (from Kenn Tomasch). Kenn adds, “This is from a slideshow of Griese on the ‘Fins’ site right now.” And from that same batch, Jake Scott also wearing a logo-less Dolphin helmet. … Apparently these are the toys in Happy Meals (via Gerardo Garcia). … Remember those really bad ugly x-mas sweaters that came out a while ago? Well, here’s a good one. Samuel Lam discusses that, here. … The Baltimore Ravens have switched their Quarterback “No contact” practice jersey from red to black (via murph1019).

College & High School Football News: Angelo State is changing its home uniforms from this to this, at least for one game (thanks to Dennis Jones). … Check out this gorgeous Ohio State program cover, paying tribute to the 1968 Mexico City Olympics! (via Chris Holmes). … Looks like Penn State will be keeping their NOBs for the 2014 season. … The “Quick Lane Bowl” will feature a matchup between teams from the B1G & the ACC (via @so_it_gohs). What the hell is the “Quick Lane Bowl” you ask? Now you know. … Here is a link to an interesting site produced by Oregonian Newspaper/OregonLive that has a comprehensive list of Oregon uniforms since 1997. Says submitter Todd Hawes, “A Duck fan could spend hours on the site…like me. ;) Anyway they are missing the best uniforms in Oregon’s history, the 1994-95 Rose Bowl year classics.” … There’s a new turf field at Tupelo HS (home of the Golden Wave). According to submitter Michael Martin, “They had to request permission from Boise State.” … Vanderbilt Head Coach, Derek Mason, had his first game-week press conference. They had the new matte black helmet on display along the white helmet. Says Trés Lawless, “It appears that they have taken (off) the black and gold stripes. It’s unclear what the texture of it is. IMO I liked the stripes, but we’ll see.” … Check out this “BigGameUSA” football that will be used in the Navy vs. THE OSU game. … SMU has added kevlar fortified liners to their helmets. More here. … Gradient numbers seem to be catching on in Kentucky. This is the Lincoln County High School football team (from Josh Claywell). … Have the Ole Miss Rebels officially changed their nickname to Mole Miss? (h/t Josh Mazur). … Holy Moly! Check out these crazy Orange Bowl goalposts from the 1940s (nice find by Bob Gassel). … Northwestern State football will wear white at home for the first time since 1968.

NBA & College Hoops News: And now it’s official. Kevin Love officially takes number “0” (h/t Will Lombard). … Sports Illustrated’s “FanSided” has an interesting write up of who has college basketball’s best home court. Interestingly, the rankings seem to be by best win percentage, not best court (or place to see a game, aesthetics, atmosphere, etc.). … Interesting uniforms that Slovenia was wearing yesterday against USA hoops. Here’s some video if you’re interested. … Texas A&M has new basketball uniforms.

Hockey News: The Courrier-Post asks, “Will the Flyers’ new uniforms mirror the Winter Classic jerseys?” According to the article, the buzz is that the unis will have orange pant stripes similar to those worn in the 2012 Winter Classic game.

Soccer News: adidas has launched a Yamamoto-designed Real Madrid third kit (h/t Michael Ehrlich). According to adidas, “The striking new all-black kit aims to unify the values of Madridismo focused on its two main elements, greatness and determination. Both elements are represented by two mythical beasts which originate from the Eastern culture and are interlaced on the front of the shirt. Dragon king symbolizes the greatness, glory and power of the club and Dragon bird, an animal that is able to relive in the most hostile situations, represents the clubs resistance, determination and agility on its way to the victory.” Here’s some more on that (via Yusuke Toyoda). … Michael Richardson sends in this article which looks at the goalkeeper gloves worn by English soccer players. … From last weekend’s game, but apparently, Liverpool has introduced skinny ties to its game day apparel (thanks to Yusuke Toyoda).

Grab Bag: This is kinda cool: A book about the blazers worn by rowing clubs at the Henley Royal Regatta (sent in by Kevin Mueller). “The Henley has its roots in the London social season and used to prohibit “laborers” from entering. Teams are expected to turn out in blazers and colors specific to their clubs when not actually racing,” he adds. … New Rugby kits for the Guinness Pro 12 2014/15 season (via Adam Ingle). … Metro, the DC area transit agency, has a tradition of giving out pennants at the groundbreakings and openings of new stations, notes Scott Szymendera. He adds, “This tradition which began with the system’s groundbreaking in 1969 continues to this day as pennants were handed out on the opening day of the new Silver Line last month. The Washington Post has all the details and great pictures of the old pennants. Metro’s pennants way predate the Silver Line (which is a month old already!) Sadly, the most recent pennant is also the most boring of the lot.” … Reader Bernd Williams read a press release in which a company has “managed to take the scourge the of all-caps COMPANY NAME that to the next level.” What level is that? The bolding level: “Deltatre produce data and graphics solutions for various sports rights holders. Actually, that’s “deltatre” to you and me. Bolding intentional.” He asks, somewhat incredulously, “How could anyone possibly think this was a good idea?” … Retailers like Abercrombie and Aeropostale are struggling because “Teens no longer want to be bedecked in the logo-emblazoned T-shirts and sweatshirts that rocketed these companies to success in the early 2000s.” (from Yusuke Toyoda). … I’m not a big sneaker guy, but this article on Nike’s Tinker Hatfield and his ‘tennis legacy’ is pretty interesting. And here’s a photo of Roger Federer’s Air Jordan III-Inspired tennis sneakers at the U.S. Open. And Fed’s opponent last evening, Marinko Matosevic, was wearing a sideways Red Sox hat embroidered with “MARINKO.” (h/t Victoria Chiesa). … “Interesting article I came across,” says Logan Irons. “As you can gather from the name of the link, a couple is trying to pay for their wedding via corporate sponsorships.” … New uniforms for the Japanese national Rugby 7s teams (from Pacific Rim correspondent Jeremy Brahm). Men are the top two and women are the bottom two.


And that’s going to do it for the last Hump Day in August. Where did the time go?

Don’t forget to check back here as I’ll have a link for Paul’s NFL preview column when it goes live. Big thanks to Andrew for the insight into his cornhole boards, and to Dave for sharing his DIY skills on the mini-helmet. You guys have a great day and I’ll be back with more tomorrow!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Kids will always like shiny stuff. Though I wept a little tear for the English language here:

‘The team’s Shamrock Series jerseys are more unique’.”



More on Uni Watch
Comments (65)

    Back in the day I remember seeing several Dolphins pictures without the logo on the helmet. They may have not worn the logo in the preseason. Did they not wear the logo during their first season or two?

    The Dolphins had the helmet logo from the start. The blank helmet was likely airbrushed that way due to some licensing issue, similar to how Topps football cards in the 70’s didn’t have helmet logos.

    That is correct; the Dolphins didn’t wear logos in pre-season for a couple of years – probably in the 1969-1971 era when they kept changing the logo (dolphin in the sun, dolphin out of the sun).

    I remember the airbrushed cards; that photo doesn’t look airbrushed so it’s probably from the pre-season.

    Yes, this Griese photo appears to be from 1970, when the Dolphins absolutely did not wear a helmet logo during the preseason…

    Related/unrelated question about pre-season helmets:

    I notice the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have numbers on the front of their helmets during preseason, but add them when the regular season starts. The number on the back of the helmet is there, just the front one is omitted.

    Anyone know why?

    Probably because it helps both the player and equipment identify and match player to helmet.

    Damn. Apparently the guy who tweeted that at me took the photo down. Didn’t make a screen grab.

    Basically it was a plastic figurine with stickers you could put on it to give the player a helmet logo & number.

    Neat… so they’re giving away not-quite-electric-football players. Those are kinda cool, actually. I’m more bothered by the Denver player wearing a blue jersey than I am about the skin color “issue” in the article.

    I saw more than a few grown men with several silver line pennants on opening day – had trouble getting just 1 for my sons’ room.

    Don’t know who compiled the ticker today, but there’s no way the Silver Line pennant is the most boring.

    1) It’s using the standardized graphics, c’mon we love that consistency.

    2) The link listed are just text with the Metro logo!

    “Don’t know who compiled the ticker today, but there’s no way the Silver Line pennant is the most boring.”


    I compiled the ticker, but you’ll note that commentary is a quote from Scott Szymendera, who submitted the item, not me.

    Color me stupid perhaps (as I too have never played cornhole), but shouldn’t the be a HOLE in those things?? Maybe where that blotchy thing (whatever that is) is?

    Just wondering.

    Maybe he just paints the boards and someone else drills the holes.

    Great job, Andrew! I especially love the Nats boards. Using the jerseys for the design is a cool idea. Oh, and Happy Birthday, too.

    We played it in college but called it bean bag toss or bags. We used bb’s for our bags as corn or soybeans would get moldy. I hate the name Cornhole for this game.

    Not to be a Negative Nelly– but isn’t the Texans logo on the wrong side of that DIY split mini? :^\

    Love the Metro pennants! I grew up in the DC area while the Metro was being built/dug (my father even worked for one of the contractors at the time). I have never seen these.

    Paul Blair was the manager of a short-lived minor league team in Yonkers, the Hoot Owls. I didn’t know he’d died.

    Unfortunately, I neglected to throw some love Garrett McGrath’s way for the insightful article about the events of 1989. Because of the current turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, it seemed timely and perhaps it always will.

    Why are there hinges connecting the two “RGIII” boards? Is that perhaps some other game board, besides cornhole?

    I thought the same, but that means they would need to be screwed and unscrewed with each use. I guess if don’t mind that sort of thing, it serves a good purpose.

    How did they not include a diamond for the pitcher’s mound on Dallas Braden’s perfect game ring?? Seems like a huge missed opportunity, especially considering that run-in he had with A-Rod (when A-Rod ran over the mound going from third to first).

    Great job, Baltimore Ravens, on switching your no-contact jerseys from red to a color you already regularly wear. Those black jerseys are really going to make the quarterbacks stand out from everyone else on the field link. I realize you’re probably regretting signing Joe Flacco to that fat contract before the beginning of last season, but aren’t there safer ways of shedding excess QB salary?

    I know it’s really beside the point, but can we stop acting like Flacco got superstar money? The headline-grabbing 6-year, $120 million numbers are merely there to make the agent look good and allow the team to act like players are overpaid.

    The only parts of the contract that matters are the first three years and the guaranteed $59 million, pretty reasonable for a veteran QB who can walk and chew gum at the same time in a league that practically has the license to print money. After the 2015, the Ravens can restructure his contract or waive him with little consequence, or even stay the course, since the salary cap will go up after the DirecTV deal is renewed. Considering the opportunity cost of getting a comparable QB in the open market (which is damn near impossible) or getting one in the draft, the Ravens got a bargain.

    /end nerdy rambling

    Sorry I ruined the joke. FWIW, it’ll make more sense for the Ravens to destroy Flacco in 2016 when there won’t be so much dead money!

    Of course, the way the Ravens do things, that will be the year they return to the red no-contact jersey.

    Even with the logo, that half-and-half Texans and Cornhuskers helmet is pretty cool.

    Am I the only one who thinks the Texans’ logo might look better facing backward? It fits the contours of the helmet better that way.

    I appreciate you posting my DIY project. My friends are having some fun with me that my last name got switched from WESTFALL to FIRESTONE, though.

    Should note that the Panthers will also wear the blue alts at Tampa Bay on the opening weekend: link

    Also, re: goalpost height – wouldn’t it be simpler/more reliable to introduce Hawkeye-style technology on field goals?

    Yeah, but that would eliminate the human element, and we can’t have that. The referees blowing an occasional call is an important part of the game.

    Of course. A refereeing controversy is good for at least 3 days of dudes on ESPN yelling at each other.

    The Mets posted a photo on Facebook showing some of the team before taking part in a fantasy football draft. More interesting, Wright is holding a link with some sort of “not Mets” logo on the side.

    Appears to be an interlocking “LTB” or “LT8” – any ideas?

    Interesting that the ACC banner shown in the Quick Lane Bowl piece includes Notre Dame. There are an ACC member EXCEPT in football…and this is a bowl game?

    Notre Dame is included in the package of bowls that the ACC has agreements with. I forget the exact formula, but each of those bowls can take ND once in a specific period (say, once every three to five years).

    That’s the most obvious. The Ohio State logo is old (the current one has solid black letters), and IIRC, Northwestern has gone to the plain “N” as it’s primary.

    So we’ve got a total of eight teams with either a Bank of Ireland (3) or a BT Sport (5!) logo on them. Fantastic.

    Also, for a competition between teams from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy doesn’t it seem just a little funny that the “official launch” was held in London? Well, not when you consider that it was held at the headquarters of Diageo, the parent company of the title sponsors Guinness. Douchebags.

    At first I thought it was a rivalry thing like Rangers/Celtic where the sponsors didn’t want to choose one thing or another, but that can’t be it as Cardiff is the lone non-BT Sport team in Wales and Connacht the lone non-Bank team in Ireland. The Pro12 now has a Sky contract but is still a ways off from having the money that the Aviva Premiership teams have in England.

    Cardiff – Airbus
    Newport – BT Sport
    Ospreys – BT Sport
    Scarlets – BT Sport

    Zebre – Mi Ipegno A Parma (I am committed to Parma)
    Benetton – Cofiloc (a construction company in Treviso)

    Connacht – Life Style Sports
    Munster – Bank of Ireland
    Leinster – Bank of Ireland

    Ulster – Bank of Ireland

    Edinburgh – BT Sport
    Glasgow – BT Sport

    As it turns out even Cardiff are getting in on the act as their stadium is being renamed BT Sport Arms Park: link

    Frankly it sounds like just about the worst thing the WRU could have done. The Welsh people have already been reluctant to get behind the regions since they brought them in about a decade ago and now they’re diluting whatever unique identity they may built by turning them all into team BT Sport.

    And finally, just to be pedantic, Ulster is only 2/3rds Northern Ireland. Three of the nine counties are in the Republic. Regardless, in terms of rugby there is only the one Ireland.

    Why would a high school have to ask Boise State’s permission to install a different shade of blue turf than Boise State’s??

    Boise State owns a federally-registered trademark on blue artificial turf for football fields. link explains the situation in pretty good detail.

    You can see Boise State’s trademark registration certificate link. If that link has timed out, you can go here:


    …and type in the serial number 77574724.

    Interestingly, the article states that Boise State claims its trademark covers all non-green football fields. But if you read the trademark application and registration documents, Boise acknowledges that “The color(s) blue is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.”

    I would love to see someone install a red or yellow field without seeking Boise State’s permission. Something tells me Boise’s trademark doesn’t extend quite as far as they want people to think it does.

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