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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 7, 2023

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In today’s abbreviated Ticker, we’ve got a Dick Butkus memorial and more.



  • The Orioles’ social media posted a really nice video of the ground crew painting the Postseason logo onto the field. (From Marcus Hall)


  • There is a new BananaBall team, the Firefighters, and I have to admit I really dig the unis here. Perfectly extravagant, exactly as BananaBall should be.



  • Illinois has added a memorial decal for Dick Butkus. They have also outlined the 50-yard-line marker in orange. (From @ACC_Tracker)
  • Michigan is going white-over-white during today’s visit to Minnesota. (From Matthew Wyman)


  • The Toronto Argonauts brought back their original logo to celebrate their 150th anniversary. Personally, I really like this logo and think it could work today. Make it the full-time logo! (From Wade Heidt)


  • Reader Stephen Freedman pointed us towards this highlight reel from the Suns’ 2006 preseason game in Rome, noting the one-off jerseys they wore depicting the colors of the Italian flag. He asked us if this was a common practice at the time. I know that this happened at least one other time, when the Celtics were in Rome to start the next season, some of the first times we got to see KG and Ray Allen in Celtics unis.
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    I wish that school up north would stop screwing around with different color combinations. Michigan, like so many other teams, has iconic uniforms, and every alternate they trot out is nowhere near as nice — and some are awful. So what on earth is the point?

    Jeez, I rue the day when sports became a fashion show, and a bad one at that. Thanks for nothing, Nike and Oregon.

    Thanks for nothing, Nike and Oregon.

    Never forget.

    And of course, there were comments in the Twitter thread asking for a white helmet as well.
    Why are so many people obsessed with looking like everyone else? Schools make such a big deal about going all BFBS vs all icy clean WFWS, and so many fans eat it up like it’s the greatest thing ever.
    In a world where branding has become everything, teams are ceding their branding to the shoe companies’.

    Perhaps I should rephrase my question to Why are so many people obsessed with looking like Penn State on the road? Yawn.

    I could have sworn the other day that Michigan claimed they were going to wear white jerseys and blue pants.

    Very nice logo for the Argos but it may be a bit too detailed for the main logo on the helmet for me. Shoulder, sleeve, or replacing the wordmark above the front number I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing.

    Yes, it is way too old-timey to be the main logo. Watched a bit of the Argos/Elks game last night. The anniversary logo on the helmet definitely does not pop like the current primary logo. Still waiting to see an Oxford blue alternate jersey. Maybe next year. A combo of Cambridge blue helmet, Oxford blue jersey, white pants would be so exceptional.

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