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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 30, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Philippine college basketball unis, a new place for Stargell Stars, and the Ravens going Color Rush.



  • Pirates C Tony Peña wore his Stargell Stars on the brim of his catcher’s helmet in 1982. It makes perfect sense, since Peña didn’t wear a regular cap, but I don’t recall seeing this before! (From Scott Chamberlain)
  • Not quite uni related, but during yesterday’s Phillies/Cubs game, the wrong count was shown on the CF scoreboard — 3-1, instead of 2-1. When the next pitch was a ball, Phillies SS Jean Segura mistakenly thought it was ball four, jogged to second, and was tagged out. (From Mike Chamernik)


  • The Trenton Thunder, now of the MLB Draft League, will take the field in a uniform designed by a student with disabilities for one game next season. (From John Cerone)



  • LB Dax Hollifield will wear Frank Beamer’s No. 25 for Virginia Tech at UNC. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Here are this weekend’s uni combos for Washington State, Troy, UNC, and Indiana. (Thanks to all who shared)


  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced that their stadium will have a single orange seat in honor of Canada’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. “The single orange seat will remain unsold. Meant to honour those who never made it home from the residential schools,” writes Wade Heidt. The Roughriders and Blue Bombers will also be wearing orange warmup jerseys this weekend.


  • Here’s something I don’t think we’ve ever featured on Uni Watch before: a ranking of Philippine college basketball unis. (From @DiegoDLPonAir)


  • The WHL has announced a partnership with the Orange Shirt Society, a Canadian Indigenous rights group. From today through Oct. 9, WHL players and officials will wear the WHL Truth and Reconciliation logo in the form of a helmet decal to generate awareness of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, which is today. (From Ted Arnold)


  • Scotland: Scotland’s national teams have a new crest for the 150th anniversary of the first men’s international. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • England: West Bromwich Albion’s women’s team, who play in the English third tier FA Women’s National League Northern Premier Division, are immediately switching to wearing blue shorts instead of white to prevent the possibility of the players visibly bleeding on them during periods. That’s the very good reason why not many women’s teams regularly wear white shorts. (Thanks, Jamie)
Auto Racing
  • NASCAR Truck Series driver Chase Purdy will feature an Ole Miss mesh jersey-styled paint scheme for the upcoming event at Talladega. (From Christopher Hickey)
Grab Bag
  • In “can’t unsee” news, Mississippi State’s logo is slightly off-center, and it will infuriate me until they fix it. (From Aaron Telecky)
  • The gas/convenience chain Wawa is accusing a New Jersey congressional candidate of poaching their logo.
  • Reader Tyler Kulasza’s hometown of Granite City, Ill., is getting in on Pinktober by issuing pink uniform patches to police officers.
Comments (12)

    The Mississippi State logo has the word State off center. But, even if you placed the word as currently built centered it would still not align the center of the A with the center of the M.

    Whatever font they chose they would need to alter the S or the E to make them the same size. The article discussing this isn’t factoring in that letters aren’t the same size in general and these don’t necessarily need to be the same to be correct. It’s a poor article but the design flaw the author speaks of isn’t an actual flaw in the design.

    Exactly! The fundamental assumption that the A should be perfectly centred is false. The word state is centred. Unless you use a monospaced font (which are generally unattractive and unlikely to be used in a logo) letters are *supposed* to be different widths, and to modify them to make the A hit perfectly would just create a new oddity that would be just as visually annoying.

    I am *begging* teams to just post a pic of a new logo and/or uniform. That Scotland video was like 2:15 long, and about 4 seconds of it are the new anniversary badge. You want to make a hype video? Fine. Your very next tweet in the thread should be still images.

    Agreed. Nothing gets me to not watch a video in it’s entirety if it could have just been a picture. Don’t they know our small our attention spans are anymore???

    Attention spans aside, it’s also just an inferior way to communicate the “news” of a new uniform. It all just feels like one giant mob mentality. Someone did it once, so now what is expected.

    If I open one of them and see it’s a video I close the tab and don’t go back. Hate those hype/reveal videos.

    YES! And so many of these dopey videos are edited in split-second increments so you can’t even absorb what the uniform looks like.

    The Mississippi State logo being slightly off at the A doesn’t bother me as much as having the whole word off center…I realize I might be the only one who feels this way.

    Not sure if this is the right place for discussion…

    I thought the Bengals looked good last night, as did the field. Like most alternates – I wouldn’t want to see if every week but its a nice change.

    Having said that – it was very weird that the coaches sideline gear didn’t match the team’s look at all. I know how careful other teams are to have the entire team (including coaching staff) match, such as the Packers when they wear their blue throwbacks, so this one really stood out to me.



    I wondered the same thing. Surprised that the NFL didn’t mandate new gear for the new unis as another opportunity to sell swag. Although if it was up to the team, we know Mike Brown has been notoriously frugal.

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