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Uni Watch News Ticker for September 1, 2022

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Is it September already? Today, we have a NASCAR fauxback livery, a bizarre Blue Jays cap, and turn-of-the-century soccer players in tank tops.



  • MLB’s online shop is selling a weird Blue Jays cap, depicting the 2003 primary logo but the 1993 World Series logo. (From Jennifer Bettiol)
  • The Orioles have called up their top prospect, Gunnar Henderson, and assigned him No. 2. Looks like there’s a bit too much space between his NOB and number. (From Max Weintraub and Marcus Hall)


  • Purdue has released renderings of the expansion project at Ross-Ade Stadium. (From Kurt Esposito)
  • Mizzou is going mono-black on opening weekend. (From Matthew Reitman)


  • Here’s a curious picture of the 1914 University of Minnesota soccer team. The team apparently wore tank tops (that couldn’t have been fun in the Minnesota fall), and are we to assume that “S” on the unis stands for “soccer”?


  • What is the etiquette of soccer shirt swapping? The Athletic goes into detail about the practice, which has spread to basketball and American football. (From John Flory)
Auto Racing
  • Ryan Ellis will have a Jeff Gordon-themed livery for the Xfinity Series race in Darlington. Despite not sharing any sponsorships with Gordon, nor Gordon’s No. 24, it appears the designers really went the extra mile to try to match everything on Ellis’s car to Gordon’s. (From Christopher Hickey)
  • Bubba Wallace will race with the No. 45 for the remainder of this season, rather than his usual No. 23. Ty Gibbs, who had been driving the 45, will get the 23. (From JayJay Dean)
  • New kits for the Fijiana 7s, Fiji’s national women’s 7-a-side team. (From Sy Hart)
  • English club Harlequins have unveiled their new Big Game shirt, as well as their primary and secondary shirts. The Big Game is a match hosted by Harlequins at Twickenham Stadium in London over the holiday season.
Grab Bag
  • The Rutland, Vt., School Board has once again voted to remove their “Raiders” mascot. They had initially changed the mascot to “Ravens” in 2021 before bringing “Raiders” back in January of this year, after new school board members opposed to the name change were elected. Following passage of a new law prohibiting school mascots from “referring to racial groups, individuals, customs or traditions,” the Rutland School Board was forced to reverse their reversal. (From Tris Wykes)
  • Starting in September and running until January 2024, the National Archives Museum will exhibit sports memorabilia from its collection. (From Max Weintraub)
  • The Indian Navy will remove the Saint George’s Cross from its naval ensign, with a new flag to be revealed Friday. The Indian government believes the current ensign is overly colonialist, and does not reflect the India’s pre-colonization maritime history. (From Shawn Hairston)
  • The back wall of reader Andrew Zieky’s social studies classroom combines two of my favorite things in design: sports and campaign logos. I’m envious of his students!
Comments (10)

    Isn’t Purdue adding seats like the Oakland A’s or Tampa Rays doing the same thing? We don’t use them all…so lets add more!

    So Purdue is spending $45.4 million to add 5% more seats to the stadium? I doubt many fans care about a dining facility for the football players.

    Maybe not, but I’m sure the players care. The school likely feels they’re losing out on better talent due to poor facilities, and upgrading their facilities will draw more talented players, which the fans likely will appreciate.

    So it’s not simply a driver swap?
    Bubba Wallace isn’t just driving Busch’s car with Busch’s team, the #23 is being designated as the #45, while the cars, crew, chief and equipment remains unchanged?
    That doesn’t seem right.

    The Blue Jays cap actually has the back-to-back championship logo that, according to SportsLogos dot net (shown here: link ), was used in 1994. So maybe this hat was meant to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the back-to-back titles? Did the Jays actually bring that logo back in 2003 to do so? Meanwhile, they also have one with the back-to-back logo and the original Jays logo, but in a “fashion” colorway with monochrome logos: link

    There are also some other commemorative hats, some featuring the 1991 ASG logo and others with the 1992 World Series logo (the actual Series logo, not the Jays’ back-to-back championship logo) in various colors, because nobody told New Era that just because you can do a thing, that it doesn’t follow that you must do that thing.

    When I read the intro, I thought the soccer players referenced would have been Cameroon’s 2002 squad that wore sleeveless kits in that year’s AFCON. Made a lot more sense in their climate!

    Vermont law prohibits school mascots from referring to “…individuals, customs or traditions,” ‘Nuf said…

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