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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 29, 2022

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In today’s ticker, we’ve got a soccer team finally getting its new kits after supply chain issues, an Astros NOB detail, and more!



  • A couple of uni-notable things in this 1978 Fantasy Island clip featuring cameos from several MLB All-Stars. Firstly, Steve Garvey is wearing a logo-free helmet. More importantly, George Brett is wearing a blue Kansas City jersey over white pants, a combo I’m almost positive never actually appeared in a game. (From @BallparkHunter)
  • The Astros use a slightly smaller NOB font for players with longer surnames like “Verlander” and “Maldonado.” The effect is basically unnoticeable from a distance.
  • If his headband counts for anything, the Phillies OF Brandon Marsh looks like he’s a Tom Clancy Fan. (From Max Weintraub) Max adds, “He’s on the hunt … for Red October.”



  • Nevada is adding a memorial decal to their helmets this weekend against San Jose State as a mark of solidarity with the Spartans. SJSU RB Camdan McWright was killed at 18 last week in an electric scooter accident. (From Damon Hirschensohn)
  • Virginia is adding a pink ribbon to its field for today’s game for breast cancer awareness. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Here’s today’s uni combo for UK (thanks, Phil)
  • Football is coming to Calvin University. Check out their helmet and logo. (From John Chapman)


  • Two New Orleans Catholic high schools, Jesuit High and Holy Cross, wore helmet logos commemorating 100 years of their rivalry game.


  • The Devils went all-out for their Hispanic Heritage night warm-up sweaters.
  • The Golden Knights also went above and beyond for their warm-up sweaters last night, celebrating Nevada Night.
  • Staying in Vegas, the Golden Knights also added their ad patch to the white sweaters they were wearing at home. Normally, their white sweaters are ad-less. (From @Baseball_Matt)
  • More ad patch shenanigans: the Canucks will put theirs on the shoulder of their Reverse Retro sweater, due to the presence of the front uni number. (From James Siddall)


  • The Lakers wore their Minneapolis throwbacks for the first time last night…in Minneapolis, natch.


  • Yesterday, we ticker-linked a piece about how Alaska Airlines is offering priority boarding to people wearing Kraken jerseys. They’re doing the same thing for fans wearing Portland Thorns jerseys flying out of PDX.


  • Scotland: Fourth-tier side Albion Rovers have only just now gotten their new kits for the season, due to supply chain issues. They had been wearing last year’s kit, which was actually kept from the season before. Probably takes the record for longest continuously-used kit in modern history. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • Scotland: Celtic announced a £400,000 donation to families affected by the UK’s fuel crisis by printing a jersey with “400K” as the uni number and “fuel crisis” as the NOB.
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    Despite the ad patch, the Canucks RR looking pretty good. Better than their last RR. The infamous Sprite can jersey.

    I suppose that’s the one good thing about having a jersey number on the front. It relegates the ad patch to the shoulder. Not exactly prime real estate for an ad!

    “Red October” has been the Phillies catchphrase for post-season baseball for the past six times to make it. Combines the month and the uniform color. A play on words with the book title, but nothing else related.

    The Astros’ NOB font on longer names filled in the negative space on the A but also fills in the negative space on the N within the serifs, which isn’t done in shorter names. Looks like the 1972 Dolphins number outlines.

    Lakers’ throwbacks aren’t unpleasant, they just don’t, you know, feel like the LAKERS of my lifetime. And I’m a borderline Boomer. Still, could be worse, as 29 other teams have shown.

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