Gear up for the 2020 MLB Season with new gear from Nike

Kickin' It in the Big Easy

By Phil Hecken

Well — it’s that time of year again. The time of year I turn the reins over to Uni Watch’s favorite Sneakerhead, Matt Powers, who is here to bring us his annual preview of the sneakers that will be worn during the NBA All-Star Game, which this year is taking place . . . → Read More: Kickin’ It in the Big Easy

Kickin' It at the NBA ASG -- A Sneakerhead's Delight

By Phil Hecken

Taking a break from the past week’s rather in-depth discussions of Native Peoples’ iconography/logos/naming, Klan uniforms, and other more “esoteric” subject matter, today we break out the annual sneakerhead’s wet dream — the annual preview of the NBA All Star Game footwear, with long-time UW Sneakerhead-in-Chief (old photo) (new photo), Matt . . . → Read More: Kickin’ It at the NBA ASG — A Sneakerhead’s Delight

Kickin' It At The NBA ASG

By Phil Hecken

It’s that time of year again — the one day I let the inmate run the asylum day everyone’s favorite sneakerhead, Matt Powers, gets to highlight the footwear of all the players at the NBA’s annual All-Star game. Yes, folks, for those of you (and you know who you are) for . . . → Read More: Kickin’ It At The NBA ASG