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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 8, 2022

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In today’s Ticker we have a baseball jersey with snap buttons, a new logo for Sunday Night Football, a great interactive Eagles uni-builder tool, and a new anniversary logo for an NHL team.



  • Of the nine players in the Yankees’ starting lineup for the first game of yesterday’s doubleheader, four of them had uni numbers in the 90s.
  • Crazy coincidence: Looked at my phone last night to check in on the Mets game and noticed that the first three players in their batting order had the same batting average.
  • Cubs utility man Christopher Morel — he of lightning bolt helmet sticker fame — has recently been wearing eye black that looks like whiskers. “I haven’t been able to find if there’s any significance behind it or if it’s just a style thing,” says Joanna Zwiep.


  • The Frisco RoughRiders and Tulsa Drillers wore Negro Leagues throwbacks last night. Interestingly, they both wore road greys. (From Chris Mycoskie)


  • Here’s a weird one: Nike’s latest jerseys for USA Baseball have snap buttons. Never seen that before! “One of the USA U15 players said it was explained to them as being created essentially to avoid jerseys being ripped during walk-off celebrations,” says Tyler Maun.





  • Looks like the Flyers have been breaking in some new gloves. (From @KodyWiddak)
  • The Senators will apparently have a 30th-anniversary logo this season. (From Nick Gratton)





Auto Racing
  • New Grand Prix livery for Ferrari. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • England’s rugby union teams have always gone NNOB, but that might change for the men’s team’s upcoming Autumn Tests. Key passage: “[T]hose in favour [of adding NOBs are] keen to market players better. … [But] some argue that — particularly at international level — no player should ‘own’ a shirt and that printing a name on the back would contradict rugby’s traditions that no individual should be placed above the team.” (From Sy Hart)
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    As an Eagles fan, I’m going to nitpick the Inquirer feature. Almost accurate. However, the current Midnight Green set isn’t the original and has seen some changes.

    The first set they rolled out in 96 had different home and away uniforms. The home green jersey had the Eagle head on the sleeve while the white pants had a black/green/black stripe. The numbers were white with black outline. The away white jersey had a green and black stripe separated by blank space with green pants that had a single black stripe with the logo overlapping the stripe on the hip. The number was green with black outline. On both jerseys, the Eagles wordmark wasn’t the arching wordmark it was Eagles that got smaller from the E to the S, not symmetrical at all.

    The current set was changed I want to say around 2000? They made the numbers a drop shadow and added a graphite trim on inside part of the numbers. Both jerseys now have the logo on the sleeve with a thin black elastic trim. They also changed the pants striping. The white pants have a green/thin graphite/black stripe while the green pants have black/thin white/graphite striping. They also made the chest wordmark the arching Eagles that was just retired.

    It’s also interesting looking back and how Midnight Green is one of the most inconsistent colors from fabric to fabric. It’s changed a lot since it’s arrival in 96. One of the many reasons it’s such a terrible color.

    My wife – who certainly isn’t the uni geek that I am, but who tolerates my interests and definitely has her own strong opinions about uniforms – loves the Eagle’s midnight green because she thinks it’s one of the unique colors in professional sports. While I’m a strong advocate of the Eagles returning to kelly green (also a woefully underused color in spots, in my opinion), her opinion has led me to look at the midnight green with a slightly different perspective.

    In a vacuum, I agree with my wife that the color is unique and holds promise as a way for a team to stand out from the pack in terms of its visual identity. My problem with the Eagles’ use of this shade of green is that it was unnecessary for those purposes. The kelly green was already a signature look for them. Moreover, pairing it with black just created a mess of a uniform program. The dark green and black are too often indistinguishable from one another, especially during night games. I’d be more open to the midnight green if it were used in a better way – and perhaps by a different team.

    Of the nine players in the Yankees’ starting lineup for the first game of yesterday’s doubleheader, four of them had uni numbers in the 90s.

    This strikes me as inevitable after the Yankees retired what seems like every other available number between 1-89.

    Looks like the Senators are using the Peace Tower element from their expansion campaign’s placeholder logo, right down to the two t’s being used as a base. link

    I don’t follow soccer at all, so I’m curious as to why Leicester City is only planning to expand the east grandstands. I mean, why not put 4k more seats (and luxury boxes?) on both sides? Does the river on the west side make increased capacity there impossible?
    By adding that bubble to the existing structure, the proposed modification makes the stadium appear off-balance and other-worldly.

    with their currently being at the bottom of the table with 1 point in 6 matches, this kind of seems like a bad time to expand seating lol

    A lot of British soccer stadiums seem to be just a field with four separate stands around it. So when they want to modernize, they get enough money to tear down and replace one stand. And years later they do another one.

    I expect that’s what happens when you can’t shake down the taxpayers for a whole new stadium every 20 years. But it does make for rather ugly parks.

    Speaking of the Iggles, their season ticket holders aren’t impressed by this year’s swag. (From Michael Hochman)

    I have to agree with the Eagles’ season ticket holders on this, especially in comparison to the Raiders’ season ticket swag that Paul shared earlier this week in his NFL Season Preview on Bulletin. I got essentially the same swag from the Eagles as a kid back in 1987, when I wrote to every NFL and MLB team asking for freebies.

    Christopher Morel doing his best Peter Criss imitation.

    The USA jersey with the snaps looks clean. Maybe put Velcro strips in between the snaps to keep it smooth? Has any team ever used snaps like that before?

    That Duke’s mayo mascot looks like Gritty and Groucho Marx got trapped in the teleporter from “The Fly”.

    No big deal. See:
    KU – University of Kansas
    OU – University of Oklahoma
    VT – Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

    OSU – The Ohio State University

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