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Uni Watch News Ticker for September 17, 2022

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Today, we’ve got an Expos alternate, a leaked Statement Edition, and a lost kit in Romania.



  • The Expos wore their blue Spring Training jerseys as alternates on July 4, 2002 at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium.
  • The Royals were in Boston last night, and had two players in NNOB No. 21 unis. Perhaps a couple of jerseys got lost while travelling?
  • Also posted in the hockey section: Wild D Alex Goligoski wrist-shotted a baseball for the first pitch at a Twins game Thursday night. (From multiple readers)


  • The Ravens will be unveiling their new marching band unis at their home opener on Sunday. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Browns’ program cover for Sunday’s game is a tribute to Joe Thomas in the style of an old Superman comic (From John Flory)




  • A group of Harry Styles fans made a Rangers retired number banner for him, displaying it from Madison Square Garden’s upper deck during his concert. (From @uniformnerd)
  • Cross-posted from the baseball section: Wild D Alex Goligoski wrist-shotted a baseball for the first pitch at a Twins game Thursday night. (From multiple readers)


  • The AHL’s Iowa Wild will have their 10th anniversary logo at center ice this season. (From Wade Heidt)


  • PayPal, the Suns’ uni advertiser, is threatening to walk away from renewal talks with the team if owner Robert Sarver remains involved with the team after his one-year suspension is up. (From multiple readers)
  • The Sixers’ Statement Edition unis have evidently leaked. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Turkey: Sivasspor’s jerseys would not arrive in time for their clash with Romania’s Cluj in the Europa Conference League, so Cluj provided them with makeshift Nike jerseys. The club had their shorts and keeper kits, so the club had Nike-branded jerseys and shorts carrying the logo of Turkish fashion brand Tony Montana. (From @texastrevor)
  • England: Classic Football Shirts has a great Twitter thread on the history of kit manufacturers in the Premier League. (From Steve Kriske)
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    When I read the entry, I assumed that “last night” meant the video was from Friday night and not Roberto Clemente Day (Night), which was Thursday. If that reading is correct, perhaps adding “from the previous night’s game on Roberto Clemente Day” to “had two players in NNOB No. 21 unis” would clarify it. If the video was from Thursday, the entry should be removed.

    The point seems to be that the NNOB “21” jerseys are leftovers from Roberto Clemente Day. The other Royals players are wearing their normal road uniforms.

    The White Sox/Tigers game also did Roberto Clemente day again Friday. In both cases, one of the teams in the Friday game was off Thursday. So, yeah, bullet point should be removed or explained because really wasn’t remarkable at all

    The Robert Sarver/PayPal kerfluffle is a good example of the bad corporate theater Paul talked about when ads on jerseys became common.

    PayPal cofounded by Peter Thiel who might be one of the worst humans alive – funding right wing nut job candidates. Pot meet kettle.

    Eddie Rosario also wore a NNOB #21 jersey in last night’s Braves-Phillies game (the Braves didn’t play on Thursday).

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