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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 28, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Lots of this week’s NFL and CFB uni combos, a spectacular 1905 baseball uniform, and more.



  • What’s the pin that Twins 3B Gary Gaetti wore on his cap? Appears to have been the Minnesota POW/MIA logo. (Good spot by Trevor Williams)
  • This is embarrassing: The Mets apologized to the postseason-contending Marlins for Tuesday’s game being postponed, forcing a doubleheader on Wednesday. The field was unplayable because no tarp had been put on the infield over the weekend, even though everyone knew a huge storm was coming.






  • The Redblacks have unveiled an Indigenous-themed logo for Canada’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.




  • Here’s a deep dive on the logo variations used by the old Hamilton Tigers, who played in the NHL from 1920 through 1925. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Also from Kary: New mask and pads for Panthers G Anthony Stolarz. Additional info here.
  • The silly “Milk” ad was nowhere to be seen in last night’s Maple Leafs preseason game. Here’s hoping it’s gone for good. (From Adam Gignac)
  • The Bruins have released their uniform schedule for the coming season. (Thanks, Anthony)


  • At the 2:58 mark of this video, you can see that Wisconsin’s men’s team appears to have a 75th-anniversary logo at center ice. (From GJ Marmet)
  • Nebraska-Omaha appears to be teasing new uniforms. (From Chris Bisbee)




  • The Nuggets’ longtime uniform advertiser will not be retained on the team’s uni this season. It’s not yet clear whether a new advertiser is waiting in the wings.
  • Last month Phil wrote about an apparent slight adjustment to the 76ers’ jersey typography. That’s now been confirmed. (From Kary Klismet)
  • More bad ESPN uni coverage: This article says, “Each team has four different jersey editions: Association (home), Icon (road), City (alternate) and Classic.” First of all, there is no designated home or road design. Moreover, every team has a Statement design; only a few have a Classic (i.e., throwback). Disappointing to see them putting out such bad info.
  • The Lakers jersey that Wilt Chamberlain wore in the 1972 NBA Finals has sold at auction for nearly $5 million.






  • Austria: Austria Salzburg, the club set up to retain the former identity of the club now known as Red Bull Salzburg after it was bought by Red Bull, played RBS for the first time on Tuesday in the men’s Austrian Cup. It’s fair to say they don’t like RBS — there were a number of displays, and the goalie wore a shirt saying “Not for Sale.”
  • England: Newcastle United switched from Castore to Adidas because the club was unhappy with the quality of Castore’s apparel.
  • England: Yesterday’s Ticker had a mention of Aston Villa players not liking their “wet” shirts. “The Women’s Super League starts next weekend, so their women’s team is apparently even less enthusiastic about the shirts than the men’s team,” says our own Jamie Rathjen.
  • Germany: New black shirt for Hertha.
  • Nigeria: New uniforms for Akwa United. (From Kary Klismet)
  • From our own Jamie Rathjen: “Workers for the Mercedes and Aston Martin Formula One auto racing teams played a charity soccer match yesterday at Brackley Town, an English men’s sixth-tier club in the town where Mercedes’s headquarters are (and near-ish Silverstone, the British Grand Prix track). Here are the Mercedes shirts, including the logo of the mental health charity Mind. I haven’t seen any good pictures of Aston Martin’s shirts.”
Auto Racing
  • NASCAR drivers Ryan Preece and Chase Briscoe of Stewart-Haas Racing will sport paint schemes and advertisers to commemorate the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby at this weekend’s Talladega 500. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Cross-listed from the soccer section, from our own Jamie Rathjen: “Workers for the Mercedes and Aston Martin Formula One teams played a charity soccer match yesterday at Brackley Town, an English men’s sixth-tier club in the town where Mercedes’s headquarters are (and near-ish Silverstone, the British Grand Prix track). Here are the Mercedes shirts, including the logo of the mental health charity Mind. I haven’t seen any good pictures of Aston Martin’s shirts.”
Grab Bag
  • My man Hamilton Nolan — my favorite current American essayist — has an interesting take on the Senate dress code kerfuffle. Like most of what Nolan writes, it’s thought-provoking and thus worth reading.
  • Here’s an assessment of the menswear at last night’s Republican presidential candidates’ debate.
  • The school district in Sleepy Eye, Minn., will change its team name (“Indians”) in accordance with a state law banning Native American-themed names in education. It will also change the name of the school district itself, because “Sleepy Eye” is the anglicized name of a 19th-century chief of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate (Santee Dakota) people. (This and all remaining items in this section are from Kary Klismet)
  • Bernie, the mascot for Shawnee Community College in Illinois, has a new costume.
  • Blue has been announced as the new official color for nurses’ uniforms in the UK’s National Health Service.
  • New logo for the University of Oregon athletics department’s “BEOREGON” diversity and inclusiveness campaign.
  • The restaurant chain Sweetgreen is offering a 20% discount to customers wearing sports jerseys at its Houston and Dallas locations.
Comments (34)

    Pisses me off, not because the pants are white, but because they’re *plain white*. If they had blue stripes down the sides, and wore blue socks (I know, I know, it’s a miracle if everyone in the game can actually have matching socks these days), the white pants would be vastly improved.

    Instead, they’re doing straight-up White Rash.

    Speaking of the Lions and mono colored unis, I’m watching a mic’d up video with Jared Goff from last Sunday. They wore the all blue uni. Goff just said this, talking about said uni: “The young kids don’t know this, We always play well in the blueberries.”
    So, not only do the players have a name for the uni, they think they play well in them.

    I remember when kids dreamed of growing up and wearing a professional looking uniform.

    Now it seems the players dream of dressing like a woefully underfunded youth football program.

    Just keep telling yourself, Jim, it’s just a phase. It’s just a phase.

    Sadly, I think it’s here to stay. Expect more BFBS. More monos. More biker shorts. More random socks…or no socks at all. Man, the NFL is a mess. Remember, this was once the league that had uniform police. Miss those days.

    Also, from the horrible (AI written?) ESPN article was this awful mistake.

    “The Hornets will wear the classic uniforms for eight uniforms this season.”

    Pretty sure that’s eight GAMES. Sheesh.

    Maybe you can change the link to the Lions wearing the white yoga pants to the bus crash? Or better yet find an article about a train wreck.

    I happen to like what the Jaguars are wearing this week…one of the few mono-color combos that works well – the touches of teal breaks things up just enough.
    While I like the all-white look for many teams playing away, the Lions are not among them – silver pants, all games.

    On the Bruins Twitter page announcing the home uni schedule one of the replies asks how to get a Rapid7 ad patch added to their home jersey Don’t know if the poster is being sarcastic or not. Anyway, Brittany at the Bruins Pro Shop replies:

    Hi there! We can apply a Rapid7 patch for a fee of $20 in-store for Adidas jerseys only. Best -Brittany

    “Tennessee coach Josh Heupel says his players love wearing different uni combos each week.”

    – I would love to have ice cream every day, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

    Thanks for sharing the Hamilton Nolan piece. thought provoking as always.

    “on not worshipping well dressed monsters” is a great subhead

    Why is the Milk ad silly? Unless all ads are considered silly, in which case I have no argument.

    Most Torontonians appreciate that it’s about as good as it gets for a uni ad – it’s rendered in team colours and supports Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

    Because it wasn’t the full logo (a roundel with the association’s full name, with “Milk” at the centre), but just “Milk”. As a result, it lacks context for anyone not familiar with the association’s full logo, and thus it looked silly.

    Those CSU basketball uniforms are terrible. What’s with the neck and arm bands switching halfway through? Vertical stripe on one side and a horizontal stripe on the other? Geez, make up your mind.

    Lions need to give those white pants some blue stripes to match the jerseys. That might work. Also for the Saints. Add some stripes that match the current color on the jerseys.

    And since the “bone jerseys” for the Rams are “alternates”, are they required to wear them a certain number of games a year until the 5 year window is up?

    Agreed on the pants stripes. Back when they didn’t wear gold pants at all (1975-1985), the Saints’ black pants had proper stripes, and was also only ever paired with their white jersey. Then, the 1999 black pants had a bold gold stripe. But then, 2001 rolled around and the solid black pants were brought in… and refuse to go away! Urgh. I just don’t know why they ever thought that was a good idea, because it wasn’t, not in 2001, not in 2012, and not in 2023!

    And the Lions’ white pants have been around for three years? What? Somehow the 2021 season went into the memory hole on me.

    As for alternates, I don’t believe there’s a firm rule about having to wear them at all, unless something’s changed. In theory, the Rams could just bury those bone jerseys in the back of the closet until they’re eligible for new unis in 2025.

    Nice Hamilton Tigers piece but I was REALLY hoping for a good image of the ‘walking tiger’ logo used by Hamilton from 1921-23.

    Sleepy Eye had one heck of a base ball team back in the 1870’s:


    ; )

    That episode had it’s share of uni-moments and a naming ‘controversy’ too!

    Too bad SHR could not secure advertising from a certain mineral water company for Kevin Harvick or Aric Almirola.

    A Cowboys fan has started a petition to retire the team’s costumed mascot, Rowdy, because he’s supposedly bringing the team bad luck.

    Enough with the excuses, Cowboys fans.
    You said the royal blue jerseys were bad luck. Now your mascot is bad luck? You know you haven’t won a Super Bowl since you played in Irving…is the Arlington stadium bad luck?

    Cowboy up and face the fact that you’re good but not as good as you think you are. Stop blaming other things for your constant shortcomings.

    That being said, I hope the Cowboys win the Super Bowl…but only if the AFC is the home team and decides to wear white jerseys.

    Not sure why I crossed that line out instead of italicizing it. I should have had real coffee instead of decaf today.

    “…but only if the AFC is the home team and decides to wear white jerseys.”

    And that AFC team should be the Broncos! ; )

    Re: Adidas v. LIV –

    … I see four stripes. And it’s not even close. Unless Adidas is claiming the negative space (which would be three stripes, but much thinner, more separated, and in a completely different orientation than their three stripes)…

    Yeah, this is kind of dumb.

    Finally Peterborough! They’ve had stupid side panels for way too long, even after they brought back the maroon when they went to black jerseys for a few years. Still dumb not to just go right back to the old school jerseys with a waist stripe, but I’ll take what I can get from the Petes these days.

    Thank you to Trevor Williams who did credit me on Twitter for the Ticker item on Gary Gaetti from a few years back! (My brother sent me the screenshot in a text!)

    Not surprised Dobbs couldn’t find his jersey. Fanatics is terrible. They have such a limited selection.

    Right now, for example, on the Phillies site you can only get their home jersey with a name or their cream throwback with no name. That’t it. You can’t get the road jersey, you can’t get their blue throwback, and you can’t get the cream throwback with a name. It’s been like that for over a year! Its ridiculous.

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