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Golden State Warriors Unveil New ‘Classic’ Edition Uni

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The Golden State Warriors this afternoon unveiled a new “Classic” edition uniform to be worn for the 2022-23 NBA season.

If that uniform looks familiar to you — it should: it’s basically a replica of the uniforms worn by the team from 1988 through 1997. And if the player modeling the uniform looks familiar, well, he should: that’s Chris Mullin, a former Warrior who wore those uniforms until he left the team in 1997.

The era in which these uniforms were worn was known as the “Run TMC” era, specifically for Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin (the first letters of the first names of those players), so named because of the fast-paced style with which they played.

Steph Curry even referenced the era when he unveiled his new jersey:

Chris Mullin played along in a fun video giving some additional looks at the uni:

Finally, the team provided a “3-D” 360 degree view of the new (old) uniform:

The uniform features the “WARRIORS” wordmark in upward slanted script, with gold letters and numbers on a royal blue base. Sleeve hems and neck are in a gold/royal/gold pattern, and the pants with a solid gold waistband, and large gold stripes with small white stripes running down the sides. The hems of the pants are in gold/royal/gold.

As you can see from the above graphic, the team will still have one more uniform to be unveiled: the “City” edition, which will be unveiled on November 10th.

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    Good memories of the Run TMC Dubs, some similarities to this team, though not my favorite uni, I prefer the circle logo, in all its iterations.

    I think this past season, the Warriors had the best set of uniforms they have had so far in the new Nike NBA era and it ended in a championship which obviously adds to the appeal. The classic & city editions were top notch in my opinion, only wish is that the classic got some run in the playoffs. I anticipate this set to be the best on court for the upcoming season barring something extraordinary with the city edition in November.

    A little strange how the shoulder stripes come off of the arm holes in the back and start pointing toward the center before they’re truncated.

    I’m interested to see that (to my knowledge) the Warriors don’t have any captain designation on any other uniform and Steph Curry has never worn such, but here it is pictured, Curry has a C on his TMC!

    I’m guessing from the pictures that everyone will have it, which seems… odd somehow.

    Loved the Run TMC Era. The Dubs were always my choice on the original NBA Jam. Are the Warriors gonna be the first team to have 82 uniforms for 82 games?

    Love this uniform much more than I love the Warriors. The colours, the striping, the logo on the shorts. Top notch.

    The shorts of this set alone are amazing. Webber and Sprewell wore these unis the best.

    This is how to do a throwback. Those are solid. Definitely not the greatest uniform in their history, but really good teams w/ great stars played in them = nostalgia.
    I hate most of the stupid reveal videos, but that one was great!

    “I’m D.M.C. in the place to be
    I go to St. John’s University”
    Just like Chris Mullin!
    No sucka MC’s.

    I’d rather see Rick Barry-era throwbacks. Circa 1974-74. Great fonts and colors.

    I suspect the City uni will be BFBS, because they seem to throw one of those in there every year now. I hope I’m wrong and they go with something lighter, maybe even the classic gold unis from the 75-84 (I think), because they’re leaning heavily on dark and blue here.

    The Warriors should always have a gold uniform, like in the 60’s-70’s. Those were great, Rick Barry’s “The City” set and that “Golden State” one that Nate Thurmond wore were so so good. The Warriors having a navy blue (no disrespect to the We Believe era) uniform and but no gold alt is not only strange, it’s just wrong.

    I hate that the NBA does this every couple of years it seems like. It’s so often you just can’t keep up with everything and nothing is special because it’s just gone after a season or two. I like this uniform, yes, but they’re good because they’re a throwback. The current designs aren’t great. And I’m a Warriors fan.

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