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Strange Brew – The CFL Introduces ‘Stunning New Third(s)’


By Phil Hecken

I’m back with my CFL partner today, Mike Styczen, who you’ll recall penned an article earlier this summer on the CFL — we warned you at the time the league would be introducing new third (alternate) uniforms throughout the course of the season, and halfway through, they’re halfway through introducing the new threads. (There are nine teams in the CFL now, with the Ottawa Redblacks being added this year — but eight total unveilings, because the BC Lions, in the gunmetal gray, introduced their third jersey last season.)

Thus far, four new uniforms have been released, but only two have seen the field of play, which you’ll see below. The remaining four will be introduced over the next few weeks, and we’ll be back with a “part 2” of the new looks once the remainder are revealed. (Special thanks to Lucas Barrett for his assistance with this piece!).

Here’s Mike to give you his rundown of the new duds:

CFL Third Uniforms, Part I
By Mike Styczen

Back on June 28th, I previewed this season’s CFL uniforms. At that time, I mentioned that there wasn’t really anything new in the CFL this year at that time, but that the commissioner of the league had promised “stunning new third uniforms” for 2014.

Well, four teams have now unveiled those “stunning new third uniforms” and they are . . . something.

According to the league, the new “Signature Uniforms” are bold, exciting, innovative … “Each one tells a story about its team, what that team stands for, and the fans who stand with it.” The league says that the new sets will be worn twice this year, and into next year.

One thing that’s interesting about the signature jerseys is that of the four released so far this year, three have VERY large logos front and centre (Saskatchewan being the exception) – reminiscent of hockey jerseys.

Football jerseys are an interesting piece of fan merchandise: I can go out and buy a hockey jersey off the rack and not get it customized and it looks just fine. But football jerseys look stupid off the rack without customization. In the CFL in particular, the rosters are very transient, there aren’t a lot of big stars, fans are reluctant to customize jerseys – and the result is that not a lot of jerseys get sold. By putting a big team logo on the front, my guess is that Reebok is trying to produce a jersey that looks good without customization and that can be worn anywhere in order to sell jerseys to more than just the hardcore fans.

On to the actual product (click any image to enlarge):



Saskatchewan Roughriders


Sask3 Sask4

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have been known as the Green Riders for as long as I can remember, long after the need to distinguish them from their eastern cousins went away. This design sure takes the green to the next level.

“Fast, bold and exciting, this new jersey captures the spirit and energy of this great province and its fans. The new design uses traditional Rider green as its core but highlights that iconic colour with a new blitz green!”

This set has everything, including a new flavour of green called “blitz green”. Good grief. I can’t even list the things this set has other than in point form (and I might have missed some):

• new helmets with a “wheat” pattern that looks like a watermelon
• a facemask with a gradient from white at the top to “blitz green” at the bottom
• white numbers with a wheat pattern in black gradient
• black pants with a green stripe, also with a gradient wheat pattern
green socks with some sort of pattern I can’t decipher
• gloves that make the usual “S” logo
• a variety of green and “blitz green” stripes and wheat patterns on the jersey
• the usual “S” logo at the bottom of the back of the jersey, tramp-stamp style
• the words “I am Rider Nation” inside the back collar

Its almost impossible to critically review this set. Any one feature might be interesting on its own ”“ the gradient on the facemask is innovative and looks OK, the helmet on its own is not terrible, but was it necessary to load in every design feature they could think of? Did nobody at the table (for Reebok, the league or the team) say “no, that’s too much”.

If you like the current Seattle Seahawks set but said “not enough going on”, this is the set for you.

The team wore the new set in their win over Montreal this weekend.


Argos 1

Toronto Argonauts

Argos 3 Argos 2

There’s a lot to like about the Argos’ new look. It sticks to their primary colour palette of double-blue and white. The Argos were one of the pioneers of using a logo on the front of the jersey in the 1990s, I think that the use of their old-school serif “A” logo is a nice touch. Using their existing shield-A logo on the helmet, the top of the back, and the pants is also a good look. The double blue numbers are also nicely done.

I don’t love the “pull together” slogan inside the collar. The saying apparently harkens back to their founding as a rowing club, but I’ve never heard anyone connected with the team use those words before. Just like you can’t give yourself a nickname, you can’t give yourself a slogan and expect anyone to take it seriously.

The only real complaint is the weird gradient stripe that encompasses the whole of the jersey top-to-bottom. If it were a single colour it wouldn’t bother me, but gradient just keeps drawing my eye up and down and distracting me from some of the really nice features on this set. There’s a similar stripe on the pants that doesn’t bother me as much.

The Argos wore these in their loss to B.C. this weekend.



B.C. Lions


The Lions pioneered the “Signature Uniforms” last year. I said last year that I liked them then, and I still like them.

Monochrome gun-metal grey, matte grey helmets, lots of orange trim. I think it’s a great look. The biggest criticism I hear is that the numbers are hard to see (black numbers on grey uniforms highlighted with bright orange).

As mentioned, the Lions wore these last year and wore them again this weekend to beat the Lions.


Ottawa Redblacks1


Ottawa Redblacks2


We have a thing in Canada called the Kenora Dinner Jacket. I used to live near Kenora, I’ve owned a couple in my life, they can be warm and comfortable and I have worn mine to dinner on occasion. But I have never said to myself “hey, this would make a great template for a football uniform”.

Well, whoever designed the REDBLACKS (that appears to be their actual name) signature jersey came to the opposite conclusion, using the plaid look for the sleeves and the helmet. It also looks like there’s some plaid on the sides of the jersey and the pants. The design of the plaid itself incorporates the team’s “sawtooth” motif into the edges of the stripes.

Like the Argos, they’re also using the primary logo on the front of the jersey. This is a good look, that I didn’t notice until my second pass through the photos because the use of plaid was so … captivating? Also on the plus side, the jersey is red and the helmet is predominantly red (a good look on a team that doesn’t have enough red in its primary set).

Like the green Riders, either you buy into this idea or you don’t, and nothing I can say will make any difference. Bonus marks for innovation, especially for a new team without much of an identity following in the footsteps of two failed teams. If they adopt lumberjack plaid as their brand, they might have a better chance at winning over a city that’s justifiably skeptical of another CFL team.

These haven’t been worn on the field yet. They’ll wear them on Sunday when they host Calgary.



Winnipeg Blue Bombers


Winnipeg11 Winnipeg10

The Blue Bombers released their new look on Tuesday afternoon. The team had previously unveiled the helmet, so the primary look of this set was not a surprise.

What do you notice about this set?

1. Digital camo
2. That is a lot of blue
3. No gold? Really?
4. That is a lot of blue

The big “W” on the chest is nice – like Toronto, this set makes good use of the iconic Winnipeg logo. Beyond that, there’s not much to love here. Camo covering the entire helmet, the shoulders and side panels, absolutely everything else dark blue.

Unlike the other teams that have unveiled so far, there’s nothing about this set that says “Winnipeg”. There’s no gold! The other sets look at least somewhat like the primary sets. The Argos, Roughriders, REDBLACKS still look like those teams – the Bombers could be any high school anywhere.

As an aside:

1. While searching for pictures of the helmet reveal on the internet, Google’s related images included a weather map of a hurricane, some sort of giant weapon, and a car crash. Kind of appropriate.

2. I’m reminded of the Jeff Reinebold era (1995ish) in Winnipeg. A new coach came in and changed the uniform, got rid of the old logo, got rid of most of the gold (including the gold helmets) without realizing that even though the team is called the Blue Bombers, the gold is much more iconic for this team, and most fans feel a much stronger connection to the gold. I don’t expect this one to do very well.

[Phil here — the Bombers new helmets were revealed Monday, and if you check out the video, you can see they’re less than thrilled.]

Here’s the video reveal for the jerseys/unis:

. . . . .

Thanks, Mike! Great stuff, as always!

OK, that concludes our first look at the new 3rds for the league up north. As mentioned above, we’ll be back once the final four uniforms and helmets are revealed. Until then, let’s discuss.

Green Line

Notre Dame Unveils New Uniforms

Yesterday, the Golden Domers Fighting Irish of Notre Dame released their new uniforms (as well as their special one-offs) for the 2014 season, their first under UnderArmour. Many traditionalists were expecting the “worst,” but as you’ll see, the new uniforms look very much like the old ones.

UW’s Notre Dame guy, Warren Junium had the best shots of the new uni. Also, at the end of this section, I have a slideshow of photos Warren took at the unveiling (plus the obligatory link to the album), AND his take on the new unis. Make sure you check those out as well!

ND unis

Nice, right?

Notre Dame’s new duds are navy blue (home) or white (road) jerseys with gold pants. They look almost identical to what the team has been wearing — and that’s a pretty fine look. Not really much to say (except *whew*).

OK — here’s Mr. Junium’s take:

“For a company well known for its extreme uniforms, Under Armour showed incredible restraint and respect for the Notre Dame football uniform tradition with their 2014 home and away designs. The blue of the home jersey is a rich navy, while the gold of the pant doesn’t sparkle like those of the Holtz years, it doesn’t come close to the brown gold made famous by Adidas. The ND Monogram on the sleeves is well proportioned and along with the numerals, appears to be constructed of a thick, printed material sewn to the jersey. Same material is used for the Monogram on the pants. The belt on the pants is interesting, plastic clasp. (Is this a new design?). Overall, great first effort by UA. Go Irish!”

Here’s the slideshow of Warren’s photos from yesterday:

If can’t see the slideshow (or just want to view the album), click here.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Now, yesterday, UA and ND also released the “Shamrock Series” uniforms. They’re a bit more, shall we say, less traditional.

A few things of interest here. First off, they’ll be wearing a mono-blue uniform. The blue pants will have a slightly horizontal gold stripe just above the knee, with the left leg bearing the words “Notre Dame” on it. The sleeves will have gold shoulder insets with the interlocking “ND” logo, and the collar will have gold trim.

ND Shamrock

There is also (the obligatory) new helmet for the game. The new helmet seems to have more of a matte finish than the current (very shiny) dome, features the interlocking “ND” (for the first time ever on a helmet), a blue stripe & facemask, and has a slight cross-hatch pattern:

ND Shamrock helmet

ND Shamrock helmet2

Wild by Notre Dame’s regular uniform standards, but somewhat staid compared to the previous Shamrock Series uniforms.

Here’s the “story” behind the new uniforms:

I’m a big fan of the “new” (old) uniforms, and I don’t particularly mind the new Shamrock Series unis — although I don’t like the monoblue look. But compared to what they could have introduced, I’d say UA’s new partnership with Notre Dame is off to a pretty good start.

Readers? What say you?

Green Line

Too Good For the Ticker

Too Good…

for the Ticker

Two items for “TGFTT” today. The first is an e-mail from Jonathan Dies, who writes:


I was at a charity event this weekend and I ran into a guy who was trying to make a movie about the Akron Vulcans. They were a team in the Continental Football League, some kind of start up league in the 60’s. His dad was a player and he had his uniform and helmet. Attached are the pics I could get.

Jon Dies

Here are Jon’s photos (click to enlarge):





Fantastic stuff!

Next is just a note, in follow-up to yesterday’s post on the WFL. It’s too good not to share, and it comes from Jimmy Corcoran

Hi Phil,

I saw your WFL story today, brings back a lot of memories. I saw every WFL team play in person except the Americans because they didn’t come to Philadelphia. My father was the QB for the Bell and Steve Sabol featured me in his Lost Treasures film the WFL

Everybody always talks about how wild the Sun uniforms were, I thought I would share this story with you. The Sun came to play the Bell in 1974 and since the Bell wore white at home the Sun would be wearing their magenta jersey’s with the orange pants, until this day we had only seen them in the game programs.

My father and some of his teammates were warming in in their jerseys and pants with no shoulder pads when the Sun came out to warm up, the uniforms were actually more vibrant in person. The Bell players actually stopped warming up to stare at the Sun players coming out. My father (King Corcoran) said man, those are the wildest uniforms I have ever seen! he looked at me and said, what do you think Jimbo? I said I liked them and he said “Yea, the King digs them too” this was 1974 and the King spoke in true 70’s lingo.

Take care,

Jimmy Corcoran


Great story, Jimmy. Thanks for sharing!

OK, now onto the ticker…

Green Line

Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Check out this Kevin Brown Christmas ornament in the rare alternate best style road jersey that submitter Allen Yelent doesn’t think they ever wore (full listing). … “A couple of weeks ago there was a huge segment on the Cubs road, light blue pinstripe uniforms from 1978,” writes Kenny Kaplan. “I thought you might enjoy seeing the cover of the Mets 1978 Yearbook which shows the Cubs wearing the solid light-blue road uniforms from 1977.” Wow — I had that yearbook, but didn’t remember the cover. Great find! … Oooohhh, check out this great stuff from the Phillies ‘Blue Jays’ rebranding experiment of the 40’s (big thanks to Bruce Menard. … More from Bruce: check out this 1930’s Kansas City Monarchs Night Baseball Broadside, and this 1914 Boston Red Sox Team Panoramic (100 years ago yesterday — Fenway Park Boston – August 19, 1914). To see full-size image click here. … Nice spot by Dwight Ternes, who noticed that Reds pitcher Alfredo Simon appears to have on the wrong pair of pants. … “This is the last year for our minor league park, Greer Stadium,” writes Lee David Wilds. “Here is the t-shirt they are giving away Thursday night.”

NFL News: “Noticed the other night watching the Titans-Saints preseason game that Jake Locker has switched the type of jersey he wears from really tight on the arm, to loose like many QBs do,” says Eric Wright. Here’s a picture from last year (tight), and one from this year. Nice spot!

College Football News: Davidson, which competes in the Pioneer Football League, a non-scholarship FCS conference, unveiled new uniforms (and helmets) before preseason camp, (thanks to Mark Brambaugh). Here is a link to the unveiling to the team. Mark adds, “I’ll note, freshmen were on the stage, so that’s why they look more confused than excited. It was their first team meeting.” … Eric Wright points out that the nose bumper on the new ASU “Desert Fuel” uniforms, as well as the collar patch, honors Pat Tillman. “Check out the PT*42 on both!!!!! A minor detail that went unmentioned in a lot of the articles I’ve read about the new uniform,” he adds. … Here’s a photo of the new ACC logo going down at the University of North Carolina (h/t James Gilbert). … Well, that didn’t last long: Yesterday, we reported that USF planned to wear “THE TEAM” on the back of its football jerseys. Now they won’t (thanks, Paul). … Interesting to note that Notre Dame told Under Armour honcho Kevin Plank not to attend yesterday’s unveiling because they expected lots of questions about the recent academic scandal (thanks, Paul).

NBA & NCAA News: This is kinda cool/odd. Brent Hatfield writes, “Interesting find here, one of the other concepts you featured in your ESPN column has apparently been put into production by the Chinese bootleggers. Check it out!” … Northern Illinois has a new basketball court design (thanks to Jake [@c_r_fap]).

Hockey News: Did the Tampa Bay Lightning leak their new third? According to Hockey Bay, “3rd Jersey Leak? Rumor has it the team will reintroduce a black jersey into their repertoire with a new alternate jersey. This is welcome news to fans who criticized the rebrand’s lack of black.” Apparently it’s all a fake. A photoshop. And a bad one at that. Too bad, because it didn’t look awful.

Soccer News: Rare case of BNFBS? Laurence Holland writes, “In Champions League action Tuesday, Turkish team Besiktas went all-black in memory of their former chairman Süleyman Seba, who passed away this week. (Here’s their first-choice kit for comparison.) Arsenal wore their traditional red and white, but with black armbands. I wonder if they decided not to wear their garish “cup kit” out of respect.”

Grab Bag: “Good Grief!” exclaims Brinke. “How is this for a collectible? — Imagine if this were to happen in this day and age at say Wrigley Field. I’ve never heard of this incident. How fascinating.” (item originally submitted by Frank Bitzer). … Interesting band uniforms for Clemson (via Joseph Tanner)and for Central Michigan (via Zach Liles). … From Brinke this: “Tech Companies’ Secret Weapon: Animal Logos”. Still more from the Brinke truck: ExxonMobil’s claim that cable TV’s FXX Network is diluting its trademark by interlocking the X’s in a logo has been allowed to proceed.

Green Line

And that’s going to do it for this fine Wednesday. Another tiny post in the books. Thanks to Mike Styczen for his help with the CFL thirds, Warren Junium for all the great Notre Dame photos, and all you fine submitters and readers. You guys have a great Wednesday.

TOMORROW will be a pretty big day, as we’ll be announcing the new WFL uniform design contest and Paul will have a pretty sweet new ESPN column, among other things. So be sure to check back then. OK? OK!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Not uni related, but an equipment story from the (W)FL. Shreveport wideout Phil Eber, playing in damn near a monsoon … taped thumbtacks to all ten of his fingertips. Was catching everything he touched. Game officials decided to take a close look and discovered his digital chicanery.”

— Rick “Ricko” Pearson (Welcome back, Ricko!)

Green Line

Comments (82)

    Firstly, I don’t care what the team in Ottawa says, I’m not typing their name in all caps.

    Secondly, Notre Dame absolutely needs to wear that shamrock series helmet as their primary. Easily the best looking helmet in school history, though the subtle cross pattern is kinda dumb and unnecessary.

    Thirdly, if the Tennessee Titans ever decide to change uniforms, they should borrow heavily from that Argos uniform.

    Seems to me the Argos ripped off the Titans but they did a better job of executing the Titans look.

    The NFL totally should steal the Argonauts’ template for the Pro Bowl. Not that doing so would compel me to watch that trainwreck, just saying is all….

    I really like that number font, but objects in two shades of blue always look nice so perhaps it’s in the presentation. Thumbs-down to the vertical lettering on the pants, though.

    Secondly, Notre Dame absolutely needs to wear that shamrock series helmet as their primary. Easily the best looking helmet in school history, though the subtle cross pattern is kinda dumb and unnecessary.

    Wrong on all counts.

    And the “cross pattern”? That’s what you see when you look at a close up photo of the Dome. The gold on the Dome is not solid, it’s gold leaf overlaid on the metal. It’s applied in sheets that are as thin as tissue paper, creating the “cross hatch” effect. The cross hatch is also applied to the sleeves of the alternate jersey.

    Other than the cross patter that ND helmet is 1,000,000 times better than their regular one. What a novel idea to put a logo, a normal helmet stripe and a team colored facemask on a helmet. If only teams would do that nowadays. Oh, wait. Most of them do!! #NoGrayFacemasks

    Lol, that ND special uniform is awful.

    And the Toronto CFL signature look is sneaky. At first glance you think “OK, not bad…”. But then you start to see the details — weird strap thing around the shoulders… gradient… side panels under the arms… funky shaped panel on the pants…. more gradient… Argonauts written down the leg… multiple fonts… and those socks!

    by the end, you are “wow, those are some shitty uniforms too” (to go along with the Ottawa, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg sets.



    “… Oooohhh, check out this great stuff from the Phillies ‘Blue Jays’ rebranding experiment of the 40′s (big thanks to Bruce Menard. … More from Bruce: check out this 1930′s Kansas City Monarchs Night Baseball Broadside, and this 1914 Boston Red Sox Team Panoramic (100 years ago yesterday – Fenway Park Boston — August 19, 1914). …”

    Bruce is the bomb.

    Thanks, Bruce. I updated the ticker to include your link to the full size image.

    If you’re wondering why Babe Ruth isn’t in the photo (1914 was his first season in Boston), he and Ernie Shore weren’t purchased from Baltimore until July 9 of that year (according to Retrosheet), so this photo must have been shot earlier in the year.

    “Good Grief!” exclaims Brinke. “How is this for a collectible?”

    Fixed. Seriously, how is that a thing that exists? And who would want that? I can imagine trying to use it as a conversation piece:

    “What’s the deal with this picture of a guy slumped over?”
    “Oh, that’s a guy who was shot and killed at the Polo Grounds taking in a ballgame back in 1950.”
    “… wow… uhh, that’s… would you look at the time!”

    The backstory of that picture is pretty wild. Especially the fact that fans fought over the dead guy’s (vacated) seat.

    That shooting incident brings to mind a scene from the old “Homicide: Life on the Street” series, about the Baltimore homicide unit when they were investigating the murder of a Yankees’ fan in a stairwell at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. One cop said to the other, “We’re going to have to check the statute books. I’m not sure it is illegal to murder a Yankee fan in Baltimore.” :-)

    The Polo Grounds “murder” was an accidental shooting, as I remember reading. Someone shot into the air from a nearby rooftop, and the bullet hit the unfortunate Giants fan on its descent. I think I remember reading that he was watching the game with his nephew, who was seated next to him. Poor kid.

    My mistake–I just checked the link from scottrj’s comment. Sounds like the kid (now an old man or a dead man) was pretty unaffected.

    If this happened today, I suspect, the kid would be on every talk show, rehashing “The Moment” (for a generous fee, of course). He and his newly hired agent would be negotiating a book/movie deal.

    The media would be all over it (“Ex-cop slain at Giants game — was it a hit?”), with every cable news windbag and associated psychologists, private investigators, attorneys and ballistics experts weighing in.

    The kid who fired the shot would have attorneys and “spokesmen” and everyone who lived within a mile radius of the rooftop would be interviewed (“He seemed like a normal kid….”).

    Cable channels would be doing re-enactments with actors. (“Some scenes may be disturbing to some viewers.”)

    Keith Olbermann would deliver some stem-winder blaming the whole incident on right-wing Second Amendment types.

    And on and on.

    Best quote from Blue Bombers helmet video : ‘Every team has a little different flair to their uniforms’. Is this like Tschoke flair? link

    I’m of the opinion that if Notre Dame is going to wear one-offs and call it the “Shamrock” series, there needs to be some green in the uni.

    You’d think so, but they didn’t have any two seasons ago (the hideous asymmetrical helmet with the Leprechaun on one side). Under Armour seems to be avoiding green as much as possible so far. They have revealed a green alternate set for the volleyball team (which could be useful if their opponents wear white/navy; remember, a volleyball team can employ a “libero” as a player, who is required to wear a different color jersey than her teammates). Also, Muffet McGraw likes light green, so the women’s basketball team will have some sooner or later.

    Mike – The ‘pull together’slogan for the Argos was in their primary logo for 102 years – from 1873-1975, followed by the football with oars logo. Whilst it sounds manufactured in today’s uni environment it goes back a long way link

    By the way, Ontario fashion critics will also accept Keswick dinner jacket – has been a while since I’ve heard either referenence – nice one

    What’s the Kenora (or insert other town here) dinner jacket look without ‘Nipigon Nylons’. Ottawa missed out on an opportunity; if you are going to go over the top with these ‘signature uniforms’ might as well go all the way.



    Marc: thanks for the update on Pull Together – I did some research but never thought to look in the obvious place. And growing up near Toronto I’d never, ever heard that phrase.

    Will S: You’re 100% right, as long as they wear Sorels.


    I love the addition of the striping to the sleeves and socks of the ND uniform. What I don’t like is that they went “replica style” on the numerals, single layer printed twill. That looks cheap to me. I also don’t like the cut lines of the UA uniform. Seems overdone to me, much like the Nike one.

    The ND Shamrock series is w.e.a.k.

    Why go with block ND when they have the clover logo ?

    They did it last year. I guess they want to try something different first time out. Next year, the off-site home game is against BC at Fenway Park; they may really want to go all obnoxious-Irish for that occasion.

    I definitely like the CFL unis with the large front logo.
    Too much to hope for that the NFL would consider it, I suppose.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing one or two NFL teams do it, but I definitely wouldn’t like it league wide. I think it could work for the Saints or Cowboys, but it’d look really stupid on a team like the Ravens or Vikings.

    I hope you’re referring to the “coat of arms” with the horse. I wouldn’t want to see the helmet thunderbolts repeated, rainbow-style.

    Not that I necessarily want to see it in the NFL, but here are some teams that could definitely pull that look off.

    Bears (alt bear head logo, not the wishbone C)
    Ravens (alt shield logo)
    Titans (alt sword logo)

    I would be VERY against the NFL doing the large chest logos.
    It strikes me as very minor league/attention-whorish.
    Ugh, the thought of it makes me cringe.


    Once Besiktas opted to wear all black Arsenal’s third was off the table, not nearly enough contrast. Their 2nd kit, gold over dark blue, was problematic due to the dark shorts. Their primary kit is a great contrast and with the new Puma look it isn’t even “old.”

    I know the issue that existed with Arsenal’s third since I was at DCU v Colorado Sunday night. DCU was in black and CR in a blue about like the darker blue of the Arsenal third. Once the Rapids kits were wet the contrast with DCU was minimal.

    I think that Kevin Brown “ornament” is a Starting Lineup figurine. I always wondered where the design for that uniform came from. Did the Dodgers consider wearing a vest on the road?

    If memory serves, it was a jersey with blue sleeves, like the Toronto and Anaheim uniform back in the day.

    The so-called “ornament” is indeed a Starting Lineup from 1999. The Dodgers never actually wore that uniform as far as I know.

    I think the repurposed Starting Lineup is supposed to mimic the style of the Hallmark sports ornaments. Here’s the Nolan Ryan one.

    The PT 42 tribute on the collar has been around for a while. He was killed April 22, 2004. That Fall ASU began wearing Nike and they introduced a black oval with white PT 42 on the collar.
    When the rebrand occured and the pitchfork became the primary logo the oval became a shield to better fit the Nike Flywire collar. The PT 42 on the Nose bumper was added sometime since 2011. The first season of the current uniforms (2010) had ASU on the Nose bumper.

    The Red Sox photo is dated 8/19/1914, Babe Ruth made he Red Sox debut 7/11/14 (French Connection Day for any Sabres fans)but does not appear to be in the picture unless im missing the 19 year old, and presumably skinnier George Herman, Any guesses?

    Unfortunately, The Babe isn’t in the photo. It was a double header that day and he didn’t appear in either game. Dutch Leonard and Smoky Joe Wood pitched (and won) for the Red Sox vs the White Sox. Babe only appeared in 5 games for Boston that season, so there’s a chance he wasn’t even at Fenway Park…or maybe he was off eating a hot dog!

    I’ve been a Notre Dame fan since I was born in 1983. As mentioned in the “Holtz” era they had very shiny, gold pants. This was during my formative years as I began my love for uniforms. I just don’t understand that with all the advancements in materials with Adidas and now Under Armour why they cannot come up with pants that actually look gold again. I like the ND on the Shamrock Series helmet but they should never change the gold parts on their lids for any special occasion. The SS helmets look brown again like they did during the Weiss era.

    The Stampeders helmet is out. I’m going to hold comment for now until we see the whole thing. Maybe next week (along with Hamilton, Edmonton, Montreal) if Phil will give me some space.


    Haha, good god, thats awful. A great example of taking a decent logo and color combination and making it as ugly as possible.
    Nice work, I know it couldn’t have been easy.
    (And to think this is still better than the Bombers & Roughriders helmets!)

    Re Toronto Argonauts: This is my favo(u)rite uni of the bunch but why is the font on the pants different than the font on the jersey/helmet? I find it really distracting.


    Oh nooooooo! First Adidas makes Michigan wear unitards, now Under Armour is doing the same to Notre Dame?! What’s next, Nike makes Ohio State wear all red?!?

    As a lifelong ND fan, I’m very torn about the Shamrock Series uniform. I either like or can tolerate all the uniform elements, but as a whole I don’t like the look. First, I’m not a fan of monocolor uniforms. Reverse the coloring on the pants and I think it’d look better. I get the rationale on the helmet, trying to evoke the dome from up close, but it doesn’t look anything like it. They nailed the overall golden dome look with their standard helmets, so this feels like a cheap knockoff. Wouldn’t their standard helmet with the blue ND and blue facemask look better than this?

    Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see them on the field. When they first introduced the new standard helmets I didn’t think they looked great, but once they took the field I realized how wrong I was.

    Learning that King Corcoran referred to himself in the third person, and said things like “The King digs ’em, too” has made this a good day.

    “The King digs them too.”

    I realize that the Comment o’ the Day is usually selected from, ya know, the *comments* — but I really hope Phil gives strong consideration to this one from Jimmy Corcoran’s note.

    So much wonderfulness wrapped up in those five simple words.

    I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s now a possibility, Hugh.

    How great was that note, btw?

    If Jon Dies sees this…check in with Bill Watts at – he played in the Continental League before his noted pro wrestling career…here’s some info


    “I thought you might enjoy seeing the cover of the Mets 1978 Yearbook which shows the Cubs wearing the solid light-blue road uniforms from 1977.”

    Good Lord, I’d forgotten how drab those Chicago uniforms were; they were totally improved by the white stripes. The fat blue cummerbund and neck elastic gave them a bought-in-bulk look. How better they might have appeared if they’d gone with blue/red/blue trim.

    Clearly they failed because Denver is not in Canada and only teams in Canada are successful.

    That is sad to see. I loved that logo.

    More fail!! I give up. Just pretend I inserted a “sarcasm font” and a “/ sarcasm font” in there around the first statement. I now need a beer.

    Yeah, the comment board automatically parses anything with the less-than/greater-than symbols as HTML code, even if it’s not actually valid code, and disappears it from the page.

    In cases like this, it’s probably best to use the [] brackets, since this board doesn’t use BB code.

    So the CFL is bringing back a Stallions, Barracudas, Mad Dogs thing? I didn’t hate it back then. I admit it. But it doesn’t work with these. The BC one still looks very good but the others are terrible. At least these will help everyone forget the mostly horrible uni sets most CFL teams had a few years ago.

    I was searching for memphis grizzlies uniforms only and i found this promotional poster for the 2015 season (i dont know if a fan made it or not)

    The colors are black and gold. Im wondering if the new alt uni is black and yellow ?

    I’ve been a fan of the Green and White since the “Circled S surrounded by wheat” was the logo, not the throwback.

    So, it pains me to say that the Argos and RedBlacks (fix the helmet) have the best looking “thirds” shown today. Winnipeg would be better if they cleaned up that fluff on the helmet. BC? I’d like the numbers more legible.

    PS Is there a name yet for vertically-written words on the thigh which are upright when the thigh is lifted parallel to the ground, a la the action photo of the Argos’ QB?

    I don’t think Alfredo Simon is wearing the wrong pants. The Reds only have one style of road pants. I think sweat may have darkened his jersey. Early in the games, the announcers pointed out how much he appeared to be sweating.

    Great to see that Jimmy Corcoran is a Uni-Watcher. All of the NFL Films stuff about his dad (The King) is absolutely incredible. Pottstown Firebirds, Philadelphia Bell, NFL tryouts, life in the football “minors”. Just amazing. Car phone pioneer and one of the best football characters ever.

    A note on the Argos “Pull Together” slogan.

    It previously appeared on the logo that the team used from 1956-1975, as shown here: link

    So yes it actually does have a rather long history of use with the club.

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