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Uni Watch News Ticker for September 2, 2022

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In today’s Ticker, we have a cap mixup in Anaheim, a uniform schedule for an SEC team, and a rayon soccer kit.



  • The Angels wore their City Connect unis on Wednesday night, but 1B Mike Ford took the field wearing the team’s primary cap. (From @mrbh02)




  • New helmets for Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado. The “80027” on the nose bumper is the zip code for Louisville and Superior, Colorado. Both communities were devastated by the Marshall Fire last December, and the nose bumper “reflects the rallying cry of ‘80027 Strong,'” says assistant coach Clay White.


  • The Rockets will retire Elvin Hayes’s No. 44 in November. (From Robert Andrews)
  • ESPN photoshopped Donovan Mitchell into a Cavs uni he’ll never wear. (From Ed Zelaski)


  • Drake has unveiled a new uni set, complete with an unnecessary GFGS alternate. (From Tanner Nielsen)


  • Penn State G Doug Dorr’s new pads are pretty amazing, depicting State College landmark Old Main. (From Troy Caldwell)


  • Spain: Atlético Madrid’s new third kit color is supposed to be inspired by the fruit of the strawberry tree, which is depicted on the club crest and the coat of arms of Madrid. (From @TexasTrevor)
  • Scotland: New kits for the Scottish national teams. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • England: In the 1950s, Hull City wore rayon kits in night games, allegedly to attempt to persuade the Football Association to sanction more night games. (From @TexasTrevor)
  • Italy: In 1995, Milan keeper Sebastiano Rossi wore a different keeper kit from Milan’s other keepers. Rossi’s keeper kit was manufactured by Uhlsport, with whom he had a sponsorship deal, while Milan was outfitted by Lotto. This means his shirt had both Lotto and Uhlsport logos on it. (From @TexasTrevor)
  • Guatemala: New third shirt for Municipal. (From Ed Zelaski)
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    That’s amazing. 29 G for 4 teams this year.

    In 2021 he played for the Yankees, was traded to the Rays and then claimed off waivers by the Nationals (but he didn’t appear for either of the latter two teams). 7 teams (even if it was the 40 man roster) in a little over a year has to be some sort of record.

    I’m 41 so I’m in that age group sort of stuck between old and new technology and such but it would be so much easier if teams would just post a photo of what the uniform will be rather than a 1 minute hype video showing bits and pieces of it so we have to pause and piece together what they are going to wear. Also, do they realize when releasing/showcasing a black uniform, having a dark background and such makes it near impossible to really see what the uniforms look like,

    Ok now get off my lawn!

    I’m in my 30’s and I couldn’t agree more! The videos are not only excessive, but they don’t allow you to get a good view of the uniforms. Photos are (a) easier to see and (b) less painful to watch.

    Because he played a historic role for Houston and the Rockets. He got the franchise going, in both San Diego and Houston. And he put University of Houston basketball on the map.

    That’s life in an expansion city. Just pioneering is appreciated.

    Yes, if playing word association, when I think of Big E, I think “Houston” before I think of Washington or Bullets. He spent two less seasons with the Rockets franchise than he did the Bullets franchise and spent his decline years with the Rockets, but his epic years with the Cougars helps conflate what he did for the city as a major impact.

    Those Drake uniforms gave me bad Duke vibes in the beginning but the final shot with all 5 varieties made me appreciate them as being part of a nice set. I like all 5 uniforms. And I like their bulldog logo.

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