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Monday Morning Uni Watch

How bad did it get for the Eagles this season? So bad that defensive tackle Derek Landri was symbolically excommunicated from the league, or at least that’s what it looked like judging from the state of the NFL logo on his jersey collar. The NFL logo has been at the base of jersey collars . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

Project 'Redo' -- The AFC

By Phil Hecken

Back again with SMUW correspondent Terry Duroncelet who last week undertook the first half of a tremendous project to ‘remake’ the NFC teams with (mostly) slight tweaks. He’s back today to finish off the AFC. So, without further yakkin’ on my part, here’s TJ with the second half of …

. . . . → Read More: Project ‘Redo’ — The AFC

Logo A-Go-Go, Volume I

By Phil Hecken

You fine readers are really in for a special treat today. You will remember back on December 9th, I posted the contents of an E-mail containing an incredibly hi-res Baltimore Colts logo, as crafted by colorizer-extraordinaire Gary Chanko. If you read that section, you’ll note we’d asked for reader feedback as . . . → Read More: Logo A-Go-Go, Volume I

Hadn't They Ever Heard of Eye Black?

. Last Wednesday I Ticker-linked to the photo shown above, which appears to show an Auburn player wearing a visor of some sort on his helmet.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what he was wearing. The full scoop was recently provided by the War Eagle Reader, an Auburn-centric blog, which posted this . . . → Read More: Hadn’t They Ever Heard of Eye Black?