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Tim E.'s MLB, Template Style, Part the Second

By Phil Hecken

Last weekend, I brought you Tim E. O’Brien and his fantastic MLB 3D template and a dozen or so MLB concepts. You can see those and more at

Today, we’re back with the second batch.

As with last weekend, I like most of these, and I’ll share my favorites (and . . . → Read More: Tim E.’s MLB, Template Style, Part the Second

Jim & Tim tweak MLB

By Phil Hecken

What do you get when you combine the insane genius multicolored mind of Jim Vilk with the tweaking talent of Tim E. O’Brien? Well, you get today’s main article.

A little while ago, Jimmer approached me with an idea to “fix” some of MLB’s teams — leaving some alone (“Don’t . . . → Read More: Jim & Tim tweak MLB