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Seth Scheving’s Sample Ticker

Baseball News:
Funny article showing how humans were seemingly incapable of drawing tigers prior to 1961 (thanks Mitch Barbee). ”¦Tyson Borm came across these really cool photos from a baseball game at Folsom State Prison in California, which can be seen here and here. ”¦Old Spalding’s baseball uniforms price guide (thanks BJ Lanier). ”¦Some subtle differences in the weight of the lettering on the fronts of the Pirates 1979 NLCS uniforms (good observation Curtis Peddle).

NFL News:
An anonymous source shared this: “I ran into an old friend this weekend who happens to work for the NFL in community affairs and asked about this. She said that the program has been scaled back this year. Basically, in each team’s first home game of October, everything and everyone is pinked-up. Beyond that, there is no mandate to continue with all the pink accessories, but individual players themselves can continue wearing pink accessories if they choose” This may explain the noticeable decrease in pink gear around the league over the last few weeks. Sounds like good news to me. ”¦Ever wondered what Rosie O’Donnell-inspired NFL logos would look like? (thanks Chris Flinn). ”¦Photo of a helmet truck featuring this year’s alternate Super Bowl logo (submitted by Alex Putelo).

College Football News:
Matthew Warmuth noticed that the Findlay Oilers of FCS have been using NOH this season. ”¦Interesting article submitted by Jonathan Larson from Boiled Sports about using uniforms as motivation for college football players. Coach Rich Rod made his seniors earn their wings at Michigan, but that sort of backfired on him. ”¦Pinktober hits the high school level for the Iowa City Regals (thanks Nicholas Wilwert). ”¦Fresno State will be sporting throwback helmets this Saturday (thanks Richard Paloma). ”¦Uni combos on tap this week for Arizona, Arizona State (thanks Marc Altieri), Maryland, and Mizzou (thanks Paulie Sumner). Side note: the Mizzou-Florida game has the potential to be very aesthetically pleasing. ”¦Pinktober at Western Michigan on Saturday (My Little Pony anyone?) (shared by Chris Flinn). ”¦“Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly thinks special unis (like ND’s Shamrock Series getup) are only being worn as a ploy to attract high school football players who think shiny objects are an important factor in deciding which school to attend” Article here: . ”¦Safer football helmets being worn by an Ohio high school are not drawing praise (thanks Tommy Turner). ”¦Jerry Lawless found this old photo of a 1982 football game shows Tulane wearing some very cool helmets. It is a little hard to see. Additional helmet pulled from TheHelmetProject that appears to be the helmet from the photo. Simply put, Tulane has a great uniform history (minus those awful GFGS).

Hockey News:
Chicago Blackhawks’ special warm-up sweaters will be worn on Saturday for Hockey Fights Cancer Night. ”¦Hopefully NYR Goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, will be wearing these new pads for this year’s Stadium Series game (from Mark Kaplowitz). ”¦Awesome Beer League Hockey jerseys designed by Marc-Louis Paprzyca: “Here are my new team’s hockey jerseys based on the Comedian from the graphic novel “The Watchmen.” Natch, I went with THOB.”

Soccer News:
The Chicago Fire using a purple logo to support LGBT youth and stand against bullying (thanks Matt S).

NBA News:
Mike Mongada shared this photo of Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam wearing these Larry Bird-themed socks at his concert the other night.

College Hoops News:
New sweatbacks for Colorado.

Grab Bag:
Mike Edgerley found that apparently Hooters originally thought about going brown instead of orange for the waitresses’ uniforms. Full story here. ”¦Under Armor has created a zipper that only requires one hand. Now, if they could just do something about those UMD unis”¦ (thanks MJ Kurs-Lasky). ”¦An amusing blurb regarding Nike from the band We Are Scientists (see bottom of the page) (shared by Mark Richter). ”¦Here is an interactive site that shows all the new features of the $100 bill (thanks Curt Fain). ”¦“Brilliant” redesign of the Nike logo into an NYC logo (from Brinke Guthrie) Brilliant my ass. Looks like a ten year-old did it on accident.