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Uni Watch News Ticker for Sept. 11, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: A cyclist has a varied wardrobe at the men’s Vuelta a España, a bunch of English soccer teams turn their shirts inside out, a Kobe Bryant tribute on the tennis court, and more.



  • The Royals and Astros will wear Negro Leagues throwbacks when they face each other in KC this Saturday. The Royals will wear KC Monarchs uniforms and the ’Stros will dress up as the 1950 Houston Eagles. (From Ignacio Salazar)


  • A new Pepsi commercial features former NFLers Dan Marino, Randy Moss, Emmitt Smith, and Jerry Rice unretiring and wearing the current uniforms of the teams they’re most associated with. (From Mike Chamernik)


  • Left over from Saturday: Kentucky coaches wore Lexington Fire Department caps, although they were Nike-branded and probably weren’t given to them by the department. (From Michael Kinney)


  • Western Illinois has a new court. (From Tom Pachuta)




  • The NWSL Challenge Cup, a competition spawned by Covid, has somehow had three different trophy designs in its four-year existence. There was another new design for the edition that ended Saturday, which has been reported for months as likely being the last, but that hasn’t been officially announced yet.
  • In September, MLS does an annual promotion for fighting childhood cancer, meaning yellow ribbon patches and some other yellow items reappeared.


  • It seems like the women’s World Cup ball has been reappearing at men’s Euro 2024 qualifiers.
  • England: Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s always a little surprising to me that it’s not a bigger deal in the sports world, even with it on a weekend the past two years and the increasing number of mental health promotions from sports teams. However, a number of lower-level or amateur teams, primarily in England’s northeast, wore something inside-out this weekend, often a warm-up shirt or their uniform shirts for a team photo, to support the charity If U Care Share. The charity retweeted many examples, linked above.
  • Japan: The men’s J2 League’s Tokushima Vortis has a new crest to be used starting in 2024, which they’re unusually revealing while they’re still in-season. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • After winning his 24th Grand Slam title yesterday at the U.S. Open, Novak Djokovic donned a Kobe Bryant-themed T-shirt with No. 24 on the back. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • Japan’s women’s V.League’s Hisamitsu Springs have a new first kit. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • In the same league, the NEC Red Rockets teased an Oct. 9 release of their new uniforms. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Longtime reader Tim Dunn has created a jersey tracker for the men’s Rugby World Cup. We’ll continue to link to updates as he provides them.
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    I think the last time the Astros paid tribute to the Houston Eagles was in 2014, at home v. the O’s.
    Those uniforms were featured on UW recently as a GTGFTU entry:

    No update on gridiron database as of now (3:45pm EST, Monday)…Eagles play Thursday…with the rule being three times and them only scheduled as of now for twice, I predict they break out the Kelly greens against the Vikings. Any thoughts?

    My guess is they will wear their black jersey in a primetime slot (Week 14 SNF vs. Cowboys?) which will take up their 3rd alternate game.

    I hope you’re wrong. They ditched the black shells for kelly green already. Jerseys can follow, green and white is all we need.

    Quick correction on the cycling bit: Remco actually *did* wear his trade team jersey for stage one, which was a team time trial, meaning he couldn’t wear his *road* Belgian jersey nor his World *individual* time trial jersey! Add another jersey!

    The childhood cancer awareness isn’t just MLS. The Phillies had a huge night Saturday for pediatric cancer, sponsored by a local
    children’s hospital.

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