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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 26, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Field goal towel shenanigans, lots of BFBS on tap in the NCAA this weekend, and an abrupt team relocation leaves a goalie in mask limbo.

  • A movement is underway in Japan to oppose a project that would remove a park in Tokyo. The project would also raze and rebuild Jingu Stadium, the ballpark the Babe Ruth visited during his historic trip to Japan in 1934. (From Chris Bisbee)


  • On Sunday, Saints DT Bryan Bresee stole the towel from Packers LS Matt Orzech’s waistband and appeared to toss the towel in the way of a Green Bay field goal attempt on Sunday. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • Paul has noted before how former Vikings QB Joe Kapp’s No. 11 came with extra-wide kerning between the numbers. But Kapp wasn’t the only ’70s QB with a wide-spaced No. 11 — check out Falcons QB Dick Shiner! (From our own Scott M.X. Turner)
  • Great photo of a 1949 color-on-color game between the Steelers and Giants (in red!) at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. (From @MattGajtka)
  • Reader Kenny Kaplan writes: “I was at the Jets/Bills opener a few weeks ago and mentioned to one of the security guards stationed outside the locker room how I thought that the Jets throwbacks looked really good. He agreed but went on to tell me that [owner] Woody Johnson absolutely loves when the Jets are in all-black!”


  • BYU will wear mono-royal for their first Big XII home game on Saturday. (From Phil).
  • NC State will go BFBS on Friday. “Note that black isn’t an NC State school color, but it is a school color of their opponent, Louisville,” says Chris Newbury.
  • Tennessee will also be going BFBS this weekend. (From @Wilds_Lee)
  • Iowa State players Myles Purchase, Tyler Moore, Tommy Hamann, and Caleb Bacon lent their NOBs for a NIL ad for pork products. (From Randy Koehn)
  • Arizona made some minor tweaks to their unis over the summer, which were never announced by the school. Most notably, the Wildcats switched to a more traditional two-color, three-stripe sleeve pattern, moving away from red-white-blue sleeve striping — even though they never changed their helmet striping. Per Rocky De La Rosa, Arizona also switched to the newest Nike template and changed their number font to a slimmer, more modern typeface.



  • The Winnipeg Ice of the WHL abruptly relocated earlier this year and are now known as the Wenatchee Wild. The move was so abrupt that Wild G Daniel Hauser is still wearing his Winnipeg Ice mask early in the regular season. (From Wade Heidt)
  • New uniforms and logo for Ontario’s Waterloo Ravens U22. (From Kary Klismet)





  • England: Museum of Jerseys has a roundup of Premier League numbers now that squads have been confirmed for the first part of the season. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Several Hummel-outfitted teams across several countries are adding an “equality jersey” to encourage acceptance and participation. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Here’s reader Tim Dunn’s latest men’s Rugby World Cup uni-tracking update, complete through the third weekend. He notes the following changes from the previous week: “1) I added the referee’s kit, as it now falls under World Rugby’s colorblindness rules. 2) South Africa couldn’t wear its primary green nor its jade ‘toothpaste’ alternate kit against Ireland because it was deemed too close from a color perspective to Ireland’s emerald green kit, so they were forced to wear their 2nd alternate kit.”
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Comments (24)

    “Iowa State players… lent their NOBs for a NIL ad for pork products.”

    – Considering what’s gone on at Iowa State, an ad for gambling awareness and addiction would have been more appropriate.

    “Note that black isn’t an NC State school color, but it is a school color of their opponent, Louisville,” … so what?

    Yeah … it doesn’t bother me. At all. Key to the game against Louisville is carefully coordinate on both sides. Both are Adidas schools and both wear red, white and black. Usually, they go out of their way to wear distinctly different unis for this matchup. The guess here – with zero proof or evidence – is that Louisville will wear white with maybe some red to keep the confusion to a minimum.

    Dick Shiner was ahead of my father at the Universiry of Maryland. Those wide spaces in the numbers were on all the Sand Knit jerseys from that era, you could almost fit another number between them. In 1974 Sand Knit made jerseys for some of the WFL teams and the numbers from 10-19 were closer together by then.

    Probably means they won’t be correcting the 2019 mistake by bringing back the classics. It’s a shame, because the team has been an unwatchable mess every year this design has been worn.

    It’s more like the Sand Knit curse, all those jerseys were made by Sand Knit, they fixed the problem by 1974, at least in the WFL, but some of those were still a little wider apart than they should have been.

    “Wild G Daniel Hauser is still wearing his Winnipeg Ice mask early in the regular season”

    The old Ice logo kind of fits in with the Wild identity and is likely more abominable snowmen (allegedly) in the forested mountains of Washington State than around Winnipeg. But the major problem. This is a junior hockey equivalent of a goalie playing for the Colorado Avalanche in 1995 wearing a Quebec Nordiques mask.

    We still haven’t even seen the new black uniforms for the Wild yet though think that will be happening on Friday.

    I noticed a few weeks back that the University of Maryland marching band has new uniforms for the new season (maybe this is related to the uniform changes for the football team?)

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