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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 15, 2022

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Today in the ticker: A uni first for the Astros, Hispanic-themed unis for another MLB club, an NFL mural with the wrong number font, and more.



  • As mentioned in Monday’s Ticker, Cardinals C Yadier Molina wore a commemorative mask last night to mark the record-breaking start between him and P Adam Wainwright. Reader Andrew Hermeling says Molina was having trouble with the mask and changed back to his regular mask by the top of the third. But the commentators claimed the mask change was because Wainwright was pulled before the top of the sixth.
  • The Mariners went NNOB and had “Marineros” jerseys yesterday for Hispanic Heritage Month. A closeup of the jersey reveals the names of different Hispanic countries inside each number. (From multiple readers)
  • The Astros wore their orange alternates with their road cap for the first time ever. (From @ECGarcia979)
  • The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 569, based in San Diego, has a Swinging Friar-based logo. (From our own Anthony Emerson)


  • The Frontier League’s New Jersey Jackals are moving next season to Hinchliffe Stadium, one of the last remaining Negro League ballparks. Paul wrote about the stadium for ESPN back in 2010. (From Kary Klismet)




  • Left over from last Thursday’s kickoff game: Rams LB Bobby Wagner wore a Kobe Bryant thigh pad. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Here’s a closer look at the helmet decal the Ravens are wearing this season to memorialize former players Tony Siragusa and late former LB Jaylon Ferguson. Although the team wore the decal last Sunday, they didn’t provide a close-up view of the design until yesterday. (From Marcus Hall)
  • The Broncos recently put up a mural of WR Jerry Jeudy on the exterior of their stadium, showing him wearing the team’s regular home jersey with a block-style number font rather than the proper rounded font. The mural is based on a photo of Jeudy wearing the correct number font. (From Kary Klismet)
  • NFL Network’s Good Morning Football is still using the Chargers’ old logo. (From @puroramen)


  • Here’s what Oregon will be wearing this week. (From Jonah Henderson)
  • BFBS for Georgia State this week. (From Aaron Reed)
  • Mono-red for New Mexico this week.
  • White lids for Florida State this weekend. (From multiple readers)
  • Here’s what goes behind a team road trip, including what the equipment crew does.




  • Here’s our first look at what the Islanders’ 50th-anniversary patch will look like on their home jersey — as modeled, oddly, by MLB mascot Mr. Met. (From @Moe_Be_Knowin)
  • New center line design for the Flyers. They previously used a design that incorporated three red lines. (Form Kevin Kurz)


  • New alternates for the Atlanta Gladiators of the ECHL. (From multiple readers)
  • The Ontario Reign of the AHL will have its 15th-anniversary logo at center ice this season. (From Wade Heidt)


  • The PHF’s Metropolitan Riveters are moving home games to the ice rink in a mall, American Dream, in East Rutherford, N.J. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)


  • The Clippers have made the wordmark on one of their alternates an official secondary logo. (From Conrad Burry)
  • Yesterday, Paul showed us a picture of Moses Malone in an ABA game that looked to be color-on-color. We didn’t know what team Malone was playing against, but here’s a shot that makes it look like it might have been the Virginia Squires. (From our own Phil Hecken)


  • Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan has just started a soccer program. Here are their inaugural uniforms.


Grab Bag
  • Hundreds of yoga teachers are calling out sports brand Lululemon for using coal-powered factories while pushing for environmental causes. (From Max Weintraub)
  • A commission created to rename military assets originally named after Confederate troops or sympathizers will report its final recommendations to Congress at the end of the month. (Also from Max)
  • Here’s a history of 10 unusual team names for Utah high schools. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New team name and logos for Caledonia-Mumford Central School in Caledonia, New York. (Also from Kary)
  • The 2024 Jeux du Quebec has chosen an Arctic fox as the event’s costumed mascot. (One more from Kary)
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Comments (17)

    I appreciate the shout out about the black Georgia State uniforms!

    However, it looks like a completely new uniform template from UA. I don’t think I’ve seen that mesh around the collar, or the UA logo on the collar. Almost looks like an adidas jersey that they just rebranded.

    I have no idea how such things are created, but it seems very strange that whoever created the mural of WR Jerry Jeudy took the time & effort to change the number font like that.
    Any graphic artists care to weigh in why that might have been done?


    I was a bit put off by the portugal jersey when I first saw the leak, but seeing it coupled with the shorts on C. Ronaldo, I can kind of appreciate it a bit more


    It still looks pretty brutal to me. I get that the proportion of green to red is likely supposed to mimic Portugal’s flag, but there’s something about the execution that just looks wrong.

    Baseball returning to Hinchliffe Stadium is terrific news (as is NASCAR racing’s return to North Wilkesboro…smaller story but I know you’ve been following it), though I’m curious as to what the baseball configuration will look like there.

    Don’t know if you saw it live but he spent the whole first inning messing with the ear area. Must not have fit correctly

    In the Mariners’ hispanic heritage jersey, they included Brazil, which is weird, since it’s not related to Spain – just Portugal. To include Brazil, it would be a Iberian heritage event.

    I was feeling neutral-ish until I realized they look remarkably similar to a Monster Energy Drink can. Now I don’t like them as much.

    It’s also an overall color aesthetic and idea that has already been attempted in the “MINN” city jersey from a few years ago, so it’s not very original. The blacked-out numbering and the work mark “fangs” are the most unique, and I don’t much care for either.

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