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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 22, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: A rare change to the Celtics’ floor design, a few college basketball unveilings and lots of mascot talk.



  • The Cardinals are still using an old Padres logo on their lineup cards. (From Matt Hahn)
  • The New York Times (soft paywall) recently ran an in-depth piece that goes behind the scenes on how MLB authenticates game-used or game-worn equipment. (From Dan Gitlitz)
  • The logos, names and uniforms of all the teams competing in the new Cuban Baseball Elite League have been unveiled. Translated to English, the team names are: Tobacco Growers, Portiers, Centrals, Livestockers, Farmers, and Coffee Growers. (From Joel Horn)
  • Who doesn’t love a good baseball sweater — especially the ones worn by the Yankees in this photo from the 1926 World Series. Check out that logo! “The low position of the Y makes that logo look more like a poor attempt at a Giants logo than like any approximation of a Yankees logo,” says Ferdinand Cesarano.




  • Kraken G Martin Jones will have a new mask design this season. (From Wade Heidt)
  • Ralphie, the live Buffalo mascot for the University of Colorado, recently had the opportunity to eat out of the Stanley Cup. (From Kary Klismet)





  • The Celtics will have a new floor design this season. The leprechaun logo at center court is losing its white backdrop, and the baseline is gaining an ad. The painted area also contains a tribute to recently deceased legend Bill Russell.
  • The Spurs’ new City Edition uniform has reportedly leaked — another design that incorporates “fiesta” colors and pays homage to the 1996 All-Star Game jerseys. (From Mike Chamernik)




  • Florida State goalkeepers will wear turquoise jerseys tonight as part of Nike’s N7 program that celebrates Native cultures. (From @VictoryCB)



  • AFC Richmond, the fictional club that’s the focus of the hit show Ted Lasso, will be included as a playable team in the soon-to-be released video game FIFA 23. That trailer also includes what may be a sneak peak of the team’s jerseys for the upcoming season of the show. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe recently posed at Wimbledon’s center court in retro-inspired outfits as a promotion for the upcoming Laver Cup. In addition to the two holding modern rackets, McEnroe covered up the logos on his apparel. (From Mark A. Brieve)
Auto Racing
  • New 10th-anniversary logo for the United States Grand Prix, the annual F1 race that takes place in Austin, Texas, at Circuit of the Americas. (From Rob Altman)
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    Interesting. Shortly before I graduated (2021), my alma mater (LIU Post) changed from Pioneers to Sharks (for what I am assuming are similar reasons to the author’s stated opinions). I didn’t particularly care either way, except the uniforms went from pretty good (link) to … well, not so good (link). I don’t mind the name change, but the branding went from forest green and gold to light blue and gold (link). Not nearly as good. It’s been a slow changeover from green/gold to blue/gold on campus too (link)

    It’s really sad that that’s what our children are being taught at colleges these days. You’d think that our institutions of “higher learning” should be the first to acknowledge that history can’t always be viewed through a post-modern lens. Working as a lumberjack in the old west was a hard life, and the men who made their living that way deserve our respect. Not everything is about race.

    This is an extremely simplistic view of what colleges teach that seems to draw only on assumptions and one student’s opinion.

    The more we learn through accurate reflection on US/global history, the more we realize that there are many things that don’t “seem” racist that actually is seeded and cultivated in racism. So, as examples, it doesn’t make the Lumberjack, or the Blackhawk, or the Warrior, or a whole host of other names inherently racist by mere mention or description, BUT we have to understand the history, what it stood for at the time. I can understand a perspective of “I’m not being racist for wanting to keep xyz as a mascot”. What I don’t understand is learning accurate history, understanding how something has origin or is cloaked in or is in reference to something that is racist and wanting to keep that image. “Working as a lumberjack in the old west was a hard life, and the men who made their living that way deserve our respect” – it may have been a hard life, but people also need to know how that hard life affected the lives of other people. I think it’s at least worth the discussion when dealing with the image of a team/organization/school that should be striving to be inclusive and not exclusive.

    AFC Richmond being in FIFA is actually frustrating because of the optics of including a fictional men’s team over real women’s teams, who have basically received the bare minimum in terms of inclusion/support for seven years now. It took that long for there to be any women’s club teams whatsoever (which are also being added this year).

    The number placement (above the script) for the Cuban Baseball Elite League teams is interesting and differentiating. I like it, but not sure if I would like it for an MLB team to use.

    The most intriguing one is the brown and lime green! Totally appropriate for the name but one I’ve never seen anywhere. And I think it works!

    Pet peeve: I get annoyed clicking on something where I think I’m going to see a picture of a uniform, and I have to watch a “hype video” sometimes 15 seconds in until I get a glimpse of what the thing actually looks like. I wish teams would realize that a picture is a sometimes the better format, it seems common sense to me!

    I agree 100%! The camera never sits still long enough for me to see all the design elements. I hate having to pause the video and slowly click through it to get a look.

    Used to work at The Annex at Marquette. Always loved looking at all our awesome uniform history at work!

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