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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 6, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Going to get coffee in full uniform, some great videos of jerseys being lettered up, and more.



  • A bunch of Tigers players went to a local Starbucks in full uniform. (Thanks, Phil)
  • The Rangers saluted outgoing broadcaster Tom Grieve — who’s also a former Rangers player and GM — by wearing 1970s throwbacks for yesterday’s season finale. (From Will Lanigan)
  • For the first game of yesterday’s doubleheader, the Orioles paired their white-paneled home cap with their black alternate jersey — an unusual combo, notes Andrew Cosentino, because they usually pair the black jerseys with their “apostrophe catastrophe” caps.
  • Here’s a TV news report on the shop that does the Mariners’ stitching. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Mets 2B Jeff McNeil is your 2022 MLB batting champion — and a proud stirrups wearer. Coincidence? I think not!
  • Mood indigo: Kenneth Traisman points out that 11 of the 12 MLB playoff teams — all except the Padres — wear a least a little bit of blue on their uniforms.
  • Andy Bronson has done absolutely heroic work putting together this uni-tracking spreadsheet for the 2022 season. He’s also created this lengthy Twitter thread of fun facts based on the spreadsheet data. Just the thing to tide you over until the playoffs start tomorrow!





  • 1987 throwback helmets this week for Troy.
  • Throwback helmets on tap for Ohio as well. (Thanks, Alex)
  • Here are this week’s uni combos for Oregon, Texas State, and Rutgers. (Thanks to all who shared)



  • The ECHL’s Norfolk Admirals are rolling out a new program of “City Series” sweaters, to be worn this season against select opponents. (From Nick Pieper)





Auto Racing
  • Interesting article about the various types of F1 tires.
Comments (20)

    Not sure I’ve ever seen photos of the Celtics with numbers on their shorts (see Macauley & Sharman in the Celtics link)

    Also very funny that they used a picture of Maxwell wearing No. 30, which he only wore for his first two seasons before getting assigned the 31 that would eventually be retired!

    1,000% yes. It’s funny, as an Eagles fan, I hate how 90s their current uniform, logo and old as of this year wordmark are. With the Panthers however, that IS what they should look like. It isn’t even all that dated, it’s just totally custom to when they were announced as a team. They should go back to that full time. Never thought a throwback to 1995 styling would look so refreshing.

    The Bengals @ Ravens game is a real missed opportunity in two ways:

    1) The Bengals could have worn orange pants to make it a Halloween special. The only problem is that I don’t see orange pants in their current uniform set.
    2) The Bengals could have worn their white bengal uniform to make it a mono black (black-black-black) vs mono white (white-white-white) game. I usually don’t like mono looks, but I think it works really well when both teams do it. Having both teams wear black pants will be blah.

    The Bengals actually play on 10/31 at Cleveland…no matter what they wear, the Browns will win the best costume contest if they elect to wear brown-over-orange.

    Pat Patriot is back at the perfect time, since this team could go 2-14 like the last team to wear Pat full time lol

    Man, I’m so excited to see Ohio bring back the pawprint logo on the helmets. It’s still a better logo than the attack cat, and I wish the university would use it more often.

    Man, I’m so excited to see Ohio bring back the pawprint logo on the helmets. It’s still a better logo than the attack cat, and I wish the university would use it more often.

    Mono-turd, the look no one has asked for. Rah rah.

    I can’t bear to look at that crap. I’ll just listen the game on radio and get some yardwork done.

    I love the impromptu trip to Starbuck’s in Seattle by the Tigers players. Among other messages (the sheer fun of the trip, for one), It’s a means to build team unity for future players in the organization. Now, if a veteran player covered the cost and left a sizable tip, it’s a lesson to be learned about respect for teammates as well as how to relate to people in other walks of life.

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