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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 18, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: A snake on the field in Australia, American cyclist Sepp Kuss’s team celebrates him winning the men’s Vuelta a España, and more.



  • Reader Bradley Stamell points out that the Astros wore their ad patch on their Negro League throwbacks, while the Tigers and Giants didn’t despite wearing their throwbacks after they got their ads.


  • The Double-A Amarillo Sod Poodles wore Halloween-themed jerseys on Saturday, though I’m unsure of the context because it wasn’t listed as one of the team’s promotions for this season. (From Kade Drummond)


  • Some game-used coin toss coins are starting to appear for auction. The one for the kickoff game between Kansas City and the Lions was a standard design, while the one for Jets/Bills last Monday was a challenge coin from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York. (From David Firestone)


  • Virginia’s Scott Stadium is getting a new video scoreboard planned for next year. (From Kary Klismet)
  • During halftime of Iowa’s game on Saturday, the marching band acted out basketball player Caitlin Clark making a shot, including a banner of the basketball teams’ gold jerseys for the stick-figure Clark to wear.
  • Reader Casey Appel noticed an unspecified gold rectangle — although it looks more like a trapezoid — above the NOB on some Washington players’ uniforms. It’s unclear what it is, but “I’m guessing it is a good thing if a player has it, as I saw it on ZTF [defensive lineman Zion Tupuola-Fetui] and [starting quarterback] Michael Penix Jr.,” Casey says.
  • Left over from Saturday: South Carolina’s live mascot, Sir Big Spur, tried to peck Georgia’s bulldog, Uga XI. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Kary also sends everything below in this section, including pieces on Georgia’s and South Carolina’s live mascots and why they have their respective team names.
  • Meanwhile, an associate from Colorado’s Center of the American West explained why the school’s live mascot is actually a bison, not a buffalo.
  • Here’s a piece on some “most memorable” picks from ESPN’s Lee Corso, who makes picks on College GameDay by putting on the mascot head of his chosen team. Last weekend was the 400th time he’s done that dating back to 1996.


  • The Hockey News did a two-part piece on NHL mascots, categorizing them by type (bird, dog, bear, intentionally bizarre furry thing, etc.). The Rangers are the only team that doesn’t have one. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The Magic have a new court design to go with their recently-revealed throwback. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Southern Illinois’s men’s team has new uniforms. (From @mrmichael21)
  • Cross-posted from the football section: During halftime of Iowa’s football game on Saturday, the marching band acted out Caitlin Clark making a shot, including a banner of the basketball teams’ gold jerseys for the stick-figure Clark to wear.


  • England: The Women’s Super League has a new captain’s armband design.
  • England: Manchester City are looking to set up a dedicated away fans’ section for their women’s away games when possible, much like high-level men’s games in the UK where home and away fans are required to be segregated and fans buy tickets for away games through their own club.
  • Germany: The Frauen-Bundesliga has a new naming-rights advertiser, which meant changes to their logo and sleeve patch.
  • Germany: In the picture above, you can see Bayern Munich’s women’s team wearing this year’s green Oktoberfest kit. The men’s team also traditionally does a photoshoot wearing lederhosen around this time. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Scotland: As I predicted in one of my pieces from this summer, the first Heart of Midlothian/Aberdeen men’s matchup of this season resulted in Aberdeen bringing back last season’s white second shirt because, shockingly, they can’t wear this season’s black second shirt against maroon. There was a small change to the design: last season it had a special crest for the 40th anniversary of Aberdeen’s 1983 European Cup Winners’ Cup win and this season it doesn’t.
  • Scotland: September is World Alzheimer’s Month among other causes, so Glasgow City posted their starting lineup graphic yesterday with letters from some players’ names missing to highlight that one-third of people born in the UK will develop dementia.
Auto Racing
  • Former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., who’s a broadcaster for NBC, participated in the Xfinity Series race on Friday in Bristol, Tenn., and a fire burned a hole in his firesuit pants. “The burnt area means that the Nomex is compromised, and now the firesuit isn’t safe to wear,” says David Firestone.
  • Sepp Kuss, who won the men’s Vuelta a España to become the first American winner of a men’s Grand Tour since 2013, had a special primarily red bike design for the last day yesterday. Red represents the Vuelta leader’s jersey and the yellow and pink stripes represent the leaders’ jerseys of the other two Grand Tours, as Kuss’s team Jumbo-Visma swept all three men’s editions this year. The “GC Kuss” logo is a reference to Kuss’s frequent high finishes in Grand Tours while serving as the top lieutenant of his teammates Primož Roglič or Jonas Vingegaard on the way to their wins. (From Ragnar Danneskjöld)
  • Jumbo-Visma’s jerseys yesterday also featured pink, yellow, and red stripes. (From Ragnar Danneskjöld)
Grab Bag
  • In something that could probably only happen in Australia, one of the women’s Australian Football League games this weekend between Greater Western Sydney and Richmond was delayed because a poisonous red-bellied black snake was on the field and a catcher had to be called to capture it.
  • USA Field Hockey is building a new home facility at UNC Charlotte. The facility’s pitch is planned to open in October with some USWNT games, but after a series with South Africa fell through last week, the first games are interestingly going to be some USWNT-on-USMNT matchups as both prepare for the Pan American Games.
  • The New York Times looked at Generation Z politicians’ apparel choices.
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    The bison is colloquially called a “buffalo”. I find efforts to correct this custom as pedantic as the person who always reminds you a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.

    Agreed. In my comments forwarding the story to Jamie for Ticker consideration, I used the term “pedantry” to describe it.

    I like seeing Jr back behind the wheel of the 88 once or so a season in the lower-tier, but doing so during the playoffs isn’t the time for that.

    Looks like MLB is going to start the expansion process soon, with the A’s moving to Vegas and the Rays finalizing a deal to stay in St. Pete. Interestingly enough, it looks like both teams are going with fixed domes with moveable windows instead of retractable roofs. Let the expansion speculation and hypothesized realignments truly begin!



    I used to have a chicken coop and my daughter got a kitten. We held the kitty face to face with a hen… one peck on the nose, and the cat understood who was in charge of the backyard. Sir Spur for the win!

    “GC” in Kuss’s context means he’s the leader of the race. It’s somewhat shorthand for “leading the GC (general classification)”.

    “Today in the Ticker: A snake on the field in Australia…”
    And I’m thinking, what the heck is Dan Snyder doing in Australia?

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