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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 26, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: Arkansas’ white helmets might be cursed, a Canadian baseball team is recreated for MLB The Show 22, the San Diego Wave save their pride warm-up shirts for a very specific occasion, and more.



  • The Guardians won the AL Central yesterday. Reader Zachary Kalina says the plastic wrap the team put up in the locker room was team-branded. I can’t tell if the logos were on the wrap or behind it, but it definitely did have an ad for one beer brand while the players were spraying around another.


  • The first game of the Single-A Texas League’s championship, between the Frisco RoughRiders and Wichita Wind Surge, was red-vs.-red. (From multiple readers)


  • The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recreated the 1934 Chatham Coloured All-Stars, the first all-Black team to win a championship in the province, for use in MLB The Show 22.
  • The Tokyo Yakult Swallows won Japan’s Central League regular season championship and got their own logo for the occasion. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • The New York Times ran a piece last week on NFL kickers’ complaints about the rule requiring pants to cover their knees, and they also have a new piece on NFL players who wear dreadlocks. (Both from Tom Turner)
  • Here is a short video of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium transforming from a soccer to NFL venue. The first NFL game there this year is next weekend, although it looks like the video was made for last year’s Falcons/Jets game.
  • The Commanders will debut their black alternate uniforms this Sunday. (From Phil)


  • At least one Arkansas blogger wants the team to stop wearing white helmets, because after losing on Saturday their record in them dropped to 2-10 since a win over Rutgers almost exactly 10 years ago. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Since Rutgers wore mono-red on Saturday, a player laid down in the red end zone on the opening kickoff for an apparent trick play that didn’t happen because the kick wasn’t returned. (From multiple readers)
  • East Carolina revealed throwbacks to be worn Oct. 15 against Memphis. (From @GoPiratesHPNC)
  • The starting QB for Division III Bethel, Jaran Roste, switched to No. 1 instead of his usual No. 9 on Saturday. The reason? “He injured his elbow in the season opener and when getting initial treatment, his jersey had to be cut off. Turns out Bethel had no other number 9 home jersey for Roste,” says Al Schoch.


  • Jackson High School in Stark County, Ohio — interestingly, I have relatives who went there — has a new coach who used the school’s purple and gold colors to create an LSU-style helmet, but with their polar bear mascot instead of a tiger. (From Tom Pachuta)


  • Virginia Tech’s men’s team received rings for their 2022 ACC tournament win at last Thursday’s football game. (From Kary Klismet)


  • “Check out the uniforms worn by the 1924-25 boys’ basketball team for Sapulpa (Okla.) High School, known at the time as the Outlaws,” says Kary Klismet.


  • This is pretty funny: Items available at the Oilers’ recent locker room sale included jerseys that were lettered up for players who the Oilers were hoping to trade for, but those trades never worked out. (From Matt Walthert)
  • If you haven’t seen the Canadiens’ 1977-78 team photo before, you’ll notice quickly that some of the chest logos are in the wrong place. (From Joe Nadler)


  • Reader Jeff Ingalls sent us pictures of two masks he reconditioned recently.


  • ESPN ranked the US national teams’ top 10 shirts since 1991. Unsurprisingly, the current offerings aren’t on it. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Houston Dash goalie Jane Campbell got a No. 100 shirt on Saturday for reaching 100 appearances with the team earlier this season, although it was an outfield player’s shirt, not a goalie shirt.
  • The San Diego Wave wore pride warm-up shirts yesterday. Coach Casey Stoney implied afterwards that it was not a coincidence that the shirts were brought out for an away game in Orlando.


  • Australia: New shirts for Western Sydney Wanderers.
  • Australia: Canberra United, the only club in the women’s but not the men’s A-League, got a new crest a few weeks ago.
  • Australia: Since most of the A-Leagues’ clubs have released at least one new shirt in the past month or so, here is a rundown primarily based on the men’s A-League — it bizarrely leaves out Canberra United. (From Kary Klismet)
  • England: The women’s national team’s 50th anniversary celebrations include that they’ll join the men’s team in starting to wear cap numbers. The list of numbers is to come out Nov. 18, the actual 50th anniversary, but they’ll only be worn starting in 2023. Unfortunately, the numbers probably won’t be visible because the men’s team wears them on the inside of the collar.
  • Germany: The SB Nation Borussia Dortmund blog ranked the mascots of the men’s Bundesliga; most costumed, some real, but almost all of this season’s participants have one. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Italy: The blog Museum of Jerseys has a new piece on the 1994 men’s World Cup team, which featured seven AC Milan players but only one wore the same number as at club level, while some of the others were switched around with each other.
  • Canada’s Queen’s University’s men’s rugby union team got new shirts that also have a memorial patch for former player Liam Geddes, who passed away earlier this year. (From Wade Heidt)
Grab Bag
  • Reader Gabriel Luis Manga saw an FDNY truck that incorporates Notre Dame’s logo into its logo, which doesn’t make sense because obviously it’s supposed to represent an ND, not a DN.
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    I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the debut of the Commies’ burgundy tops, but I absolutely hate learning that that they are wearing those all-black alts next week since it disregards the ‘traditional’ look of their road games at Dallas.

    Rutgers actually beat Arkansas football in 2012 and 2013.
    Arkansas was a top 10 teams, pulled those helmets out, and Rutgers came into their building and slapped them around. Then beat them again at Rutgers in 2013.
    Since that game, wearing the white helmets that game, it changed the outlook on Arkansas football

    I know it’s a trope now to talk about how much older people looked in the past…but those Oklahoma basketball players look REALLY old for high school. Cool unis though.

    Re today’s Grab Bag entry – You may have already posted it in the past but another FDNY firehouse in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan uses the Chelsea FC lion logo in their company emblem.


    The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recreated the 1934 Chatham Coloured All-Stars, the first all-Black team to win a championship in the province, for use in MLB The Show 22.

    Im from just north of Jackson and they have bun using the LSU motif for years. When we played them in the 90s they had yellow helmets, and not only that they were the only team I remember playing against that had the foam rubber helmet caps.

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