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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 21, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: A junior high school with a serious Cubs obsession, a hockey goalie mask that celebrates other goalie masks, and more.




  • The collegiate summer wood-bat Northwoods League has new logos for its baseball and softball divisions. (From Jeff Ash)





  • After Patrice Bergeron’s retirement, Bruins LW Brad Marchand will wear the captain’s “C.” (Thanks, Anthony)
  • Very cool: Maple Leafs G Martin Jones’s new mask celebrates 10 previous notable Toronto mask designs. (From Wade Heidt)




  • This is pretty funny: The Hornets announced that rookie G Nick Smith Jr. will wear No. 8. The last Hornet to wear that number was G Dennis Smith Jr. last year. So if you’re a Hornets fan with a Dennis Smith Jr. jersey, you’re in luck!





  • Spain: The Royal Spanish Football Federation has a lot bigger problems right now, but it’s dropping the gender qualifiers from the national teams so that they’re both “the Spanish national team.” (Thanks, Jamie)
Auto Racing
  • Local officials had been trying to get a new cricket stadium built in NYC, but it will be built on Long Island instead.
  • Here’s a roundup of jersey designs for the upcoming men’s Cricket World Cup. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Aussie national teams are adding an Indigenous symbol to their kits. (Phil again)
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Comments (28)

    That Cubs school is in Coolidge, Arizona. See the third pic with the AZ flag and palm trees!

    If you look at their high school – they use Bears logos!!


    The Pewter/Red Buccs are far superior the creamsickle Buccs in my opinion and the Pewter/Red/White is my personal favorite

    “Very cool: Maple Leafs G Martin Jones’s new mask celebrates 10 previous notable Toronto mask designs”.

    Worthy to note for a lot of them, it was a signature mask design for that specific goalie that they also wore with other teams. Curtis Joseph, Felix Potvin, Bunny Larocque, Ed Belfour. Even the Wayne Thomas mask as he wore the crossed stripes featuring the logos when with the New York Rangers.


    I see Palmateer on the left side, and Plante is the Fibrosport (plain white, with long pointed chin), but I’m drawing a blank on the oval one, and the one with the big leaf across the front?

    The one with the big leaf on the right side of the chin is Doug Favell
    You got Plante’s mask right, but think the other two white ones were Terry Sawchuck and Johnny Bower

    Wouldn’t it have been great if the Giants would have worn their white throwbacks tonight to go along with the 49ers……….

    As much as I like the Giants red roadies…I would agree.
    It’s going to look much like an intra-squad scrimmage from the neck down – same as last week v. AZ.

    Fingers crossed the Commies don’t counter the Bills with mono-burgundy. And it would be nice if the Jags brought back the black socks for this week’s Texans game.

    50s throwbacks vs 80s throwbacks is too Maddenesque for me. I prefer when throwbacks are from the same era.

    And the the Commanders wouldn’t look bad in mono burgundy if the Bills would have elected to wear the vastly superior blue road pants.

    I actually agree that the blue pants would have made for a great uni-matchup on this occasion if the Commanders go B/B/W/B.

    It’s a throwback paradox.

    49ers throwback = 1955 jersey + 1994-95 helmet (because that was the throwback worn in their championship ’94-95 season)

    GIANTS throwback = 1980s-90s jersey

    Giants regular road = throwback to 1950s but with gray pants often replaced by white.

    So the proposed 49ers vs. GIANTS throwbacks would indeed look like an actual 1994 game, except they didn’t play each other that year.

    Whereas the problem with the pants would be solved by the Giants wearing their regular road whites with the gray pants… which would look like an acttual 1955 game, except the Niners wore red helmets back then, not gold.

    “Here’s a look at the history of the Eagles’ logo”

    According to Chris Creamer’s, the item being held in the talons of the ’43 Steagles logo is supposed to be a steel mill ladle, not “some kind of helmet”:


    In an apparent first, last night’s Dodgers/Tigers game was briefly delayed by a large soap bubble. (From Mike Chamernik)

    Nice description, but it would be better with a link to a photo or video.

    How Royal of them for missing their own deadline. They should take that as a sign from Ewing Kauffman to leave the stadium alone.

    Oh, and too bad Giants you reap what you sow!

    I went to click on Washington State’s link and quickly unclicked when I found out it was a hype video.
    I don’t expect you to provide us with a screenshot instead, but could you please warn us of an impending hype video?

    After searching for some still photos:
    Not bad, but if you’re not wearing any maroon, I’d rather you go full anthracite with white accents.

    From the SB uni ranking article, from the very first (last-place) entry for SB XL: “While the Steelers are not to blame for this…”

    Actually, they kind of are. Had they worn their regular home black jerseys, the Seahawks would not have gone mono-steel blue, and would have likely gone steel-white-steel instead, making for an improved look for them (though still not a great one).

    Though I also have to dispute that XV is so low at 56. While I do agree with the writer to an extent regarding the somewhat muted shade of green of the Eagles’ big-stripe era, I actually love those big stripes, in part because of the fact they need sleeves to even exist! It’s something I don’t expect we’ll ever see the likes of again.

    With the letter “X” meaning exit the page you are viewing since day one of the internet, I think I have figured out the actual reason Elon musk has changed the logo of twitter because every time a photo on this site is a twitter page I always resort to the top left which is an “X” of the page to exit. This guy is probably getting billions of hits per day because “X” used to equal exit.

    I don’t think it’s anything that clever. He’s been obsessed with the letter X for at least a quarter century.

    Aston Villa had no shirt sponsor for their Europa Conference game against Legit Warsaw. Their sponsor is a gambling aite, and that is not allowed in Poland.

    The Seahawks were the only NFL team (to my knowledge) to never wear white at home. That streak is ending this Sunday as they’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of SBXLVIII with the white/blue combo from that game.


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