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Uni Watch News Ticker for January 21, 2014

By Garrett McGrath

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Today we have a large amount of football news, an interesting historical nugget from MLB, and a quiz to prove how logo obsessed you are. Check it out below….

Baseball News: In 1965, the Cleveland Indians gathered together a “Pictorial Review” including over 250 photos tracing back their heritage to the Forest Citys in 1865. Bruce Menard sent in the cover and I tracked down some interior shots of the program.

NFL News: Modell’s Sporting Goods are going to be forced to donate $500,000 in Patriots AFC championship clothing that they already stocked in stores because of the Pats loss (from Brinke Guthrie). … The store from Miracle on 34th Street at Herald Square has a display with all the current NFL uniforms on display for the Super Bowl (from Jeff Fishman). … On Sunday, Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett took to Twitter to complain about the current state of the Bears’ uni. “This jersey is our best one,” Bennett commented on a pic of him in the throwback uni from this year. “Should wear this as our main uniform.” (from Jonathan Cain) … If you look at this story about former Rams QB James Harris, it sure looks like the Rams were wearing two-tone pants. Anyone know more? …

College Football News: The University of Kentucky unveiled a set of all-gray unis yesterday. … A little birdie who claims to have close ties to the Syracuse football team says, “I’m being told 100% that there will be a complete overhaul of the uniform, including new pants, jerseys (including an alternate), and helmet.” None of this is verified yet.

Hockey News: The Columbus Blue Jackets are promoting their 1000th regular season game by using this logo. Leo Strawn Jr. points out that is actually the club’s 1004th game, including playoffs. … The Stockton Thunder (the NY Islanders ECHL affiliate) will take the ice as the Rough & Ready Islanders at the ECHL’s Hockey Heritage Weekend.

Grab Bag: Trevor Williams has created a new site about sports merch — called, appropriately enough, Sporting Merch. He also sent in this video about how Wincraft is working in overdrive to get merchandise out the door before the Super Bowl. … This quiz has you put team logos in order from oldest to most recent. Full disclosure: I scored 17 out of 25 (from Chris Fyfe). … Kaepernick might be not be currently trending but he wore a vest designed by a 13 year-old in his post-Panthers interviews a little over a week ago (from Brinke Guthrie).

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    I like Martellus Bennett more tpday than I did yesterday. I like seeing athletes talk about their uniforms, especially with some taste. The Angels should have been in open revolt in the late 90s, for example.

    Yeah, the only two I missed were the LA Kings (which was a trick Q?) and the Canucks. Fun stuff.

    The Kings one wasn’t a trick. According to Creamer, they swapped their primary and secondary around in 2002:


    So even though two of the logos came from the same package, they occupy different spots on the primary logo timeline.

    I honestly don’t know. Creamer’s site isn’t always reliable, but he’s pretty good with the recent stuff (which he chronicled as it happened).

    This is like the Indians designating the block C as their primary and demoting Wahoo.

    No, Rob, I meant that as in… the question was a dubious trick Q. Lol. They could’ve mixed up the other couple logos, the 02 and 03 logos are so close only a Kings fan would know (or guess ;)

    Notre Dame press conference at 11 am EST to announce the Under Armour deal. The new basketball uniform?


    It certainly comes closer to Notre Dame’s official gold color.

    While it may be the CBJ’s actual 1,004th game…the logo clearly designates a 1,000th regular season game. Why the need to “point out” the extra 4 playoff games? Not that groundbreaking of a “pointing out.”

    It almost feels to me like a subtle, rather mean-spirited dig. It’s pointing out that a team that’s been around for over a decade has a grand total of four playoff games. Just let them celebrate their 1000th game.

    I didn’t take it as mean-spirited at all. On the contrary, I think it’s worth pointing the total number out because it’s so close to one thousand.

    It seems a little odd they chose to celebrate that game instead of just holding it a couple days earlier so they could celebrate the 1000th game overall. It’s not like the Blue Jackets haven’t known since the end of last season what that date would be.

    i live in columbus…

    i did point out that it was our 1004th as a bit of a dig…my point when i sent this in to the ticker was that we’re so bad that our club grasps for anything to celebrate…

    we’re getting a bit tired of having a losing club here…although, we are in the east now, so there’s no doubt we’ll make the playoffs starting this season, so, all that will be water under the bridge…

    The way it’s phrased in the ticker is rather clunky, since (to me) it doesn’t properly convey the level of snark intended.

    Here’s how I would have phrased it: … points out that when you add their playoff games to the total, you get all of 1,004 games.

    … and now the number 1,004 is making me flash back to Chris Jericho back in the WCW…


    Re: the James Harris pics, maybe the front and back of the pants were different fabrics, like today’s Nike jerseys.

    I noted also the numeral font; most pics I see of the Rams’ uniform from that era have the “link 2,” rather than the “block 2” seen here. I’m sure I’ve seen these before but I don’t recall when it changed.

    I concur with Graf (not Led) Zepp,

    In fact my old high school football team (JFKennedy HS – La Palma CA) wore the same kind of pants. The fronts were a satin-like shiny fabric sewn with the standard sand knit pants.

    Growing up a LA Ram fan – I had pretty much assumed that the RAMS who were suffering then from what the Washington team suffers from now. You know a meddlesome owner who thinks the team is always one player away from the super bowl sickness. Mr. Harris, who was everything the Rams could hope for in a QB – would blow their future by keeping the least talented of the three (Jaws, Harris, Haden). The Rams have a knack for keeping local talent over better talent (See Jon Arnett of USC over a certain Mr. Brown from Syracuse in the 50’s).

    No knock on Jaws mind you… he would have been incredibly great in La La Land as well (Plus he had that great nickname – The Polish Rifle) Pat Haden (no disrespect) was probably the smartest NFL QB ever to step foot on the field but might just have had the smallest hands as well (see home loss to the Vikings in the mud… the horror).

    Thanks for the article link- great job.

    Didn’t we see an example of this on the Cowboys from a Monday night telecast a few weeks back? Teams transitioning to metallic fabrics?

    “…The store from Miracle on 34th Street at Herald Square…”

    Did Macy’s refuse to sponsor that post?

    That Islanders ECHL logo is brutal.

    And agreed Ponchat, 1000th regular season game is clear.

    I took it but for some reason my browser didn’t record my answers right. I was pretty certain on almost every one.

    OK… Why couldn’t you just say Macy’s at Herald Square? Should the Modell’s article be “the sporting goods retailer who sold out the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore”

    Must be something with my browser, but it said I got zero correct in the logo quiz. I went back, did it again with completely different answers, and still got zero right.

    Paul, I’m not going to complain about the wonderful free content of your site, but I much prefer having the full daily content posted early.

    Question – are ticker submissions only accepted via email now? I’ve had 4-5 submissions in the comments over the past few months that were posted in the ticker, but credit given to someone else…Obviously they beat me to posting – or did they?

    I really just need to know if we are supposed to submit ticker submissions only through email if so, that’s what I’ll do.

    If you want to submit something for the Ticker, it’s always better to email it. If you want to share it in the comments as well, that’s fine.

    Some stuff in the comments gets picked up for the Ticker, but that’s a pretty haphazard process. Email submissions are always best.

    I visit on lunchtime on the east coast, and so both entries were up when I got here. That being said, I do like the idea of posting ticker first, main story second, CC third. I agree with those saying that the ticker is more likely to break news that other outlets may pick up on during the day, while the main story usually is not as time constrained.

    The new format certainly isn’t a make it or break it for me, but I like being able to scroll through all the comments for the day, rather than have then broken up in 3 separate posts. Just one man’s opinion!

    I’m kind of torn on this one. On the one hand there’s certain topics and sections I ALWAYS skip over (Collector’s Corner being one of them) so having them split will save me from having to scroll over them.
    On the other hand the split is a bit weird because I like having everything including the comments in 1 big section. Plus going to the main site I refreshed like 5 times because all I saw was that damn Collector’s Corner section when I clicked on the link expecting a full page before finally getting smart & scrolling down a bit to see the other sections listed and the explanation. But as one that usually only gets here on the weekends and goes through a full week of pages it’d be a major pain to scroll past the extra 75 sections and pages on the main site to get to what I want to read instead of loading one main page for the day and scrolling over what I don’t care about.

    So I guess it’s a take it or leave it for me. But then again I still hate the new ticker format and enjoy seeing the old one on the weekend.
    Funny how my uniform/logo tastes are more modern than traditional but as for the website layout I am totally retro. LOL Now then… I’m off to deal with more snow… Everybody else having this much “fun” along with me be safe. I hate the Winter but I not so secretly wish a cold-snowy day like this was saved for Super Sunday to wreck the Super Bowl. get it back to warmer sites where it belongs!!

    I love the new ticker format. It’s easier for me to read. A lot of times, I just start with the Grab Bag and work my way up, because there’s almost always something intruiging there.

    I actually like the new format, as I suspected I would.

    Some feedback:

    1) I think this format makes the comments more focused on particular content and, therefore, more manageable.

    2) If I am reading a few days at a time or looking back for a particular entry, the new format aids scanning/browsing.

    3) I’m up in the air about what should be posted first. People are saying the ticker is more likely to contain breaking news, but that’s not entirely true. Sometimes the main story is really breaking news. Sometimes it’s more filler. Sometimes the ticker really has something important in it. Sometimes it’s a little of this and a little of that. Truth be told, most readers seem to want a predictable publication schedule in what is a very unpredictable media landscape. Paul may sometimes want the “breaking” news story to hit the web early. Sometimes he may want to sit on something or further develop it for release later in the day — or post it in response to a press conference, etc.

    4) All that said, Uni Watch has always been published like a traditional newspaper — all the content early in the morning. Readers have come to expect and enjoy that model, so any change may be met with disdain.

    Your point #2 is exactly why I don’t like this format. Since I don’t have the chance to be a daily reader unless there’s a major story that breaks splitting things up like this will be much more of a pain to scroll through everything to catch up on what I’ve missed.

    I see it differently. For example, I never read Collector’s Corner, so I can just skim past that whole section. Headings serve a purpose. If each individual post has a headline, as compared to multiple subheadings within one post, then I am able to cover more ground more quickly.

    My two cents…not a fan of the content format that is being tested. Just too much clicking and scrolling for me to catch up on/keep track of comments and posts.

    The only reason I scored 24 out of 25 instead of a perfect score on that logo quiz is because they had to go and make you type in A-B-C for your responses, except that on a standard keyboard, the keys are ordered from left-to-right as A-C-B (with keys in between). It would’ve been much better if it was 1-2-3 (where the keys are in a row and match up to the order on the screen).

    One mor ethought on the split – I think you will get a lot less comments in general because you are dividing people up. And a comment one place could be missed. Often times I am reading the comments for one reason and see a whole other discussion I get interested in. This way, there is a likely chance I never see that whole other discussion.

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