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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 28, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: New logos for the Pistons, WWE is really leaning into NHL marketing in Canada, and more advertising in college football.



  • The plate ump in last night’s Marlins/Mets game wore a powder blue shirt, while the other umps wore black. (From @jcohen1998)
  • Pirates 3B/LF Miguel Andújar’s NOB doesn’t have the diacritical mark over the “U,” even though the accent is shown on the team’s official roster. (From Alan Saunders)
  • 27-up: Astros 2B José Altuve, who wears No. 27, hit his 27th home run of the season last night off of D-backs P Zach Davies, who also wears No. 27. (From @SteveinLC)


  • Lloyd McClendon, manager of the Tigers-affiliated Toledo Mud Hens, had a zipper sewn on the pouch of his hoodie. (From Beau Parsons)


  • Reader Daniel Carroll met someone in Seattle wearing a Seattle Post-Intelligencer baseball jersey. Ebbets Field Flannels is based in Seattle, so maybe they made that jersey.


  • The Eagles will wear their black alternate helmets in Weeks 12, 16, and 18. The black lids had previously been unveiled, but the on-field dates hadn’t been announced until now. (From multiple readers)




  • The Hurricanes wore white at home for last night’s preseason game, only the second time they’ve done that since the white sweater debuted in 2019-20.
  • Here’s a good look at the Oilers’ new uniforms, thanks to a WWE Monday Night Raw segment. (From @The_Real_Kub)
  • WWE wrestler Kevin Owens received a custom Canucks sweater from head coach Bruce Boudreau. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Here’s an in-game look at the Devils’ new 40th-anniversary patch. (From @artofscorebug)


  • The University of Denver has unveiled its rings for winning the 2022 men’s NCAA Division I championship. (From Kary Klismet)




  • New secondary logos for the Pistons. (From Conrad Burry)
  • Speaking of the Pistons, yesterday’s Ticker mentioned that they’d be adding a memorial band for Bob Lanier. Here’s our first look at it.


  • Tennessee men’s has unveiled its 2022 SEC Tournament championship rings. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Members of the 1979 and 1980 Wetumpka (Alabama) High School boys’ basketball teams finally received rings for winning back-to-back state championships. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Iran’s men’s team played a friendly against Senegal yesterday. They wore black jackets during the national anthem to support the nationwide protests against the required wearing of hijabs. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Sweden: Here’s a closeup of the national teams’ new uniforms. (From @HOF_for_Charlie)
  • Australia: New shirts for Sydney FC. (From Kary Klismet)
Auto Racing
  • McLaren has a new livery for the Singapore and Japanese Grand Prix. (From our own Anthony Emerson)
  • NASCAR drivers will receive pink window nets next month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (From @btownmoose)
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Comments (21)

    Depending on the brand of Lloyd McClendon’s hoodie, the zipper may have already been there. Under Armor has a product like that.

    It’s a Rawlings brand hoodie where the zipper is standard. I have a team-issued Rawlings hoodie from this season with the same zipper. Standard across all of their school and team contracts.

    UMD just signed a deal to rename Byrd/Maryland Stadium to SECU Stadium. I’ll bet on field marks was a part of the new deal.

    With the Russell 6 and the Lanier 16 plus the Detroit player’s number there are a lot of numbers on the front of the Pistons jerseys this season. Exceptional for basketball I guess. Also: my respect for college equipment managers (already huge) just doubled after seeing the Austin Peay equipment manager changing that helmet. Times almost 70 players? Hell of a job. The utmost respect.

    Here’s hoping that Kurt Busch will be secured behind one of those pink window nets for the Charlotte Cup race.
    I assume the #23 will be re-numbered back to the #45 upon Busch’s return.

    Is it possible those black-clad umpires are simply wearing jackets while the home plate ump is going without?

    OK, I take it back. I saw some footage of this game in the balk-gate coverage, and the base umpires are NOT wearing blue shirts under their black pullovers.

    Weird. Was definitely working yesterday — I read the article myself!

    URL is correct. They seem to have taken down the article. Too bad. I’ll remove it from the Ticker.

    The “DET” logo is just as bad, if not worse. The area code references are certainly played out now, but at one point, in some locations, where it was truly part of the vernacular, those were tolerable.
    The scorebug abbreviations-as-logo/wordmark are always bad.

    I gotta say, if the name abbreviation is what they use in score bugs then I give that a little more slack than the area code. although – aside from the obvious LA, NYC, DC, SF – I really don’t think there is any location that can claim an abbreviation as a nationally and commonly known alternate term other than ATL and MAYBE OKC. Yes people can discern the location based on three letters and the general context, but that doesn’t mean it’s famously or infamously used outside the local area if even there. The area code? Hell, while there may be area codes that are better known than others (213 comes to mind for me because I grew up in the era of socal rap and they claim 213 all the time in their music and culture, but I certainly would not expect anyone who wasn’t knowledgeable of that specific cultural phenomenon to know 213) I don’t think ANY area code is common knowledge nationally. I couldn’t even tell you with any great certainty what the area codes directly surrounding my current area code is. Also with cell phone planes these days it’s an outdated locator. I’d rather teams use the neighborhood or street that the stadium is on or a prominent geographical feature or something, if they want to go the route of locating themselves via a piece of knowledge only locals would understand.

    So the Eagles are wearing those awful mono-black uniforms for their two biggest rivalry games, and what looks to be an important nationally televised game vs the Packers?
    Maybe it is just me, but I’m of the opinion that you wear your trademark look for big games, not some one season and done alternates.

    Agree completely. One year Ohio State wore some alternate black junk AGAINST MICHIGAN! Jeez, what a sacrilege. What an insult to The Game.

    If you must wear this alternate crap, do it against some non-conference cupcake like Midwest Nobody State.

    My arch rival! I went to University of Midwest Nobody! Y’all still have “little brother” syndrome! Go UMN!!!!

    The Eagles have worn their black unis at home against the Giants for a number of years now. Jalen Hurts and, at least, a few other players have an affinity for wearing the black elements of the uniforms. I suspect the choice of black helmets and wearing them for bigger games is a nod to their requests.

    It’s fairly common for the home plate ump to be wearing a polo/no jacket and the base umps wearing jackets. Happens a lot with the Phil Cuzzi crew (he prefers to wear blue), so seeing Blakney in blue and the base umps in black jackets isn’t all surprising or uncommon

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