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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 9, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: A good old-fashioned apostrophe catastrophe, a typo inside Megan Rapinoe’s boots, and more.



  • This article on an Instagram account/fashion brand called Old Jewish Men shows Mets-based “Meats” T-shirts and hats that really look like the Meats T-shirt featured here back in the day. The article has one of the brand’s co-owners saying that he came up with the idea independently with inspiration from a friend of his. (From Tim Wood)


  • A new stadium to replace the current Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, home to NPB’s Tokyo Yakult Swallows and college baseball teams, may be set back from the street to protect the ginkgo trees lining the streets in the area. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Left over from Saturday: Louisville offensive coordinator/former QB Brian Brohm was inducted into the team’s ring of honor. But as usually happens, they gave him a framed current jersey, not the one he would have worn 15+ years ago. (From Josh Claywell)
  • Division II West Florida wore a white/blue/blue combo that appears to be new, with local news saying as such. That’s pretty plausible since the team has only existed since 2016. (From Kary Klismet)
  • An ad for next week’s Indiana/Michigan game very obviously has its picture of Indiana players flipped around, because their numbers and the “Hoosiers” on their jerseys are backwards. (From K.C. Kless)


  • Reader Mike Engle points out that the Flames’ jersey schedule for this season, which we mentioned yesterday, says they’ll wear red on the road once, on Jan. 13 against the Golden Knights. Perhaps Vegas might be wearing their Winter Classic uniforms an extra time.
  • Speaking of Vegas, their Stanley Cup championship rings are really something. (From Mike Chamernik)






  • Creighton gave its men’s team rings for their regional final appearance last year, which seems odd to me. It’s one game short of even winning the regional trophy… (From Kary Klismet)


  • OL Reign winger Megan Rapinoe had commemorative boots for her last regular season club home game on Friday. But on the insides, below the 2019 women’s World Cup final, was “2022 World Cup, USA v England,” which is a little bizarre. You may remember that was a match at the men’s World Cup last year. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be instead of that — the 2015 final, maybe?
  • OL Reign also had warm-up shirts for the occasion.
  • The Major Arena Soccer League’s San Diego Sockers are holding a 32-entry tournament to determine their best kit, going all the way back to their first incarnation’s founding in 1978. It’s down to the semifinals.


  • Andorra: FC Andorra, taken over by former Spain men’s international Gerard Piqué in 2018 and currently playing in the Spanish men’s second tier, will apparently have to move and change its name after its agreement to use Andorra’s small national stadium wasn’t renewed. The government’s reasoning was that they’re changing the surface to something unspecified at the end of the season and it wouldn’t meet La Liga’s standards. (From Kary Klismet)
  • England: Sheffield United’s women’s team marked their first game since the passing of midfielder Maddy Cusack by wearing memorial warm-up shirts and black armbands.
  • England: Tuesday is World Mental Health Day. This weekend, men’s Championship teams posted “starting lineup graphics” featuring people you should check in on — numbered 1-11, of course — and mostly had helplines listed where the substitutes would go. Those were posted a bit earlier than the standard hour before kickoff, with the real graphics following at the usual time. Norwich City’s men’s team also replaced all their ads with Samaritans logos, while their women’s team wore Samaritans warm-up shirts.
  • Italy: AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud, who we mentioned briefly appeared as a goalie on Saturday in probably one of the highest profile such examples in a few years, was tongue-in-cheek listed as a goalie and not a striker for their men’s team on their website as of yesterday. His makeshift uniform, wearing sent-off goalie Mike Maignan’s shirt over his own shorts and socks, was captured by the blog Museum of Jerseys. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Auto Racing
  • NASCAR Cup Series drivers had pink window nets yesterday at Charlotte Motor Speedway’s road course.
  • The men’s Rugby World Cup finished its pool stage yesterday, so reader Tim Dunn’s tracker is updated accordingly.
Grab Bag
  • College field hockey teams wearing pink socks or accents this weekend included American, Bellarmine, Louisville, Maryland, Penn, and Providence.
  • Australia’s field hockey leagues, Hockey One, introduced a new competition for the club with the best combined performance in the men’s and women’s leagues — the soccer A-Leagues have had something similar for a few years. After asking fans for a name, the one chosen was the very fitting “One Hockey Cup.”
  • Washington Post columnist John Kelly wrote a piece yesterday on a proper apostrophe catastrophe in a Burger King ad, part of an ongoing series on apostrophe misuse. He includes a really good way to remember the correct orientation: it’s supposed to look like a 9, not a 6. “Really, the only hill I’m willing to die on is Mount Apostrophe,” he says. (From Jason Walker)
  • For Indigenous Peoples’ Day, here’s a piece on 10 colleges that changed away from Native American mascots, although none of them did so recently. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Kary also sends along a piece on some of the sports venues in North Carolina, although among others it’s missing WakeMed Soccer Park, which is going to be intensely familiar to any NWSL or college soccer fan with the multitude of NCAA and ACC tournaments it hosts.
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    Nike makes a 1 of 1 boot for Rapinoe with the most puzzling mistake, like how did that get past the final check?

    Tell me if I’m misguided: I think it would be a good trend for colleges to name themselves for American Indians, for example, Jim Thorpe University, or Wilma Mankiller State College. I see
    this as being the next step after retiring Native American mascots. Thoughts?

    In addition to the image of the Hoosiers being flipped in the IU/UM Fox ad, the Wolverines photo is over a decade old as it features players, including Denard Robinson, with the Adidas maker’s mark.

    It might not be a stretch that someone else thought of doing “Meats” in Mets script, but someone should send a picture of the shirt Paul created, what, a decade ago, just to let them know that he isn’t the first one to think of it.

    Yeah, I’m actually not surprised someone else came up with it. I think Paul’s dates at least to 2010, though.

    Thank you for posting the San Diego Sockers post on the uniform tournament @SanDiegoSockers #SockersUnis on social media.

    Appreciate you!

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