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The Uni Watch T-Shirt Club: April

I’ve always wanted to have a project that allowed me to say, “Collect ’em all!,” and now I do: the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club, which is going to feature 12 limited-edition designs, one for each month of 2015, each based on a uniform that a team might have in its wardrobe.

It’s now time for the April design. And April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day, when teams teams wear No. 42 to honor the anniversary of Jackie’s big league debut. That’s the inspiration for the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s April design, which we’re offering in two different colors (click to enlarge):

Here’s everything you need to know about the shirts and how to order them:

1. You can purchase the April shirts on this page. (Ignore the bits about “reaching our goal” and the “campaign being successful” — that’s for Teespring clients who use T-shirt sales as fundraisers.)

2. Two design notes: The date under the Uni Watch script — April 15, 1947 — is the date of Jackie’s first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers. And we chose to go NNOB because that’s what teams do on Jackie Day. This will likely be the T-Shirt Club’s only NNOB design.

3. I’m happy to announce that 100% of Uni Watch’s proceeds from these shirts will be donated to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which builds on Jackie’s legacy by providing college scholarships to disadvantaged students of color. ESPN will match my donation (that’s their policy for charitable contributions), and Teespring may make a donation as well. That’s why we’re offering separate home and road designs ”” to maximize our donation potential. This will likely be the Club’s only design to be offered in multiple colors.

4. For both colors, you’ll have a choice of American Apparel or Hanes. Their tailoring and sizing are slightly different, so use the “View Sizing Chart” link and compare the colors to be sure you get the shirt that’s best for you. Domestic shipping is $3.85 for the first shirt, $1 for each additional shirt; Canadian shipping is $9.50 for the first shirt, $4 for each additional; shipping to other international destinations is $12.50 for the first shirt, $4 for each additional.

5. This design will only be available through next Monday, March 23, 11pm Eastern. After that date, the shirts will not be offered for sale. All shirts ordered by then should be delivered by April 7 (and in many cases well earlier than that).

6. There will be eight more designs — one for each remaining month of the year. Three of those designs are shown here, and one of those three will be our design for May. You can probably guess what some of the other designs will be, although I think a few of them may surprise you. In each case, we’ll update the “sleeve patch” to reflect the appropriate month.

7. A new shirt will be made available on the third Tuesday of each month. So the May design will launch on April 21; the June design will launch on May 19; and so on. I’ll give you a preview of each new design at some point during the week before it goes on sale.

8. Each shirt will be available for purchase for only one week, from the Tuesday when it launches through the following Monday. Once a shirt’s one-week window closes, it will no longer be available for purchase.

9. People who purchase all 12 designs (collect ’em all!) will be eligible for a bonus prize at the end of the year. Note that you do not have to purchase both of the April shirt colors to qualify — you only have to purchase the home or the road, but not both (although you’re welcome to purchase both, of course). I haven’t yet decided what the prize will be, although I have some ideas. It may depend somewhat on how many people stay on board for all 12 shirts, and we won’t have a sense of how many people that might be until the summer, so I’ll likely wait a while before settling on the prize. But I assure you it’ll be something good.

I think that’s it. Again, the April shirts can be purchased here. If you have any questions, give a holler. Thanks.


Here are the shirts we’ve launched so far…