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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 13, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: Pete Crow-Armstrong’s name continues to cause problems, a high school football team with a jack-o’-lantern helmet, and more.



  • Here’s how a home run by Angels P/DH Shohei Ohtani resulted in a new can design for Coors Light beer. (From John Cerone)
  • Here’s a fun video about the oldest Yankees cap known to exist. (From Keith Kreindler)
  • Twins P Chris Paddack, who’s missed the entire season after arm surgery, was back to his usual hosiery heroics in a minor league rehab start yesterday. (From AJ Morrow)
  • Following up on yesterday’s lede: The Rockies’ scoreboard continues to have problems with Cubs OF Pete Crow-Armstrong’s name. (From Phil Santos)
  • Speaking of Crow-Armstrong: I don’t usually care about retail jerseys, but it’s interesting that the Cubs are selling a replica jersey with his initials as the NOB. They also have one with his full surname. (From Matt Lindner)
  • White Sox SS Zach Remillard broke his belt while diving for a ball last night. “He went to the dugout mid-inning for a replacement, which apparently came from the uniform of Elvis Andrus, who wasn’t playing,” says Clint Wrede.”Andrus was shown multiple times attempting to repair Remillard’s belt, which was shown draped over the dugout screen at the end of the inning. Sox announcer Jason Benetti dubbed the whole incident ‘Beltgate.'”
  • Speaking of the Sox, they and the Royals wore 9/11 cap patches in the first game of yesterday’s day/night doubleheader, because their game on Sept. 11 was rained out.





  • Ivy League teams are adding a “BT” rear-helmet decal as a show of support for Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens, who was injured in a bicycle accident earlier this year. (Thanks, Phil)


  • A newly invented type of foam could be used in football helmets to increase player safety. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Morton, Ill., calls itself the Pumpkin Capital of the World, so the local high school team is going with a jack-o’-lantern helmet. (From Bryce Starkey)







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Comments (19)

    MLB in DC has gotten multiple tries, as did LA NFL, so I guess NHL hockey in the greater Atlanta area could be worth another go.
    Expansion isn’t a priority, and it seems relocation (i.e.: the Coyotes) isn’t either…I’d much rather see Houston get a team – and if said team should be called the Aeros, they should be the caretakers of the WHA franchise of the same name’s legacy.

    I don’t fly (afraid of heights). I have been to Atlanta many times by bus, however. When you get off the bus, there are two liquor stores. One on one side of the street. One on the other side of the street. The next business you see is a strip club. Hockey didn’t/won’t work in Atlanta. Not because of the teams doing anything wrong, but because of the wrong.. demographics.

    This really is a disgusting comment. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to cause drama in the comments, but to characterize an entire metropolitan area with your undertones based on a bus stop experience is wild.

    Wishful thinking…
    Bring the Calgary Flames back!
    Think they just inked an arena deal – so they are staying put.

    That’s the only scenario I’d accept. Atlanta swung and missed twice. If they get a third shot it should only come from relocating the Coyotes if it’s the only way Bettman acknowledges it’s not working in the desert. Quebec and Hartford should definitely be in line for a re-do ahead of Atlanta.

    “A newly invented type of foam could could be used in football helmets”

    – As in, the little engine that could could? ; )

    The Ohtani/Coors Light article got one fact wrong – the “home run” that broke the ad panel? It was a long foul ball. Happened when the Angels were visiting the Mets (the article also omitted where it happened).

    But let’s not let the actual facts get in the way of a good story, eh?

    Just so happens that the next ticker item after the NHL considering a third try in Atlanta is one about Quebec (the junior league Ramparts). Ahem, I have a better idea than Atlanta, NHL…

    The QMJHL Quebec Remparts will outdraw an NHL team in Atlanta. Plain and simple.

    Also, love the new Remparts uniforms. Going retro as their new current look.

    Re: the jack-o’-lantern football helmet. Wasn’t there an NFL player that did that on the sidelines? I’m assuming it was a Browns player. Anyway, it was cool to see that high school helmet.

    No more NHL teams for you Atlanta! I’m happy with the NFL and NHL having 32 teams, it’s the perfect number. Now if we can just get the NFL back to 16 games and the NHL to 4 divisions per conference.

    Next two NHL expansion teams will be Houston & Atlanta. It’s not a question of if, or what cities, but when? There’s basically a 100% chance. My guess is 2028. Then sometimes between 2032 and 2036, you’ll see an expansion to 36 teams. Salt Lake City will be the team out west, logically, Quebec City would be the team in the East but who really knows?

    In Atlanta, the reason they’re keen on it again is because they saw what happened with the Braves. The Braves didn’t do great in attendance down in the city, they were fine but not nearly as good as one would think given how good they were. Then they moved to Cobb County and it’s a different world.

    A 3rd Atlanta team won’t be sharing with the Hawks. They’ll be up in the wealthy northern suburbs, where frankly, the kids have the economic access to play ice hockey. Maybe right next to the Braves, or I read Alpharetta is in play too which is a Boomburb popular with Atlantas higher income IT workers.

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