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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 8, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a basketball team selling their floor design to a single advertiser, lots of college football news, and more.





  • UCLA researchers have discovered that people perceive football players with lower uni numbers to be slimmer than players in higher numbers. (From multiple readers)
  • For some reason, Southern Lab, a high school in Louisiana, has a recolored flag of Maryland on its jersey sleeves.


  • I think this might be a first: The Liberty have apparently sold their entire floor to an advertiser. (From @frinklin)




  • The AHL’s Texas Stars, affiliates of the Dallas Stars, have revealed their 15th-anniversary logo. (From @Byron_2284)
  • The WHL’s Winnipeg Ice relocated to Wenatchee, Wash., following the end of last season, and adopted the identity of the the BCHL team there, the Wenatchee Wild. The Wild dropped the puck on their debut WHL preseason on Sept. 6, giving us our first look at their uniforms. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Also from Wade, new alternate unis for the OHL’s Sudbury Wolves.
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    “I think this might be a first: The Liberty have apparently sold their entire floor to an advertiser.”

    The entirety of the WNBA sold its soul to advertisers a long time ago.

    Not a basketball fan but good friend of mine is, and he describes the WNBA as the testing ground for the revenue streams the NBA would like to implement down the road. So like they started with small advertising, now we’re seeing that in the NBA. WNBA has moved on to massive uni adverts and he maintains we’ll see that down the road in the NBA too, NBA jerseys will basically look like sleeveless soccer jerseys with the advertiser across the chest and small team logo up above the chest.

    It’s also not a first, they did the same thing last year for a game or two. The tweet does say “second season.”

    I’ve pushed back several times now on the idea that anything on the uniform will get smaller to “make room” for ads. That really hasn’t happened, even in soccer, ads tend to just take space that was already there. The one exception is probably NHL helmet ads because they did replace logos.

    The WNBA is one example where they did make the team logo smaller for a few years while the ad was larger and even then went back on that.

    I don’t follow how they’ve sold the “entire floor”. The Carmax ads are still there, the Liberty logos are still at center court, and baselines. the Barclays center logo is still there. This looks like any other court ad except there’s an additional ad in the key, and some swoopy lines in foul territory.

    Ontario transit font: Fun idea. Terrible execution. Many letters are nigh-unreadable as themselves, and tail of the J turns the wrong direction. It’s like a generative AI output of a prompt to draw the letter J.

    Conservative Party of Canada logo: It’s a frowning, even glowering, maple leaf, surrounded by the most famous symbol of losing and futility in North American sports. That maple leaf isn’t mad, actually, it’s just disappointed in you. Ever since a fusion party briefly called itself the Conservative-Reform Alliance Party without considering the acronym, the parties on Canada’s political right have been entertainingly bad at branding. Not that Canada’s other parties have better than mediocre brands, but the right parties are almost endearingly bad at it.

    About the new Sudbury Wolves alternate. I am disappointed. A wordmark like this is not great for a jersey crest. An alternate should look different from the primary uniforms. The new alternate is blue with grey shoulder yokes like the primary has.

    They could have explored using the club’s old colour schemes of green and yellow or green and white as an alternate. Uni Watch would have approved.


    Asking this would not have been out of the question. The Wolves have used the old green and white colour scheme for an alternate recently.


    Agreed that they should’ve done something different.

    Interestingly, there’s an article on Sportslogos by Glenn Cook where he describes them as “futuristic” — link
    “Futuristic” is not a word I would have used to describe these unis. Aside from being on a CCM chassis that is clearly based on the Adizero jersey, there’s nothing futuristic about this design that I see.

    Re: New logo for the Conservative Party of Canada
    Seems to say that they’re the grumpy, negative frown party.

    Ole Miss has completely lost its identity the past few years. They had one of the most recognizable/classic uniforms. Since the “Lane Train” has come to Oxford, those days have gone. I live in Mississippi and mess with patrons of a local bar I like to hang out at. I ask…… “so what are your school colors now anyway? Are you navy blue this week, powder blue?”. And, let’s not forget the mascot…. “Are you Col. Reb, Black Bear or a Land Shark”. LOL It normally stirs up quite the conversation. Of course, all in good fun.

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