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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 20, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: The history behind the “clapping hands” scoreboard graphic, an NFL team-branded ambulance, the latest NBA tribute to Bill Russell, and more.



  • Here’s a faaaaascinating Twitter thread on how a fan’s suggestion led the Astros to create the “clapping hands” scoreboard prompt. (From Trevor Williams)


  • The Eagles’ new wordmark isn’t appearing on jersey chests or neck bumpers, but they did put it in the end zones for last night’s home opener. (From Michael Hochman)
  • After a scary on-field collision, Bills CB Dane Jackson was taken off the field last night in a Bills-branded ambulance. (From Mandy Lopez)


  • Here’s this week’s uni combo for BYU. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Here’s a really fun compendium of college football stadium seating diagrams from 1956. (From @FOFstrife)







  • Latest tribute to Bill Russell: The Celtics will have a big “6” in the paint this season. Other teams will have the numeral on the sideline, near the scorer’s table. (Thanks, Anthony)
  • Kevin “Gashouse” Cearfoss, whose custom team-themed wall art has been featured several times on Uni Watch, has upped the ante by producing custom 76ers-themed packing foam!
  • Here’s a ranking of this season’s Suns uniforms.


  • New home jersey for Kansas men’s.
  • New court design for Seattle. (From Trevor Bond)
  • BYU men’s will apparently reveal new uniforms today. (From Christopher Jones)
  • New uniforms for Oregon State women’s. “First uni update for them since (I believe) 2017,” says Jonah Henderson. “Finally upgrading to the template that pretty much all other big Nike schools have been using for at least a couple years now.”


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Comments (18)

    Of course, the people who sit across from the cameras at Celtic games will see a lovely tribute to Rajan Rondo.

    Yeah, it seems like a better idea to have the number run the length of the key rather than the width. It could be bigger that way, and even though it would be sideways for fans at mid court it’s easier to subconsciously read a sideways 6 than an upside down 6, particularly since the baseline would act as a baseline for the number as well. Whatever. Maybe I’m wrong. But it seems like the logical positioning to me.

    Been a Season ticket hold for a while now of the Eagles. I was very hesitant about introducing this new script. But after seeing it in the endzones last night and posted all over the stadium. Its starting grow on me.

    Also one thing you cant really tell from those photos is the new endzone has a small black border on the letters.
    IMO it looks a million times better with subtle black outline.

    -Really surprised the Brandon Wheat Kings have new primary uniforms because they just redesigned their uniforms in 2020. The new primary based on their alternate unis. Would prefer they stayed with their traditional trim colour of athletic gold (yellow) rather than the switch to gold trim for primary.

    -CFL helmet sundae display is from 1976. Here we are 46 years later. Though 2 teams have different names now, it is the same 9 locations in the league now as it was then. Also, all 9 teams still basically are wearing the same colour schemes as 46 years ago.

    -Enjoyed the Dick Thornton footage from 1972. Joe Theismann letting us know his pregame routine involves “reading an article in Playboy”.

    I get the Bill Russell “6” placement is for the TV cameras, but it should really be positioned parallel with the lane. Smh.

    Love those stadium seating diagrams!
    Was JFK simply under-utilized or really that ill-suited for ‘everyday’ use by Philly-area football teams?

    I don’t believe I had the display but I know I had the DQ CFL helmets. I also had a full set of their NHL sundae pucks. I did have the display for that set.

    1. The new Eagles wordmark is just meh. I wasn’t crazy about the old one, but it was unique and after 25 years, it had become established. This new one is part of the current aesthetic with athletic wordmarks – take a minimal sans-serif font, cut a notch or weird angle in some of the letters, and call it a day. Unoriginal and derivative of so many other wordmarks.
    2. At least on TV, the end zones looked more like aqua/teal than a shade of green. The Birds have been creeping away from a greener midnight green ever since Nike took over but now the end zones are following. The kelly green throwbacks can’t come soon enough.

    Is there a particular reason the Gelombang Radio font link is under college football? Like is there a team using it or something?


    New Halifax Mooseheads uniform an upgrade. Important to note they have upgraded the primary logo well without changing it significantly. The old logo for comparison:


    Stupid question time. Is the team owned by the brewery? Because that old logo looks exactly like the old logo for the beer. And a damn fine beer it is.

    Exciting to see you got a “flip top” at no extra charge for your disease causing box of cigarettes. One thing among many, that have changed for the good, was the end of those advertisements.

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