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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 7, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: The college and pro football uni seasons kick into high gear, a retro Hot Wheels auto racing livery, and more.






  • Very slight helmet adjustment for Virginia Tech: The center striping, which used to be solid, now has thin white spacing. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Washington State will salute the late Mike Leach by wearing the same uni combo they wore when he coached his final game for WSU in 2019. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Here are this week’s uni combos for BYU , Oregon, and Utah. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • Virginia is adding “UVa Strong” to one of its end zones. (Thanks, Jamie)


  • The Russian-based KHL has unveiled a new costumed mascot. (From Kary Klismet)
  • The OHA’s Hamilton Steelers are relocating and becoming the Stoney Creek Tigers. (From Ross Taylor)


  • Some uni number changes for the Bucks.
  • Several arena upgrades in the works, including a new scoreboard, for the Thunder. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The Major Arena Soccer League’s Mesquite Outlaws are changing their name to the Texas Outlaws. (From John Flory)



Auto Racing
  • NHRA driver Ron Capps used a 1973 Hot Wheels-themed livery on his funny car at last weekend’s U.S. Nationals to honor legendary drag racer Don “The Snake” Prudhomme.
  • New men’s World Cup kit for Japan, made from — get this — recycled fan uniforms. (Thanks, Phil)
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Comments (19)

    Is there any NFL team who has such great “primary” uniforms that also has probably the worst set of alternates (white, stripeless pants, mono-gray CR), AND one of the best throwbacks in the game (which they chose not to wear last Thanksgiving, preferring instead to wear the horrid mono-gray)?

    FFS, their redesign (featuring the new blue hat) can’t come soon enough.

    The Colts?
    Their standards are almost perfect…heck, even the gray facemask works well with them.
    The all-blue alts were pretty bad – now they have a re-design in denim with a shiny black hat! Terrible.
    The back horseshoe throwbacks are wonderfully understated and under-used (which is OK by me).

    If the white pants had some blue stripes, maybe they wouldn’t look so bad. But, then again, the Giant’s white pants with just the red stripes look a little plain to me as well. Let’s not forget the Lions probably have one of the most boring looking endzones at Ford Field. At least make the letters contrast a little from the rest of the endzone.

    Really do like the blue helmet though. Just not with the boring gray unis.

    White pants is a great (read that as ‘preferred’ if you’d like) road look for a good number of teams…the Lions are not one of them. They should have but 1 set of britches – silver.

    The Jags/Colts match-up is simple yet effective.
    The Bills get-up puts a damper on the return of the Jets’ Sack Exchange homage.

    I just don’t understand the trend with the mono-color uniforms? I guess like I don’t understand the skin tight jerseys with the loose undershirt sticking out from under them.

    I agree, except Nike can’t make metallic football pants worth a damn. They’re ruining the Lakers, 49ers and Saints (when they aren’t ruining themselves by going black unitard).

    I just saw this, and being at work, couldn’t scream out loud, but internally? link

    It’s only the biggest stage the Lions have been on in a long, long time, and they go with one of their worst looks. I’m half-tempted to root for Kansas City to blow them out just on sartorial principle!

    The Lions have basically two Color Rash unis thanks to this damned white yoga pants combination and those God-awful mono-grays that are getting paired with the new blue helmet. The next uni set can’t come soon enough, and hopefully they’ll do better than… this.

    I think this is the Lions’ best look. Not that any of them are very good. I would think they’d be at or near the bottom of any non-obsessive’s uni rankings

    It is the same on the CFL schedule every year. Labour Day Classic is Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Saskatchewan Roughriders. The rematch the next week in Winnipeg is the Banjo Bowl.

    Lions wearing mono white tonight? Count that as an L. Would love to see this game in red vs. blue. Would it kill the NFL to allow that?

    I’m guessing you’ve been linked to this, but since I don’t have twitter and cant see.. the Browns added a 32 to the sidelines:


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