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Merry Vilkmas 2023 — The Lucky Ones!

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Seasons Greetings to all Uni Watch readers!

My best to you and yours for a happy, healthy and safe Christmas Eve/Christmas, a belated Happy Hanukkah, and joyous Kwanzaa to all who celebrate.

At least we can thank Jimmer Vilk for helping us end the year on a good note.

♪♪♪ Ho Ho Ho…Merry Vilkmas ♫♫♫

Last weekend, right before the holidays, Jimmer Vilk once again offered up his wonderful assortment of sports ephemera and tchotchkes to the Uni-verse, and today we name the lucky winners.

I’ll turn it over to Jimmer here…

• • • • •

Merry Vilkmas 2023 — The Winners
By Jim Vilk

Jimmer Claus’ sleigh is loaded and ready to go…just need to fuel myself up with some Christmas Eve Potato and Pea Soup, Fish, and Pierogi. After that it’s off to the skies, then down the chimneys of these five lucky winners:


1. Tom LanganMISL Cards


2. Adam KowalskiLego Hoops and Cards


3. Paul LetlowMichigan Panthers T-shirt


4. James LightseyPittsburgh Package


5. Josh HerndonNFL Package


Actually, I’ll try to get them out between Christmas and New Year’s. That’ll be my Old Year’s Resolution: to send out the prizes earlier than usual. Anyway, congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered. I hope you all got something nice from that other Claus guy. Merry Vilkmas!

• • • • •

Thanks Jimmer!

And also a big, yuge THANK YOU to each and every Uni Watch reader for all your support, enthusiasm and your obsessive observations of the athletic aesthetic! You lucky winners can expect a package from Jim shortly!

Sorry — no ticker today, but I will have Part II of Kary Klismet’s “Dressed for the Season” later this morning, and you will definitely enjoy his selections…so be sure to check back for that!

Once again, Merry Christmas Eve/Christmas to all. Everyone please try to enjoy the final week of 2023, stay safe and be well! I’ll be back next weekend (both Saturday and New Year’s Eve) with the SMUW crew for our Bowl Game wraps, a Bowl Five and One, Bowl uni trackings and more. So until that time,



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    Cool stuff, Jim! Thanks for your generosity to the comm-uni-ty! And Merry Vilkmas… err, Christmas! (Whichever, really…)

    Awesome surprise! Thanks for your generosity Jim. I knew the QB coach from the old Michigan Panthers as well as Bobby Hebert so this is perfect!

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