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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 15, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: More mismatched MLB belts, a look at lots of this weekend’s college football uni combos, and more.



  • Rangers P Nathan Eovaldi wore a red belt during yesterday’s game when the rest of the team was wearing blue. (From Ian Okorofsky)
  • The Orioles have called up top outfielder prospect Heston Kjerstad, who will wear No. 13. (From Andrew Cosentino)


  • The Doosan Bears of the KBO League will be wearing these “Happiness Uniforms” on Sept. 19 and 20. The color yellow is supposed to represent positivity and happiness towards the fans. (From Jeremy Brahm)


  • The Texans appear to be going full steam ahead with powder blue in the future. There can’t be this much smoke without fire. (From Arnold Colunga)
  • The Browns practiced in their new white helmets, which will make their in-game debut on Monday night.
  • The Ravens are going black-white-black against the Bengals this weekend. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch has partnered with the NFL to create a whole bunch of retro-inspired Super Bowl T-shirts. The Super Bowl XXXIII one features the Falcons and Broncos with Revo Speed helmets — helmet designs that didn’t debut until 2008. (From Damien Cakes)


  • Really nice color-on-color matchup yesterday, as Bethune Cookman wore yellow on the road and Miami wore green in Miami Gardens. (From Gabe Cornwall)
  • Tomorrow, New Mexico players will be wearing the names of children with disabilities on their nameplates. The jerseys will be given to the families after the game.
  • New helmets for TCU. Anthony Brandt notes that TCU “is using a logo within their own brand guidelines on a purple helmet for the first time since the first six games of the 2011 season. The usual TCU logo with the Frog underneath is only allowed to be used on the football helmets. Nowhere else.”
  • New helmets for South Alabama. (From @soxstephen)
  • Here are this weekend’s uni combos for Pitt, WVU, New Mexico State, Troy, and North Texas.


  • Maryland has unveiled new unis for both their men’s and women’s teams. I quite like them, though the front uni numbers seem a little large. (From Jason Yellin)


  • England: Our own Jamie Rathjen writes: “Manchester City’s Academy Stadium now has a naming-rights advertiser. It was built for the men’s youth teams but the women’s team actually plays there just as often as anybody else, so it was always weird to see that with the ‘Academy Stadium’ name.”
  • Cricket Australia is requiring players to wear neck protectors when batting against fast- or medium-paced bowlers starting Oct. 1. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
Grab Bag
  • Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has retired its famous script logo, used in one form or another for over 130 years, and replaced it with a sans-serif wordmark. (From Blaise Lucas)
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    Brewers are making a “significant business announcement” not stadium related today at 11 ct… many believe it’s a sleeve ad.

    Talk about the tail wagging the dog. A company changed one of the most recognized logos that had been used for more than 150 years because kids can’t read cursive.

    The Super Bowl XXXIII one features the Rams and Falcons with Revo Speed helmets

    *Broncos* and Falcons.

    Still my pick for the worst looking Super Bowl.

    I would sit Texas Rangers management in a dark room, tie them to their seat, and show alternating red and blue screens for a week. Then I would simply say “pick one”. Problem solved.

    Then I would have to sit them back down and undo your mess.
    Let Texas have it both ways… preferably at the same time. It’s OK to have more than one color vying for your attention.

    I’m a Ranger fan. And no,they don’t.I cannot for the life of me figure out why this short circuits all of you so bad. It’s not like they are the only team with 2 different colored hats. Several teams do this that are also red and blue. Enough already.

    The current Houston NFL team battles red against deep blue – and they wear both quite well…though seems they are planning to crib powder blue from you-know-who.
    Steel blue gets paired/replaced with Steal Blue?

    EXACTLY! Why does no one whine the Astros don’t know whether they’re a blue or an orange team?

    And BTW, the Rangers do not wear red on the road. Ever. They do not have a red jersey but they have a blue one. They had red last year and wore it all of 11 times. So basically this comes down to people’s brains short circuiting because they wear a red cap maybe 10% of the time.

    The pathetic NFL franchise playing in Houston has an inferiority complex. It’s sad to witness.
    A team with an oft-recycled name with good-to-great uniforms playing decades of under-achieving football in a taxpayer funded stadium (the main reason the Oilers left, right?) now feels it needs to add the laughably-labelled “H-Town Blue” to their brand.
    I guess the owners feel that since they resemble the Oilers’ on-field product in the stadium the Oilers never got but were willing to help fund, they might as (oil)well look like them too at this point in their loathsome history instead of, I dunno, improving the football operations instead of altering the branding that no one complained much about…until recently.

    The front numbers on those Terps’ hoop uniforms are right-sized – but those ‘belt buckle’ waistbands…Woof!

    So, last night the Memphis Tigers wore gray Cincinnati Bengals stripes on their blue helmets and white Cincinnati Bengals stripes on their blue sleeves vs. Navy. That bothered me. I recognize that the jerseys were all blue and white while the pants were gray and the helmets were blue and gray. Still, I didn’t like the inconsistency in the color of the Bengal stripes on the blue.

    In a world of war, natural disasters, disease, famine, and discord, it’s nice that Uni Watch provides a brief respite.

    Peace, love, health, and happiness on this Jewish New Year and everyday. PLAY ON.

    The equipment rule from Australian cricket seems odd to me. It seems like batters who prefer not to wear the extra neck guard will need to have two helmets on hand so that they can swap helmets when facing a slower-paced or spin bowler. Sort of equivalent to MLB having a rule requiring ear flaps on helmets, but only when batters are facing pitchers who throw over 92mph or who can throw breaking balls that bend more than 18 inches. If the new equipment is necessary, just require it and be done.

    Meanwhile, a number of West Indies players still bat without helmets.

    In the picture of the Miami-Bethune Cookman game, you can see that Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke is wearing a jersey with the old adidas logo on it while also wearing pants with the new logo on them. It wasn’t just Tyler, though. I did some further research and in all the pictures I could find of last night’s game, I noticed that the whole team had the old logo on their jerseys and the new logo on their pants. Another curious case was last week when Miami played Texas A&M. Miami’s orange jerseys had the new logo on them; however, the jerseys were in the old template since you could see the characteristic ribbing and lack of an unsightly seam on the collar. I don’t think Miami ever officially switched to the new template, but I would love to be prove wrong.

    Mario Goodrich, #31 on the Eagles, was wearing a patch during the Thursday night game against the Vikings. You can see him in the background here, although the patch is pretty blurry – link. Does anyone know what this patch was? He’s not a captain.

    Give me Eagles/Raiders for worst of all time. The terrible lighting in the Superdome made it look like it was in black and white.

    Every time one of the old school logo companies like for example Johnson & Johnson change their logo, I’m like “why?”
    And am so interested to see the new logo.

    The Johnson & Johnson wordmark is a downgrade aesthetically, but they have stoppee teaching cursive in many schools…

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