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When Tweaks Meets Fantasy Meets Reality

Rhubarbs Cap

By Phil Hecken, with R. Scott Rogers

I get lots of uniform tweaks sent my way every week, so when I got this submission from R. Scott Rogers with this opening, “This probably doesn’t count, since it’s not an actual team, but I just finished tweaking logos & unis for my fantasy baseball team,” I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. “Fantasy team?” I said. “Like, is this just some funzy-doodle you created in a notebook when you were ten and now you have the skills to make it look really professional looking?”

Curious, I asked Scott to elaborate. Turns out Scott is in a league of fantasy baseball players and it’s serious business. I gave up RPG and video games around college — of course, back then it was Dungeons & Dragons and Atari 2600, and before that, electronic football and Strat-o-matic, not the amazing stuff available today. When I was a little kid, I created my own baseball teams, like many of us did — but it never got past the making up team names, player names, and, of course unis — kept them all in one of those marble-covered “composition” books. They’re probably still in my folks’ attic somewhere. Occasionally I’ll think about them when Paul has an item on “refrigerator art” or some such.

So, when Scott contacted me with what was “more than a tweak,” needless to say I jumped at the chance to find out more. I wanted to capture the … the sights, the sounds… the smells of a hard-working fantasy baseball player. And I got that; I got more … a lot more. But hey, enough of my yakkin’ — whaddaya say? Here’s Scott:


I have a submission for Uni Tweaks – only I thought that my tweak might not qualify, as it’s for my fantasy baseball team, not a pro or college (or, well, real) team.

But then I got to thinking, and it occurs to me that fantasy sports unis may be the last frontier of uni watching, the Alaska to normal uni watching’s Lower Forty-Eight. It’s estimated that fantasy sports generates between $3 billion and $4 billion in annual economic activity. That places it ahead of the NHL ($2.7 billion) and the NBA ($3.3 billion) in annual revenues. And with upwards of 34 million participants, fantasy sports ranks second only to the NFL in terms of American audience size. Indeed, polls suggest that more than one quarter of all American men participate in fantasy sports.

With that participation, for many fantasy “team owners,” comes a desire for the accoutrements of reality – a team logo, maybe uni designs, or a helmet or a cap. I know it certainly does for me. The fantasy league I’m in, or rather that I was in, and then left, and am now returning to, is an APBA dice-rolling game where managers play 162 games a year using cards and dice. Not your usual roto setup where you just collect players and track stats. Anyway, point is, it’s a lot of work, week in, week out, and yet I can’t even begin to think about the upcoming draft or the logistics of my roster and who I’m going to have available for any given series during the April-November season until I have a clear idea of exactly what my team would look like if it were real. Because over the course of a year, I’ll spend enough time with this team that it will be kind of real.

Since my league plays actual games, but the managers are spread across North America, most of the time the home manager plays the games alone using detailed instructions sent each month by the visiting team’s manager. (Yes, the trust level is high.) I like to hope that sending my instructions with team-logo letterhead, and maybe a little illustration or photoshop number showing my team’s uniform in action adds a little bit of intimidation factor.

All that leads me, like many fantasy participants, to while away far too much time dreaming up logos and uniforms for my team. Some even go as far as DIY or custom-manufactured caps and jerseys. Back in 2005, when I returned from overseas and the Rhijnspoorplein Rhubarbs became the Old Town Rhubarbs, I found a custom uni maker – Hopco Sports – willing to make a Rhubarbs uni to spec, complete with chain-stitched sleeve patch. Then a sixpack or three slipped to the embroidery man at my local Lids store got me my cap logo in digitized form to make a couple of fitted Rhubarbs caps.

When I first contacted Hopco, the folks there sent me samples of their previous fantasy work.

If I had to do it over again, and I just might, I’d probably go to Alain at Classic Old School or DIY ninja Frosty, both friends of UW. A little Googling turned up a gallery of fantasy customs, mostly football, made by the Fantasy Sports factory.

Returning to my old fantasy league after a five-year absence meant updating and tweaking my team’s logos and unis. Chiefly, this meant changing the team name from Old Town, now that I no longer live in Alexandria, Virginia. Moved down to Prince William County a couple of years back. With the Civil War Sesquicentennial coming up, I decided on the Bull Run Rhubarbs.

Next, I needed a slogan. Back in ’04, I decided that my team’s schtick would be to have a different motto each season. Not an ad campaign kind of thing like “Twins Territory,” but more like a rallying cry. In part to take the edge off all the losing I usually do. Since I was then on the cusp of fielding a potentially winning team, I chose “.506 or Fight!” Next, when a playoff berth was a slim-but-real possibility in 2005, it was the Irish battlecry “Fág an Ballagh!” which roughly means, “Clear the way!”

For 2011, since the dispersal and rookie drafts aren’t likely to yield a talent-rich roster for my team’s first year back, I chose the motto, “Donnybrook!” Because entertaining chaos is kind of the best I can expect from my team. (It’s also the title of a very good book about the First Battle of Bull Run, which was every bit as much a disaster for the good guys as the 2011 season will probably be for my Rhubarbs.)

Those ideas set, it was time to put together the new logos and unis. Aside from wording changes, the biggest tweaks came in switching from a standard baseball Tuscan font to the 2007 Reds custom font for uniform and logo elements, including the road script and uni numbers. I just love that Reds font; I think it ought to be to baseball in the twenty-first century what Tuscan was in the twentieth.

Now, I know there’s a lot that will look derivative in the Rhubarbs logos and unis. I’ll cop to where I ripped off was inspired by teams whose unis I like. The home script, for example, draws definite inspiration from the Brew Crew. But the letters are all my own work, and the drop shadow is a 3D effect, not a straight down-and-to-the-right number. And yeah, the contrast front numbers are 100 percent Dodgers. Some things are just too right not to copy.

Where I stand by my originality is the road uni color, which I chose in 2002 as I prepared for the 2003 fantasy season, a full year before the Padres introduced tan into non-fantasy baseball. My league, the Lame Duck Baseball Association, has a manager in San Diego, so perhaps a copy of my series instructions with tan-uni illos found its way to the Friars front-office and inspired the team. Or not. Anyway, there’s also the important distinction that where the Padres wear, or wore, khaki, the Rhubarbs wear golden brown. Entirely different colors.

So, that’s what the 2011 Bull Run Rhubarbs will look like. Unless I change my mind and work up an entirely new team name and logo before the draft in March. Old Dominion Moonshiners? Mount Vernon Founders? Cow Branch Spirits? Oooh, wait, I have an idea for that …


Thanks, Scott.

Well, there you have it. Possibly more than you ever wanted to know about the world of fantasy baseball, but fascinating nonetheless. I am curious as to whether anyone else plays (or participates) in fantasy leagues. If so, is it similar to Scott’s, different … something else entirely? Do you create your own uniforms? Clearly, based on the numbers Scott quoted at the beginning of this article, it’s a huge deal. I don’t participate in any of the myriad fantasy leagues out there (about the closest I come to anything even approaching that is the Uni Watch pools), but obviously many of you do. How far to you take it and how serious is it? Obviously, if you create your own uniforms, you’re pretty serious. Got more of your own fantasy artwork or DIY? Let’s see ’em.

And those of you who do the fantasy sports thing — is this something that you feel would appeal to the Uni Watch community? I know a couple years ago a (now former) co-worker wasted most of the workday poured a considerable amount of energy into his fantasy baseball league. It never appealed to me, but that’s only because I don’t care. But I am curious to know more. Fire away.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Last week we had two selections: this beautiful shot of John Wayne (playing for USC), which was sent in by reader Chris Bisbee, and the second choice was Hank Gowdy of the 1914 Boston Braves.


First up was UW Colouriser favourite (he’s a Brit, you see) George Chilvers, who (as always) did a tremendous job on The Duke.


Next up was Ian Carr, who actually ran into an interesting problem. His first submission was accompanied with this, “I couldn’t find any color references for this uniform. Looked blue to me, with red stripes, so I went with it. If I turn up something, I may send another version.”

When I told Ian Mr. Morrison was playing for USC, and the colors were probably similar to todays, he agreed, and replied back with this:

Ah, of course Wikipedia had it. Just wasn’t looking in the right part of the article.

The colors of USC are cardinal and gold, which were approved by USC’s third president, the Reverend George W. White, in 1895. In 1958 the shade of gold, which was originally more of an orange color, was changed to a more yellow shade. The letterman’s awards were the first to make the change.

And after that, Ian sent in this amended version.


And we also have Doug Mooney, who did a fantastic job of colorizing Hank Gowdy.


Finally, we have Michael Ferry, who checks in with this:

Hi Phil,

Another kind of busy week here, but was able to do some work on the Hank Gowdy photo. Didn’t have enough time to work on Marion Morrison aka John Wayne.

For me, the background is really the most challenging element. Maybe I’ll be able to budget some time with the upcoming holidays for future projects. As always, though, it’s a treat to see the changes, and hope folks like the effort.


Michael Ferry


Outstanding job, as always, gentlemen.

For the next tweak, I found a TREMENDOUS photo — three of them actually — of Art Herring, in his satin Dodgers uniform. Here are the three:


Two, and


WOW. I found those on an (unfortunately) closed Mears Lot Auction, and the listing included the following description: “Art Herring is pictured.

Measures 8″ x 10″. First generation photo, with the following notations on reverse: George Dorrill photographer stamp, 1940s. (00561)

Designated as a Type 1 photo, this image was developed directly from the original photographers negative within approximately two years of the depicted person/event. Photographers included in the collection include Charles Conlon, George Burke, George Brace, William C. Greene, Alex P. Silverberg, and George Dorrill. Some are identified; many are not but were provided by these world class photographers. Unlike standard wire photos, these images were often hand developed by the photographer and sent to the Sporting News magazine. Therefore, the result is an actual first generation Type 1 photographers print -again, not be confused with the more commonly found wire photo image. First major collection to enter the market of exclusive Type 1 Photo Prints.”

Clearly, those are the satin uniform worn by the Brooklyn Dodgers, the blue road version. I wrote about the satin uniform *craze* (ok, it wasn’t really a craze, but a few teams did wear them) back in August, so you can find color photos and descriptions in there. I’ve never actually seen a color photo of the uniform in action, however, so this colorization has tremendous potential. Hopefully many of you fine colorizers out there will rise up to this challenge and tackle one (or more) of these.

Finally, in recognition of the sad passing of the “greatest pitcher of the greatest generation,” perhaps one of you colorizers will tackle this amazing picture of Bob Feller. I’m not 100% sure which year this is from, but the Indians wore a uniform resembling that one from 1934 thru 1938, and it looks like either 1936 or 1938. Since Feller was a rook in 1936, the uni is obviously not from before then. Fire away.

Thanks again to all colorizers. If you have a submission for any of the above photos, send it to me and I’ll run it next time we have a section on colorization. Also, if you find a photo which is just screaming out to be colorized, send that in too (try to find hi res — like at least 1000 x 1000 pixels) shots — as those make for the best colorizations.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

Lots and lots of tweaks keep pouring in, so obviously this is a popular feature. A bunch new to get to today. If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great a keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

Now, on to today’s tweaks:


Starting off the show is Arthur Denny, who has a concept for the NHL All Star Uni:


After reading the description of the NHL All-Star jersey design, I gave it a shot. I know the stripes won’t blow tons of people away, but I like them/think they look better than the 2008 stripes.

–Arthur Denny


Next us is Johnny Bruno, who has a look at the Brew Crew and Fathers:

Hey Phil,

A few months back I sent in my thoughts on what the Marlins should do for when they become the Miami Marlins. I also got around to tweaking the Brewers and the Padres.

For the Brewers I changed the colors a little bit and put Milwaukee on the away uni’s as it should be. I also made another alternate.

For the Padres I went for a retro theme where I used the current logos (with some tweaking) and the old colors.

Thanks again,

Johnny Bruno


And in the three hole today is Terry Duroncelet, who has several new tweaks:

Hey Phil. Been kind of a slow month for me, but I managed to get some work done.

Football Giants: Gave them one pant with a bule belt and madatory compression shirts. I normally don’t use compression shirts for sleeve stripe-less jerseys (like the Jints’ blue), but the Giants (as a team), are the worst offenders of NPS (Naked Pit Syndrome).

Indians: I already sent in an Indians tweak before, but I decided to send in a new one with the updated road uniform.

Seahawks: Made more use of the nuclear green and gave them a pair of Northwestern-Striped socks (being situated in the Pacific Nothwest)


And closing out the show today is Stephen Brookman, who has a set of Broncos concepts. Jim Vilk will love at least one of them:

Hey Phil,

Here are some Denver Broncos tweaks I made using the old 70s and 80s color scheme, and a white helmet. I hope you enjoy them!

HomeRoad … and Road Alt.

Take care.



That it for the tweak show. Check back tomorrow for more.


Let's Go Bowling

It’s On

The 2010-2011 football BCS bowls begin today. We’ve got three (count ’em) games on tap. There’s the New Mexico Bowl, the Humanitarian Bowl and the New Orleans Bowl, which should whet your appetites for the bigger games to follow in the next month. Hopefully, you’ve signed up for the Uni Watch Bowl Pool. I and Tod Hess have put together a college football bowl pool. If you’re interested in joining, you can register here (I believe you can sign up right until gametime to be eligible for all the bowls). Our Group ID# is 6828 and the Password is bfbs (all lowercase). Last week Tod & I did a review of the bowls and teams playing,so go here and here.

If you haven’t already seen it, we’re not the only ones who feel confident in judging teams based on uniform. Paul’s colleague, Pat Forde, has decided to rate the uni-matchups in each game. Settle down there, Pat — this is serious business. He’s either completely joking (which is entirely possible) OR he’s completely wrong. Let’s take a quick look at his picks for today’s bowl games, as selected by uniform:

New Mexico Bowl: “Uniform Edge: To the Miners for the blue-and-orange color scheme. Nothing wrong with BYU’s traditional blue-and-white look and ‘Y’ helmet, but they’re fairly bland.”

OK, that’s not a bad assessment, but BYU’s not bland so much as traditional, and there is no way the Miners get a uniform edge. Those are awful. And they look like something Nike might make the Broncos wear in 2012. Tod & I both took BYU.

How did Pat rate the other games? Next up…the

Humanitarian Bowl: “Uniform Edge: Whole lot of red involved here. Slight edge to Northern Illinois for the red-and-black scheme and black helmets over Fresno’s red-intensive look.”

Both teams won’t be wearing red, Pat, but other than that, not a bad analysis. And I agree this one is a tough call based on uni-superiority, as both Northern Illinois and Fresno State‘s uniforms pretty much suck. Nevertheless, both Tod & I are taking Fresno.

Lets see how Pat picked the final bowl today, which is the

New Orleans Bowl: “Uniform Edge: Troy‘s maroon is mildly more aesthetically pleasing than Ohio’s green with white helmets.”

Both teams do have good unis, but Troy has nothing on Ohio, which is drop-dead gorgeous. Once again, both Tod & I picked Ohio.

So three games, three completely different views of the unis. Now, Mr. Forde didn’t necessarily pick the winner of the game based on the uni — he simply played the uni’s against each other and decided which team had the edge. We’ll see if he should have based his pick on the uni.

Now, if you didn’t read the article and you just read his uni “edge” for those three games, you’re might be saying, “He’s right.” Sure he is. Go back and reread some of the other games. Or, just see below some of his “matchups:”

Maaco Bowl: “Both teams can crush you with their monochromatic looks — Boise’s all-blue and Utah’s all-red. When in doubt, take blue over red. Advantage Boise.”

What? And he didn’t even know Boise would be wearing their new toy combat uni — he was picking their file folder/lumbar “BRONCOS”/TNDL/buttstripes uni. That’s possibly the worst uni in college football. Check out some of his other “uniform edges:”

San Diego Bowl: “Navy has a classic look, from the no-logo gold helmet on down. San Diego State might have been the first to go all-black. The Dash gives a slight nod to the trendsetting Aztecs.”

Alamo Bowl: (Arizona vs Oklahoma State) “Poor helmet logo dooms Arizona to defeat.”

Armed Forces Bowl: (Army vs. SMU) “Uniform Edge: If the Cadets wear their camo, they win in a walkover.”

MotherSunBowlVilker: (Notre Dame vs. Miama) “Tough call. Love the timelessness of Notre Dame’s look, but impressed by most of the modern iterations of the Miami unis. Slight edge to the Hurricanes.”

Outback Bowl: (Penn State vs. Florida) “Please. Florida wins by default unless it shows up in those horrific white helmets.”

Capital One Bowl: (Alabama vs. Michigan State) “Numbers on the helmets have always struck The Dash as bottom-level creativity. Points to Michigan State for the Spartan logo.”

Just. Stop. Now.

And I will. Too bad Mr. Forde didn’t pick his teams based on the uni, rather than just taking a few shots at the uni matchups. I didn’t think anyone make worse uni-matchup picks than the Mothervilker…until now.


And that’s about all we have for today. Everyone enjoy the bowls, and if you haven’t yet signed up, there’s still time. Have a great Satruday.


Everything got a bit smaller ”” including the crotch piece. Or at least that’s my take. Alain would know for sure. — Paul Lukas (as nominated by James Huening)

Comments (86)

    You know, that Forde guy is absolutely right about Alabama’s helmet numbers. They’re just a holdover from an earlier time and a stubborn refusal to change. Hell, the only team in the SEC who *didn’t* use helmet numbers in the 60’s is Georgia (assuming the helmet project website is accurate). Alabama is only unique because they’re still doing it, while everyone else has moved on. There’s nothing creative about it.

    1. Unique is good. Creative, not always.

    2. A stubborn refusal to change is my favorite thing in the world.

    Why’d you stop the Forde tirade before you got to the Rose Bowl. Numbskull picked TCU (purple! purple!) over Bucky solely because of the motion w on the helmet. But everything else about the red & white look is superior to TCU’s kit, and it’s not like the Horned Frogs have a helmet you’d take home to mother…what a twit.

    The “R” on the Rhubarbs cap is virtually identical to the “P” that the Nashua Pride once used, with the number “1” serving as the leg for the “P.”


    Could be coincidence, but I’m leaning towards “inspired by” at least. It is different in a few ways, but there’s a definite resemblance.

    Here’s that link. I’d never seen it before. I developed the R logo by starting with the letter R in the link, simplifying the implied “1” shape of the vertical, and then extrapolating a more fluid, cursive-y stroke from the shapes used in Milwaukee’s 2002 MLB All-Star Game logo.

    Ninjas. There everywhere.

    Now that I have been promoted to ‘ninja’ status (thanks Scott!!), I think I can speak for Alain as well when I say how much fun making fantasy pieces for customers is. There’s alot of creative and sick people out there, and half the fun is being approached by someone that has a name and a vision – but no clue how to bring it to life.

    Anyone looking for help, you can always e-mail me at link. Mention “UW” and we’ll hook you up good.
    Alain of course is at the Classic Old School ad above, that I hope to someday have one myself…his stuff rocks.

    Have fun all –


    A) Sometimes creativity is simply recognizing something that has become unique in a changing world, and staying with it. Doesn’t always mean coming up with something original and new and modern. You’d be surprised how many successful companies (meaning ad clients, lol) don’t get that. Budweiser, for example, is one that does, however. They’d be flat-out nuts to totally redesign their bottle labels and beer cans just because they’ve been around a long time and “everyone else has moved on.”

    B) Fun stuff, Scott Rogers. That kind of thing, for me anyway, is more entertaining than the typical Tweaks (most are actually full-on Redesigns) seen here on weekends. Got your parcel, btw, Scott. Thanks; should have said that a long time ago.

    C) Speaking of that, Phil, seeing as it’s highly unlikely the NFL will let the Vikings move to LA, thereby passing up the billion-dollar (yes, billion) expansion fee the existing owners would divvy up…how ’bout some names (and uni designs) for an NFL expansion team in LA? That at least would incorporate someone’s legitimate, and realistic, approach to marketing, packaging, branding and image-building.

    C) Latest forecast for Monday night’s
    20 degrees at kickoff but temps falling, with snow showers likely.

    D) No booze sold at TCF Bank Stadium. You can, however, have a Nip at Target Field (yes, yes, I know; terribly politically incorrect).

    Happy Saturday. And, for the first time in three weeks here in TC, it ain’t snowing like a sumbitch on Saturday.


    Ah Ricko… how I’ve missed arguing with you…

    A – No. It may be intelligent marketing, but it isn’t creativity. The root word is create. That means making something new. I’m not saying that Alabama should change, but simply “not changing” is not being creative.

    C – I really hope the NFL doesn’t expand again, at least not by just one. 33 teams would just be stupid. If they do anything they’d need to either jump to 36 or 40, or contract back to 30 – and re-align again.

    I don’t think the NFL will expand anytime soon, as much as the NFL would hate to admit it. They have 7 teams (SD, SF, OAK, MIN, JAX, BUF & STL) right now on a potential move list because of stadium or revenue issues, which doesn’t exactly instill confidence. Obviously the NFL wants one if not two teams in L.A. with a brand-new stadium; probably Buffalo in Toronto permanently; as for the others they will have to settle itself out somehow with almost all U.S. big cities tapped out. I bet the NFL badly wants to put a team in Europe, if not a whole division of European/foreign teams. Tho if it ever happens, will be later rather than sooner.

    As for realignment, Dallas will always be in the NFC East, no matter what.

    A–Okay, we’e splitting hairs, I guess. You’re talking “creative” in the Merriam Webster sense and, in that case, you’re correct.

    I’m talking about creative thinking. Not necessarily the same animal.

    You’re saying the simple Browns helmet isn’t creative, and maybe it isn’t by the pure definition.

    But I’m saying it IS creative thinking to recognize it is the ONLY such helmet in the league and therefore a unique signature element worth retaining.

    B–I’m not sure NFL owners would refuse a billion dollars just to wait around for at least one additional group to come along with a like amount. There are “shoulds” and there “let’s get reals because money talks”. Leave $33 million PER TEAM on the table just stitting there? A billion is a thousand millions, y’know. Don’t think so. Know what I mean?


    $33 million per team? What’s that, one first round draft pick, maybe? I’d like to hold on to the idea that they aren’t *all* a bunch of greedy douchebags and there’d be some consideration for the structure of the league. Maybe I’m being too idealistic.

    More to the point, where are these groups with a billion dollars to pony up before they buy so much as a ream of copier paper for the team coming from?

    I mean, at the moment there isn’t even one.


    In the unfortunate event the Vikings move to LA, I see the NFL reserving the Vikings logo and heritage in Minnesota. We have to remember the Viking have had tremendous fan support, and the poor economy has made new stadium approval extremely difficult today.

    Be it the Jaguars or expansion, I like the nickname Lasers. It lends itself to a creative design, hopefully of a multicolor nature. As I’ve said before, if the Chargers move north, they should be rechristened the Southern California Sun. LA would be perfect for those wild uniforms.

    The Buffalo Bills may move to Toronto, so they would be smart to purchase the CFL nickname and logo.

    I don’t think the CFL would be very willing to give up the Argos name & logo.

    I think the best we can hope for if the Bills move to Toronto would be them keeping their logo and changing the name to Bison or Buffaloes. Either that, or a completely new name & identity that relates to Toronto in some way that isn’t too blatantly Canadian.

    Exactly, who says the CFL wants to sell it.

    “They should buy the Arogs’logo”?
    Sounds like Yankee fans, doesn’t it.

    “Well, after we sign Joe Mauer and Cliff Lee…”

    Just because the big dog is buying doesn’t mean everyone else is selling.

    Or buying it. lol


    Nicely ironic for the sole NFL team in the market 50-plus years later to be the Los Angeles Chargers, though.

    Can’t imagine why they’d be anything but the Chargers. Reasons to keep the name would far, far outweigh any change.


    “Sounds like Yankee fans, doesn’t it.”

    “Well, after we sign Joe Mauer and Cliff Lee…”

    RE: Nah we don’t want Joe Mauer to come to NY….we only pay for players that beat us in the playoffs!

    Just kidding…we would love to bring Joe Mauer to NY…but sometimes even we greedy Yankee fans realize when it’s better for the sport and league if a player stays in his home town….

    By the way, do local alchohol laws in the Twin Cities not even allow for a temporary liquor license?

    and guess where the charger name came from?

    1961- Barron Hilton founds Los Angeles Chargers; name refers to Hilton’s new carte blanche charge card. (essentially a credit card)

    Totally agree that if (and hopefully never) the Chargers move north to L.A., they keep the Chargers name, colors and identity. Why shouldn’t they?

    As to the possibility of the Bills moving to Toronto, doesn’t Canadian law prevent the permanent relocation of American football teams to Canada without the permission or approval of the Canaian Parliment? Wasn’t that the issue that forced the 1970s WFL Toronto Northmen to move to Memphis and become the Southmen/Grizzlies? Curious – has that law changed?

    Let’s hope that the Bills never move – it would be devestating to Buffaloans – both those still there and those that grew up with the Bills and moved on for whatever reason. Every Buffalo native that I know – even those in New Orleans – are bonkers in their loyalty to the Bills. I hope they never have to experience the heartbreak of losing that team.

    There is no way in hell the Argos identity will be sold away to the NFL. Fact is, the Grey Cup is approaching 100 years of age, and the Argos are even older, having been established as the Toronto Argonauts in 1873!
    Call them the Toronto Buffaloes, the Toronto Multi-Colored Bills, the Toronto Bills…whatever. But the Toronto Argonauts are not for sale.

    I’m actually a CFL fan, so I wasn’t being serious about the NFL buying the Argos name. Also, I realize ESPN has a better chance at folding than a new potential Los Angeles NFL team resurrecting the old WFL Sun.

    For the record, I don’t really sense a huge swell of pent-up interest for an NFL team up here. (As the Rogers brain trust is realizing with the luke-warm interest to the Buffalo games played up here) Even though when our logic takes over , we recognize that the CFL is nothing more than the equivalent to AA Minor-league baseball – we nevertheless embrace it – which explains why the Grey Cup every year is up there as one of the highest rating television events The game itself – with its rules – is just a whole lot more fun.

    I’ve played fantasy baseball online for about 10 years. I made a few logos for my teams, and honestly I had more fun designing the logos for some of my group players & I than actually spending the combined multiple hours adjusting my roster. I’ve concluded that all the time & effort is just not worth the little to no bragging rights. 6 months is a long time to play & it’s like watching a car wreck in reeeeeeally slow motion.

    Uhhh…. “San Diego Bowl”?

    That would be the “San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl,” thank you…

    OK, I’ll confess. I’ve run a fantasy football league for 31 seasons. I keep track of my teams uniform ‘history’ with a spreadsheet and have an historical helmet gallery on the league’s site. I also have ‘published’ and distributed a ‘media guide’ for my team (although it hasn’t been updated in a few seasons now). Back when I began all this I would sketch out my uniform yearly and my sketches looked a lot like the tweak template the guys use around here, only way crappier.
    I won’t argue the merits/geekiness of fantasy sports but it’s kept me in touch with my college friends through the years and that has made it worthwhile.

    Our FFL is in it’s 26th season … long about season 8 r 9 I mocked up some helmets for each team with colors based on the NFL teams most represented on the roster. Ten or so years ago we made the leap to the web and I started to create a little more. Used Madden to do the designs so I had a somewat limited template, although the guys over at link have done a GREAT job opening up the options. For a quick peak at what we use feel free to look at link
    link and

    or the site itself link … here’s a ling to last season’s Superb Bowl article: link

    Wow. I disagreed with I think every single one of Pat Forde’s uni opinions, except Auburn v. Oregon.

    He completely lost me at TCU’s unis being better than Wisconsin’s, The U being better than Notre Dame’s, and that both Stanford and Virginia Tech should wear black all the time.

    Incredibly off-base, that guy.

    I got a sweet jersey made by Frosty for the Paisanos (my fantasy baseball team). In the past I’ve had other jerseys and a cap. I’ve done logos and wordmarks for other fantasy teams (baseball and football) as well. More often than not, kelly green is involved. I haven’t done any football-related attire, but only baseball managers wear the uniform.

    we would love to bring Joe Mauer to NY…but sometimes even we greedy Yankee fans realize when it’s better for the sport and league if a player stays in his home town.

    and you wonder why people despise the yankees

    so nice that they’re all for keeping the competition just good enough that they can’t go 162-0

    that being said, couldn’t you guys have been nicer to cliff lee’s wife during the playoffs? you drove him to the phillies????

    thanks a lot

    (i kid i kid…the mets aren’t going anywhere for a while anyway, but the phillies rotation, on paper, is looking like the 71 orioles these days)

    LOL!! Seriously, we get a really bad rap….but some of us Yankee fans are BASEBALL fans first!

    Mrs. Lee was just using that fan complaint as a preemptive negotiating ploy! Fans are rough to visiting fans everywhere!!

    Try wearing an Eli Manning Jersey to an Eagles game at the Linc…and wait until she comes to night game at Shea… I mean Citi!

    All that being said, on paper you are probably looking at a Philly-Boston World Series….which will go off really well in the Big Apple.

    Not sure why Wilpon and his new braintrust didn’t just break the bank and bring Lee, Crawford and all the other big name FAs to Flushing.

    I understand what they are doing, but it looks like Citifield will be ghost town by the middle of June….but you never know….

    Hey I’m not sure if it’s just me but it looks as though the group for the bowl pool is full. At least least that’s what it said when I tried to join.

    i sent an email to tod, and im hoping he can open a second one (like we do when the NCAA hoops pool is full)

    i will be off the grid for much of today, so check back in the comments to see if a new pool is opened

    if i get a chance, i’ll update the main article with the new info…or maybe paul can do it in my stead if he’s around

    As for the possibilty of a team moving to LA:
    Buffalo- fans won’t let it happen and too much tradition. They won’t move to Toronto either.
    Oakland- not until Al Davis is dead.
    St. Louis- Not out of the realm of possibilty if they don’t get a stadium deal done.
    San Diego- Seems most logical geographically but will never happen.
    San Francisco- New stadium in works and they would have never moved anyway.
    Minnesota- The metrodome collapse is proof they need a new stadium. Wilf will use that as leverage now to get a deal done.
    Jacksonville- the number one candidate in my opinion. Poor fan support, no significant tradition, in a college football dominant market, two other teams in Florida to support if they leave, despite the way they’d like to portray themselves not exactly a top 30 city in America. They’re moving as soon as the money is forked over. (I live in Washington state, don’t tell my neighbor their moving. He’s a transplant who proudly waves his Jags flag on his front porch.)

    Watching (sitting on the couch while game plays in the background and only know what the score is because it’s on the tv while I post this on my iPhone doesn’t really constitute watching but I can at least see the unis) BYU v UTEP and BYU is the definte winner in the unibattle today. Although not completely horrid the UTEP unis are borderline there. I think Forde just values modern designs higher than most which then devalues traditional designs thus explaining his uni edge picks.

    I certainly hope the Bills don’t leave Buffalo, they do have a tradition of great fan support. My understanding is a group of former Bills players is trying to put together the financial ability to bid on the team when Ralph Wilson passes away.

    Looking at this situation from the outside, I’m a little troubled by the lack of public comments by Wilson stressing his commitment to the city of Buffalo. Also, the recent trend of playing games in Toronto seems strange.

    Hopefully, a local group will emerge and keep the team where it belongs.


    From an gallery of great NHL nicknames, this picture works for Uni Watch because of the NOB differences, in the font AND in the first initial treatment. (D. SUTTER in one color, and B SUTTER (no period) in two colors.)

    Interesting: “Alamo Bowl: (Arizona vs Oklahoma State) ‘Poor helmet logo dooms Arizona to defeat.'”

    While I would agree that Arizona’s helmet logo isn’t very inspired, it’s still better than Okie State’s generic “OSU” helmet. At the very least, the OSU helmet needs a stripe or three, though I would prefer that they use the Cowboy logo instead of the Is-It-Oregon-State-Or-Oklahoma-State? lettering scheme.
    Arizona’s white helmets with the (unfortunately) abbreviated center stripes are much better than their old stripeless blue helmets. Now if we could only get them to NEVER wear all-red uniforms!

    “Now if we could only get them to NEVER wear all-red uniforms!”

    YES. Especially with the white helmets. I’m praying for white-blue-white for the bowl game, for contrast’s sake

    rsr~ i know you revolt here and there, but don’t know if you have the oaks. if not, we need to design a rhubrup. i know you show it as green, but whatever. besides i need to offer another christmas colour scheme for stirrup friday folks. i mean i am going oaks 2 years in a row now.

    loved that intro today, makes me want to take out the 1970 strato baseball and have at an aO’s game.

    Tons of snow in England today so a few really great shots like this one: link

    Interestingly, because of the snow they painted the lines in the field blue for better visibility, but right now I can’t find a great shot of it.

    Every December we finally see some Division III football on TV (when the championship game airs), and every year I’m reminded that apparently to be successful in that level your team must have purple helmets.

    There are actually a number of elite teams in D3 which use purple as part of their color scheme, apart from Mount Union and Wisconsin-Whitewater. One example is Linfield College, which owns the longest streak of consecutive winning seasons of any team in any major sport. The Wildcats haven’t had a losing season since 1955, which even beats the New York Yankees. Mary Hardin-Baylor and Cal Lutheran are other powerful D3 programs using purple.

    I have no evidence to back this up, but smaller colleges may be more inclined to use different color schemes than the D1 schools. Purple does appear to be a color which is more popular on the D3 level.

    Amherst and Williams, who both don’t participate in postseason football play, also use purple extensively in their uniforms. Both have won national D3 championships in basketball, so it’s not like they couldn’t compete with other elite D3 schools.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned here yet, but as I was watching the 5A division 2 Texas state championship, between the Denton Guyer Wildcats and the Cibolo Steele Knights I noticed an odd helmet design for the Knights.

    Not only did they have different logos on each side of their helmet, having numbers on one side and their school logo on the other: link

    But the school logo was a ripoff of the Chicago White Sox ‘S’:
    White sox logo: link
    Knights logo: link

    Also, Denton Guyer is going with a black on black Nike Pro Combat style uniform with the odd shoulder stitching and truncated pants stripes.

    Heres a picture from a game earlier in the season (They’re the team in black): link

    Tuned into Humanitarian Bowl and I give the uni edge to Northern Illinois over Fresno St. My reasoning, both are not good but I hate drop shadow on numbers and since that is the only design element on Fresno’s unis they lose out to the weird underarm look of N. Illinois. A Husky would destroy a Bulldog any day as far as mascots go.

    Earlier matchup between a Cougar and Miner is difficult to say because a Cougar could be vicious but I give the edge to a Miner due to him carrying a pickaxe.

    Thank you.

    The giant black pit stains are ugly, but Fresno’s full-on blood clot look can’t beat the black/white balance of the NIU uniforms and the way the red numbers pop.

    in hindsight, being 20/20 and all, i would have chosen niu had i realized what this matchup, especially on the smurf turf, looks like — although fresno’s unis actually show up better … but they’re both horrid

    i guess when we have a really shitty uni-matchup, i should pick using the WORST of the two, and hope the actual game yields the better of the two being actually worn on gameday…had fresno been designated the road team, they surely would have looked much better, but it just didn’t turn out that way

    oh well…looks like 1-1 going into the new orleans bowl and the best looking matchup of the day…

    I just can’t like solid black pants, so NIU never looks good to me. The all-red Fresno State uniform is pretty horrid, though I’ll admit that I am a fan of drop-shadow numbers and wish they were used much more often.

    Alright here is my New Orleans Bowl breakdown. First off, a Trojan warrior would absolutely manhandle a Bobcat and then probably eat him for dinner. By far the best uni matchup of the day. Both teams have great color schemes. Ohio has the slight edge. Troy has a funky center helmet stripe.

    and it begins skip and spank…i told you. when i saw champ’s fresno pick, i thought it was the best pick any of us made. i mean niu lost its coach, etc. i wished i had picked it for corn’s sake. then as the kids said in 1923, whamo!

    AND…things just took a turn for the better down in n’awlins

    so it begins, moose…so it begins

    you ever compile that side-by-side so we can keep track o’thangs?

    i spent like 4 hours on that, sent it out around 4, even had a cute little cartoon for christmas.let me make sure it sent.

    did anybody say or do anything i can get my hulk on o’er today? i am almost done with my i’m still call it citrus bowl marmalade, and i have had a couple fat tires.

    I respect Fat Tire for being as big as they are since they are a microbrew, but I hate the taste. Although that marmalade sounds delightful Mr. Marshall.

    i like hops, and stores don’t carry much here. i can’t afford miller, but there is company, and it is the holidays.

    the citrus bowl marmalade looks so-so, but i am hoping the don’t cry for me cebollitas are a home run.

    I like hops too, in fact, at the moment, my home town might be the best beer city in the country. If you ever make your way to San Diego we need to have a uni-watching, boccie ball playing party.

    eff the mothervilker

    is troy this good…or is ohio this bad…

    guess “pickin by uni” isn’t workin out so well…

    /ok, stay positive…there’s still, hope, right?

    Yeah, I don’t know if it is those or Troy subs are messing them up.

    Holy $#!T, did I just see a older looking Troy player with a long white beard that was kind of yellowish? I know I am not drunk.

    No, you’re not drunk — that’s punter Will Goggans #47

    Here’s an link (scroll down to “Santa Goggans”)

    It looks like Ohio has EMBROIDERED nameplates directly onto the jersey…can’t remember the last time i saw that.

    One of those is the old Carolina Cobras logo from the Arena Football League and another is a tweak of the Arizona Rattlers of the AFL.

    Since it’s the topic of the day, I thought I would share my fantasy football team’s logo.


    My team is known as the Texas Slackers. I used the Yahoo logo generator for this, so it’s not too fancy. Basically, the colors are supposed to resemble the Texas flag. The two swords represent the time I spent in Iraq and our team was knows as the Iraqi Slackers. That’s really all the description it needs I think.

    Phil, please more fantasy UniWatch if it is done to the level of the Rhubarbs. I’ve played fantasy since 1998, and made logos/caps/helmets/jerseys for all the teams in my leagues. Some of my league-mates love the look of their team, even though my graphics aren’t that fancy.

    However, I would NOT be in favor of sharing ALL fantasy logos/helmets, etc.

    “And closing out the show today is Stephen Brookman, who has a set of Broncos concepts. Jim Vilk will love at least one of them”

    Loved ’em all. Thanks!

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