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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 24, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a little bit of this, and a little bit of that…



  • It’s not just Uni Watchers who have noticed the kerning on the Seattle Mariners blue jerseys is terrible, even the Texas Rangers announcers hate it.
  • Check out this nice old footage of the Cubs in spring training — in black and white unfortunately — but those vested jerseys are awesome. (From Sean Walsh) These were the uniforms worn by the Cubs during the 1941-42 seasons.


  • Here’s some great video of the 1973 debut of the Los Angeles Rams new uniforms. (From Old Time Football)
  • What happens when you combine a Dallas Cowboys helmet and a Chevrolet logo? (From Trevor Williams)
  • “This morning I discovered a story on the white Xs the 1971 Atlanta Falcons rookies taped onto the back of their helmets,” says Kurt Rozek. I did some research and saw that you did an article on it in 2017. I didn’t want to waste your time, but I saw you were wondering if the Xing lasted more than one week. I’m including a pic from Week 4, Oct. 10, that shows an X on a Falcons’ player’s helmet in a 26-9 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. Maybe someone came forward years ago to already show you this. I just thought I’d follow up in case there’s still interest there.”
  • The SF 49ers’ George Kittle now wears a  Vicis Zero2 Trench helmet, which Paul spotlighted a couple years back. It’s a position-specific helmet with benefits.
  • Ever wonder what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would look like if they had a white alternate helmet (ahem…they now do), but were allowed to swap decals and pair it with their all white uniforms?


  • At Friday night’s CFL game in Edmonton, the BC Lions wore a first-time combo with this year’s new uniforms. They went grey over black, while still wearing their Indigenous-themed logo on the helmet. (From Wade)
  • “Kudos to the alteration of the Toronto Argonauts’ mascot get-up for a game (yester)day against fierce rivals the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,” says Wade.


  • “It’s true,” says Wade Heidt. “I love seeing it and would prefer they go back to it fulltime. I love seeing the Ducks in eggplant and jade. Dostal’s mask sets up a nod to the club’s past.”
  • Here’s a pretty cool jersey (uniform) history of the Ottawa Senators.


  • The U. of Saskatchewan Huskies have a new set of black jerseys. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Here’s something I didn’t know. According to Arizona Sports History, the Phoenix Roadrunners played their first-ever preseason game in 1967, a 7-4 win over the defending WHL champion Seattle Totems at Penticton, B.C., near Victoria where they were holding training camp. Without uniforms yet, Phoenix had to wear the former Maple Leafs sweaters for the first 3 games.
  • The Junior “A” BCHL season has started. The Langley Rivermen have new uniforms. Here is a look at the new white uniform. They have abandoned the vintage white uniform for an actual white one. Also, note no lighter blue trim. (From Wade Heidt)



  • The University of Houston men’s team has received its rings for winning last season’s American Athletic Conference championship. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New court for Illinois State Men’s hoops. (From Gjmarmet)





  • Here’s a history of Bayern Munich’s Oktoberfest kits.
  • The new River Plate kit reminds some of the WWE’s Earthquake uniform. (From Moe Khan). Club Atlético River Plate, commonly known as River Plate, is an Argentine professional sports club based in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
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    “The U. of Saskatchewan Huskies have a new set of black jerseys.”

    This is under CFL section but it is for the university’s hockey jerseys.

    In 1967, the minor pro WHL Phoenix Roadrunners were the relocated Victoria Maple Leafs. Looks like wearing their old sweaters until the new ones ready. Must have been a slap in the face for the Victoria fans. Their relocated team having training camp in the city they just left.

    So, couldn’t the Bucs switch out decals on their white throwback helmet for a game if they wanted to? Dallas does it with their white helmet, right? I think it’d be great. Like, wouldn’t it be cool if the Pats used the tricorn logo for a game instead of Pat Patriot? Could make for some interesting variations.

    I don’t believe there is any prohibition on swapping the decals on the white helmet. But that’s not the problem for the Bucs. They can ONLY wear the alt helmet with one of the following: a throwback, a color rush (CR) or alternate jersey. Their throwback is Bucco Bruce, and obviously they’re not going to swap decals for that; their alt/CR is the mono pewter — so they *could* wear the white hat with the mono-pewter uniform, but why?

    Under current rules, they’re NOT permitted to wear the alternate shell (white helmet) with their red or white jerseys, which kinda defeats the concept shown in the ticker. We’ll see if the NFL relaxes its rules going forward — perhaps to permit the alt shell to be worn with a primary dark or white jersey; but at present, they can’t.

    The Texas Rangers announcers are concerned about the kerning on the Mariners jerseys and they have no comment about the horrible Rangers uniforms. The “City Connect” uniforms are the stupidest idea and the ugliest concept ever. Of course Nike is promoting it to make more money and mlb management is going along with it. Just stick to regular, traditional uniforms. They did the same with the All Star game where they teams didn’t wear the own uniforms. the fans want to see them in all the different uniforms like it has always been.

    Re: Illinois State court. Last year, the ISU team played a throwback game in the old Horton Fieldhouse. They just took the current court from Redbird Arena and moved it into Horton for the game. They’re playing another game in Horton this year and instead of moving the court it looks like they purchased a new one and used the throwback design. link

    I actually liked the look of the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers in white helmets. Hopefully, they’ll come out with one soon.

    I noticed a few weeks back that the University of Maryland marching band has new uniforms for the new season (maybe this is related to the uniform changes for the Football team?)

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