How You Can Support Uni Watch

If you want to help support Uni Watch, there are lots of ways you can do that. For starters, you can order a custom-designed membership card or buy a T-shirt or mug. And soon we’ll be rolling out a program that will give you certain benefits in return for becoming a patron of the site.

But some of you have said that you don’t want to wait and you don’t want anything in return — you just want to donate. While I’m certainly not looking for handouts, I won’t turn them down either. If you’d like to donate, there are several ways you can do that:

• The best ways to send cash are via Venmo (use @Paul-Lukas-2 as the payee) or Zelle (, because they don’t impose any fees. If you’re not familiar with Zelle, ask your bank — most banks now offer it.

• You can also use Square Cash, although they skim a bit off the top. Use as the payee.

• You can also donate via your Amazon account. I’ve set up two payment buttons — one for $10 and one for $25. (The buttons can sometimes take a few moments to load onto the page. If they’re not visible on your browser, let me know and I’ll take care of you.)

Here’s the $10 button:

And here’s the $25 button:

If you want to donate a different amount via Amazon (no amount is too large or too small), let me know and I’ll make the proper arrangements.

• If you don’t like electronic payments, get in touch and I’ll tell you where you can send a paper check or well-concealed cash.

• Unfortunately, I can’t accept PayPal (a long, extremely frustrating story). But if you live overseas and PayPal is the only feasible option for you, get in touch and I’ll explain how we can come up with a workaround.

Thanks so much for helping to support Uni Watch — it means a lot, really.