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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 7, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: an NHL team’s softball unis, a gorgeous third kit from Brazil, and more!



  • There will be postseason patches on the caps — and, likely, jerseys — this October. Last year, there were no postseason or World Series patches due to supply chain issues. (From @ItsCurran)
  • Here’s our first look at the on-field logos for MLB’s postseason. My guess is that navy blue box at the bottom will contain an advertiser’s logo. The Blue Jays posted a cool video of the application process. (From @StiebFan37 and Gabriel Hurl)
  • Here’s some extremely awesome color footage of the 1938 World Series, featuring lots of good looks at the Yankees’ 1938 Worlds Fair sleeve patch. (From @NCSox)
  • Has anyone ever looked cooler on a baseball card than Oil Can Boyd did on his 1986 Leaf? Love the custom embroidery on his jacket — something that seems unique to Oil Can. (From @mixedmediashop)
  • It really shouldn’t surprise anyone, but MLB players love getting playoff merch. (From Steve Saldivar)


  • MiLB and Marvel are teaming up to create logos and uniforms for 96 minor league teams, an expansion of their “Defenders of the Diamond” promotion. (Thanks, Phil)





  • The Kings will wear Gretzky-era throwbacks on opening night, but with silver helmets. I kinda dig the look! (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Coyotes have brought in fashion designer Rhuigi Villaseñor to revamp the team’s apparel line. Normally, that wouldn’t really be our forte, but Villaseñor will also be designing a new third jersey for the Yotes. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Panthers wore hurricane relief helmet decals for last night’s preseason game. (From Noah Berger)
  • Goalie pads get scuffed up very quickly, so no one really noticed that Bruins netminder Linus Ullmark’s pads have a marble motif to them. (From @skottdaltonic)
  • Whoa, check out these Canadiens softball unis! I bet Guy Lafleur played a mean third base. (From @SPTO)


  • Notre Dame goalies are really going hard on the “Jesus saves” thing with this year’s pads, huh? (From John Finnerty)
  • New unis for Arkansas’s club team. Love that the captains’ patches are the outline of the state of Arkansas. (From @charliehog)


  • The Celtics have not only removed the white background and outline from their center court logo, they’ve made it much larger. (From @mike_d1980)




  • Both the English women’s national team and the USWNT will wear teal armbands to stand in solidarity with sexual violence survivors. The gesture comes in the wake of the Yates Report, which details a wide-ranging history of abuse by former NWSL coach Christy Holly and the fact that team and league higher-ups knew of the abuse and failed to react appropriately. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Brazil: In honor of the 10th anniversary of their Club World Cup championship in Japan, Corinthians are releasing a third kit. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, one of the best this season. (From Steve Kriske)
Auto Racing
  • Formula 1 driver Mick Schumacher is going with a cherry blossom-themed helmet for this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, while Yuki Tsunoda — who is himself Japanese — is going with a helmet based on traditional Japanese art. Valtteri Bottas is going with a design inspired by the neon lights of Tokyo’s Shibuya district. (From Omar Jalife)
Grab Bag
  • The AFL Women’s pride round is the weekend after next (Oct. 14-16), but North Melbourne revealed a design that they’ll also wear a week early. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Virginia Tech women’s volleyball is going pink for October. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • Penn State women’s volleyball is also going pink for October, though it doubles as a callback to Penn State’s original colors. (From Chris Grosse)
Comments (18)

    Do the Cardinals black helmets had red “sparkles” (for lack of a better word) in them? I had not noticed that before.

    Wow – thanks Paul – I read that post way back when and have no recollection of that detail!

    There is also the gradient type thing they are doing with the feathers of the logo. I don’t like BFBS or alternate helmets, but I gave Arizona credit for trying a few different things to make that alternate look special, instead of just sticking their logo on a different color helmet, like other teams ended up doing.

    “Kings will wear Gretzky-era throwbacks on opening night, but with silver helmets.”

    To clarify, the logo is throwback but the design/striping of this alternate uniform is not the same as the white Gretzky-era throwbacks they have also worn recently. Shiny silver helmets always worn with these alternate uniforms.

    Wonder if Vegas will wear their newly-designated home golds or the old dark greys. Guess I’ll have to tune in Tuesday night and see

    I thought we agreed “mono” meant at least a jersey + pants being the same color for a football team? That doesn’t appear to be what the Cardinals are doing? All indications I have seen thus far include black jersey + white pants.


    It seems like the Jesus pads would have made more sense if it was split down the middle, I still really like it though. Religious theme made me wonder what Muslim art would look like on pads, maybe it could work to mesmerize the other team before they could get the chance to shoot

    Don’t know if anyone’s going into this, but I saw in today’s Guardians-Rays game that Tito’s postseason hoodie has “THE LAND” as the city in the bottom right, so I looked through all of them and… it’s very inconsistent? On the one hand you have The Lou, Philly, H-Town, and ATL, but on the other San Diego, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Seattle are all spelled out. You even have “THE BRONX” for the Yankees and “NEW YORK” for the Mets (not Queens?). Is this because of which teams were in the postseason last year as well?

    The Yankees sleeve patch is for the 1939 World’s Fair. They wore it in 1938, along with Dodgers and Giants. The size of it must make the 2023 MLB sleeve advertisers drool.

    Can we get a Coyotes’ sweater that looks like Clint Eastwood’s serape from one of his spaghetti westerns?

    As you can see from the Celtics logo, there’s no need for the white center court line to extend through the middle of the logo – even though there’s technically a line that’s in play (backcourt violation). Meanwhile, the NHL insists on ruining all team logos by asking teams to have the center ice line going right through the logo. It looks terrible in breaking up the logo and the line is red (which only 11 teams have that color in their logo anyway)

    If the NBA can allow for the ‘invisible/understood’ center court line, why can’t the NHL allow an uninterrupted logo at center ice (especially since they already do for outdoor regular season games). I’d like to think the NHL refs (making quick offside calls on the blue line 30x/game) can figure it out; give them some credit…

    So, Marvel is making logos for two teams name the Indians, but won’t make one for the Vancouver Canadians (according to list). It’s a shame they can’t come up with some lame Canadian stereotype with a cape, but that isn’t half as bad as them getting on board with such a disgraceful team name twice! It’s 2022 Marvel, we don’t need to keep supporting this.

    And am I the only one that is reminded of the Guardians of the NHL project through all of this?

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