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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 8, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got an incorrect logo on SportsCenter, the Pats going all-out for their throwback game tomorrow, and more.



  • SportsCenter used a Louisville Cardinals logo instead of a St. Louis Cardinals logo in a segment about the MLB postseason.
  • Speaking of incorrect logos, the Guardians were painting their old C logo on fans entering yesterday’s game. (From @CleveSpTorture)


  • The Patriots are going with throwback endzones and Pat Patriot at midfield for the first time ever at Gillette. They’ve even gone a step further and put new vinyl graphics on the locker room doors. Nary a Flying Elvis to be found. As bad as the Pats and Lions are, that game is a must-watch. (From @sullstice and J.A. Scott)
  • Here are tomorrow’s uni combos for the Jets, Eagles, Saints
  • Look at how beat-up Bruce Smith’s helmet was partway through his rookie year. I may be alone in this, but I love the beat-up helmet look. Makes the players look so much tougher. (From @texastrevor)





  • The Calgary Wranglers, the new AHL affiliates for the Flames, have unveiled their unis. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The Savannah Ghost Pirates, an ECHL expansion team to be affiliated with the Golden Knights, have unveiled their inaugural unis. (From @texastrevor)




  • A retail employee was able to get their hands on the as-yet un-leaked Magic City Edition jersey, and shared it with us!


  • England: Tottenham Hotspur’s men’s team is to wear warm-up shirts today in memory of fitness coach Gian Piero Ventrone, who passed away suddenly yesterday. (Thanks, Jamie)
Grab Bag
  • Oh man, check out this amazing c. 1952 Jayhawks fleece quarter-zip, worn by gold medal shotputter Bill Nieder! (From Christopher Hickey)
Comments (8)

    Looking forward to the classic looking Eagles/Cardinals game featuring the Black/Black/White Cardinals vs the Green/White/Black Eagles.

    I mean, if you have a red team and a green team, people who are color blind might have a hard time telling them apart. Making it a black-and-white game makes it equally impossible for everybody to tell the teams apart. (And midnight green helmets look pretty close to black in various lighting.)
    Dammit, Nike… and dammit, NFL. Put common sense ahead of profits for once.

    Sorry to reply to myself, but an additional thought: if I were an undefeated team, I would go switching up what had worked thus far to bust out the black pants (which the Eagles shouldn’t have in the first place but that ship sailed).

    Tweeted at both the Eagles and Jets last night about the black pants. Was enjoying the beautiful look of a green football team wearing green pants on the road and just green and white. Kudos to the Saskatchewan Roughriders! No black pants in their wardrobe at present.


    i’m missing a trick on that orlando uni. looks like it belongs in a pamphlet for some kind of disney spook-tacular mardi gras event.

    +100 on the Mardi Gras reference. I’ve seen that font on jerseys for both the Pelicans and the Baby Cakes (former AAA baseball team).

    Magic City??? More like Tragic City. Boring and uninspired. Like 90% of Nike’s uniform “designs.” If you’re out of ideas, perhaps it’s time to slow down on the endless uniform releases. Again, I’ll ask: who’s buying this crap??

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