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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 9, 2022

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Today on the Ticker: branded Wild Card champagne, alternate and rare combos for today’s NFL games, 76ers jersey leak confirmed and more!



  • A New York Times article (paywalled) explores the roles of dieticians on MLB squads. “With each team required to have a dietitian on staff, the days of pizza, hot dogs and nachos are largely over.” (From Tom Turner)
  • Whoops. Someone at ESPN mistakenly labeled yesterday’s game between the Guardians and Rays as the former name of the Guardians and Rays. (From Vice Vice Baby). This comes on the heels of a logo blunder mere days ago.
  • Michael MPH asks whether the Guardians were the first team in modern major league history to win a playoff series the first season under a new nickname.
  • For the uni-nerds in all of us: Fascinating detail on the very slight difference in the Phillies and Cardinals red. (From David Marcillo and MLN)
  • Mariners fun fact: Yuniesky Betancourt played on Seattle for four years and wore the numbers 3, 5, 7 and 46 during that span. (From ser breakbones)
  • The Seattle Mariners (who had one of the most incredible comebacks in playoff history yesterday), celebrated their Wild Card win with branded Champagne. Not sure we’ve ever seen that before. (From Manzell)
  • Was yesterday the first time (or maybe second?) ever for Mariner Moose in road gray? (From JayJay Dean)
  • Here’s a look at this year’s 2022 World Series patch. (From Jase Greenberg)
  • Check out this hockey sweater featuring the St. Louis Cardinal logo on a hockey stick! (From Allie Allie Oxenfree). Apparently the Cardinals wore them for BP during a game in 2018 and then auctioned them off. (From Eric Spoonmore)


  • Today’s Non-Standard Uni Action:
  • The Arizona Cardinals will debut their new black helmets today against the Eagles. The Eagles will counter by wearing green/white/black, a combo in which they were undefeated last season.
  • The Buffalo Bills will be in mono-blue against the Steelers.
  • The NY Jets will wear green/white/black versus the Dolphins. The team wore this somewhat rare combo last weekend against the Steelers and won.
  • The Cleveland Browns will be going mono-brown (their Color Rash uni) against the Chargers. The team hasn’t busted out the CR since 2020.
  • The New Orleans Saints will be wearing mono-black against the Seahawks.
  • The Baltimore Ravens will be going mono-black for SNF against the Bengals.
  • And of course, New England will wear their Pat Patriot throwbacks, against the Lions.
  • Other
  • Former Minnesota Vikings QB Tommy Kramer has what looks to be a pretty sweet, tricked-out, stretch Vikings-inspired SUV. (From Texas Trev)


  • Check out this amazing photo of the 1922 NevadaFootball team, which shows excellent use of stripes. (From Damon Hirschensohn)


  • Alan Lewis writes: “There is a Dallas Mavericks exhibit at the State Fair of Texas and it has a display of jerseys throughout the years. There is a write up about the hefty bag alts from 2003 but the space where the jersey would hang has a sign that says “this item is not currently on display”.  Is the legend that they were all destroyed true?”
  • The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers “City” jersey leak has now been confirmed. (Thanks, Paul)


  • The Vancouver Canucks have released the first image of their Diwali warmup jerseys to be worn on Diwali Night on Monday, October 24, when Vancouver hosts the Carolina Hurricanes.
  • I’m sure this won’t happen during the regular season, but last night, the Montreal Canadiens were wearing, blissfully, ad-free sweaters. (From bh)
  • “Watching the Wings v Leafs game and noticed the Red Wings have the captaincy letters back on the right side. Hmmm? Maybe just for the away whites?” (Question asked by Brandon Weir)


  • The Junior “A” Powell River Kings have unveiled their new dark uniforms.  The Kings continue the transition away from black as a trim color. (From Wade Heidt)
  • These Omaha Lancers sweaters that copy the NJ Devils alternate jersey sure are interesting. (From Mad Hatter Omaha)
  • The Calgary Wranglers, the Flames’ AHL affiliate, have unveiled their inaugural uniforms.
  • “Love this about the new unis for the Junior “A” club (Powell River Kings). A home-based Powell River business working on a tight deadline to get the new Kings jerseys ready,” says Wade Heidt.


  • Australia: Australian soccer club Brisbane Roar have a corporate sponsor listed next to every player on their starting lineup graphic. (From Scott Szuch)
  • Japan: The Yokohama F-Marinos have placed a train station departure board with the J.League standings at Shin-Yokohama station (near their stadium), Marinos are in 1st. Also notice the blue (Loss), white (draw) and red (win) lines on the right tied to schedule. (From Jeremy Brahm)
  • Thailand’s women’s volleyball team is wearing memorial ribbons in the FIVB Volleyball World Championship for the victims of the mass stabbing in Thailand this week. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Grab Bag
  • Virginia and Duke field hockey wore warm-up shirts supporting the charity Morgan’s Message on Friday. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
  • Pickleball, apparently the fastest-growing American sport, is having some sort of “turf war” in New York City’s West Village. (From Tom Turner)
  • Dolly Parton — whose awesomeness knows no bounds — has been sponsoring many uniforms at Black high schools for years, without her seeking any sort of recognition or publicity. Yes, THAT is sponsorship. Take note, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey and Hoops.
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    Michael MPH only had to look at the Guardians opponents; the Rays made the World Series in 2008, their first season without the Devil.

    If this question isn’t limited to just MLB, the former Quebec Nordiques won the cup in their first year as the Colorado Avalanche.

    Really feels like Nike is assigning all NBA design to the interns and then not even having senior designers revise them. Just straight up “we need this by Monday” Monday rolls around “hey when you get those city editions done just fax ‘em over to production for me… nah I trust you… thanks a bunch. Oh hey, did you take care of those statement editions yet? Nah nah nah, don’t sweat it just send what you have straight to production with the cities.”

    The Patriots are saving us from one what sounds like one of the worst uniform weekends for the NFL in some time.
    Saints-all black
    Ravens-all black
    Browns-all brown
    Bills-all blue

    While I definitely prefer the Ravens in purple over white, the all-black combo is actually pretty decent: it’s *not* BFBS, it matches the helmet (unlike the Saints, which look like total shite when going mono-black); agreed on all the others. BFBS for Cards, Eagles and Jets. I’m surprised the Browns would revive the monoturd look (although, if you remember, *that* was the least-bad of all their uni combos during the WTF were they thinking era link). White hatted teams (Bills) should *NEVER* wear blue pants, UNLESS they somehow decide to pair their red CR jerseys with them. Then it’s eh? Why the hell not. They look soooooooo much better in mono-white.

    But there could also be some decent matchups this weekend as well, especially when you consider how awful Falcons/Bucs *could* be, Commanders/Titans could actually not be horrific, depending on their choice of pants, Niners/Panthers should look good, and the Rams (again depending on pant choice)/Cowboys will be nice. But…there’s also waaaaay too much black in the Eagles/Cardinals and the Bengals/Ravens SNF game.

    Best looking game of the weekend will actually occur Monday night, with a classic matchup between KC and da Raidahs.

    Week Six uni matchups here: link

    I agree on the ravens in black. I don’t consider teams that use black as a primary color to be eligible for the label BFBS. Also ravens are black. I like their mono-purple though would like it better with non-purple socks, but the only thing that bothers me about the ravens is the graphics. The B, the raven head, and the shield are all very oddly executed graphically. My kingdom for them to use a gold helmet as their second shell.

    Thanks for the link. Not sure how I don’t know about that site. Agree that the Ravens in all black is one of the better mono black looks, if not the best but as a whole, it just adds to the weekend. Just too many dark colors across the league. The Titans in anything Navy is never going to be good.

    It’s my biggest gripe about uniforms today. Not only are 99% of the new designs bad, the colors are just so dark. We have the absolute best TVs with the clearest pictures ever, and the vibrant colors of the NFL a lot of us grew up with would look FANTASTIC. I had to watch the Kelly Green Eagles on a 27″ Zenith with bad reception.

    Pats/Lions will be a beauty. Any time a team breaks out away silver/light grey pants is a huge win for me. I always wanted to see the modern day Patriots in silver away pants. I could go on and on.

    “We have the absolute best TVs with the clearest pictures ever, and the vibrant colors of the NFL a lot of us grew up with would look FANTASTIC.”


    And yet a very large number of college football games would look exactly the same on an old black&white television… I don’t get it.

    Agreed on the Ravens. It makes sense, and I like it.
    New Orleans, no.
    The Bills are the Wisconsin of the pro game: I like the white helmet on top of a mono uni. I still prefer Buffalo in white/blue/white, but I’d like to see Wisconsin stick with white/red/red.

    Totally agree. BFBS is completely out of control in the NFL. Horrible design. Ridiculous color combos. NFL needs a hard reset. And just wait til these lousy uniforms get even with worse with addition of jersey and/or helmet “sponsor patches.” We know it’s coming. Ugh.

    I’ve always felt the Red Wings should move the letter back to the usual left side. The only reason they didn’t is because the tip of the logo was in the way. To me, that’s simply an indication that the logo is too big, a problem that many NHL teams face.

    The reason they moved the letter back in 2007 had to do with the introduction of the tighter fitting less baggy jerseys with intro of Reebok Edge uniform. Think the logo size was essentially close to the same but tip of wing in the way.

    When the had the letter on the right side way way back it was because the wheel of the logo more centered on the chest than it is now.

    I guess the snugger jerseys simply gave the appearance of a larger logo. Either way, I thought they (all team logos, not just the Red Wings) were too big for the shirt.

    I was thinking that: some kids in an underdeveloped country are gonna be living the high life on cheap (and surely not-meant-to-drink) bubbly created for the Cardinals, Rays and Blue Jays. And hopefully the Padres.

    Just curious, why are some NFL teams listed with helmet/jersey/pants colors and some listed as ‘mono-color’, when their helmet isn’t the same color as the rest? The Browns don’t have a brown helmet, so they wouldn’t be mono-brown, and the Jets only have a green helmet, so does that need calling out? In this new age of multiple helmets, maybe list every team with all three components. After all, since the secondary helmets can’t be worn with standard unis, wouldn’t the Saints be gold/black/black today?

    It’s probably a bit confusing (especially now with the NFL allowing multiple color shells), but at least in the NFL, teams *always* wore one color helmet (from 2013 till 2022), so saying a team was wearing mono-(color) was always referring to the uniform only. College is different, since multiple shells have been permitted.

    Still, while confusing, the term “mono-(color)” applies to the jersey/pants(and usually socks). It’s always been understood that a team’s helmet color was irrelevant. Perhaps we need to rethink this, as now the Panthers can wear their black alt helmet with (only) their black jersey/black pants/black socks. But they must wear their silver helmet with the black jersey/other color pants (silver, white).

    Anyway, long story short: mono-(color) refers to jersey/pants, not helmet. Or at least it did. Maybe we need to rethink this.

    Nice picture of the 1922 Nevada football team. Fun fact, that was the year their nickname was unofficially changed from “Sagebrushers” to “pack of wolves”. link

    Seeing Pat Patriot today and the Padres swinging friar patch tonight has me wondering how many teams have a logo that is playing the sport that the team plays? The Providence Friars hockey logo is another one, and I guess the Celtics and old Bucks logos spinning the basketball on their finger/hoof would count, too.

    In looking at those Mavericks uniforms, the “cocktail dress” in question is a MUCH better uniform than most if them hanging there, except for the original from the expansion days. Cuban’s purchase did their wardrobe no favors over the years.

    OMG. A Yuniesky Bethancourt sighting. One of the many reasons the Mariners didn’t make the playoffs for 21 years.

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