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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 28, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got another Boston team honoring the victims of the Lewiston shooting, a potential color-on-color game in the NFL, and more!



  • This is pretty neat: the Rangers have “42” on their backstop because it’s 42 feet away from home plate. Is this the first time we’ve had a distance marker on a backstop? (From Kurt Rozek)


  • The “Chiefs” name has often been used in reference to Native Americans, but the 1919 Providence Chiefs used the name with a firefighter as their mascot. Clever! (From Kary Klismet)


  • As of Friday evening, the extremely reliable Gridiron Uniform Database has this weekend’s Falcons/Titans game as color-on-color, with the Falcons wearing black on the road and the Titans in their Oilers throwbacks. (From Austin Ledley)
  • Here’s a look back on the 1981 Topps NFL set. (From Jeff Johnson)
  • The Saints are going white-over-white on the road in Indianapolis tomorrow. (From J.A. Scott)
  • The Eagles are going white-over-green in their game. (From Tim Kelly)



  • The Calgary Stampeders changed up their alternate look for last night’s game. “Alternate uniform but not alternate helmet decals that go with it. Primary helmet decals are on. No silver horse and barbed wire helmet striping,” says Wade Heidt.


  • Rarely do we see NOBs in junior football, but this team has gone the extra step and rendered their NOBs in cursive! This is from the Greater Chicago area. (From Ed Kozak)


  • The Kraken will be unveiling this year’s “specialty jerseys” at an art gallery in Seattle on Oct. 30. (From @thebluelime)
  • The Golden Knights wore white at home for Nevada Day last night. (From Steve Gooch)




  • The Celtics had their home opener last night, and naturally the team featured many memorials for the victims of the Lewiston shooting. The Celtics wore shooting shirts with “Maine” on them pre-game, and added a black band to their jerseys. Unknown at this time if the black band will be a permanent fixture of Celtics unis this year — it’s in the same style as the Tommy Heinsohn and KC Jones band from a few years back, which makes me think it may stick around.
  • The Cavs bench chairs now feature heaters and massagers. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for a team to try this. (From John Flory)




  • France: Olympique Lyonnais are hoping to distract from their worst-ever start to a Ligue 1 season with a brightly-colored new kit that leaked yesterday.
  • Canada: Here is the new playoff champion trophy for the Canadian Premier League. (From Wade Heidt)
Auto Racing
  • Here’s a rundown on the specs of the new GenBeta racecar being developed for Formula E. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Sticking with Formula E and also from Kary, new livery for Maserati MSG Racing.
Grab Bag
  • Not exactly uni related, but the incomparable Will Leitch has a great article in New York about fan political gestures, and how teams try to control and prohibit them, especially in light of the conflict in Gaza. (From Scott Rogers)
  • NASA hosted an event featuring the designer of the original “worm” logo yesterday. (From John Gagosian)
  • The New York Times has an excellent piece on how Kanye West’s vehement antisemitism cost him his huge Adidas deal, but also how much abuse Adidas allowed West to wreak upon Adidas staff up to that point. Highly, highly recommended. (From Tom Turner)
  • Fresno State University has unveiled a new on-campus statue of its mascot, Victor E. Bulldog. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New crew uniforms for Air Serbia. (From Kary Klismet)
  • New uniforms for the volunteer ambassadors at the Sydney, Australia, airport. (From Kary Klismet)
  • The Illinois School for the Visually Impaired has dropped their Native American-head logo. (From Kevin Eckhoff)
  • Dean Phillips, the little-known Minnesota Congressman challenging President Biden for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, has taken many graphic design cues from his opponent.
Comments (21)

    The Peoria Chiefs have been using a dalmatian depicted as a fire chief since 2005 when they moved away from using Native American inspired imagery.

    Groan, the Browns are wearing the putrid turd pants this week. Unwatchable. Guess I’ll just listen to the game on the radio and get the yard and outside of the house ready for winter.

    What do the Saints have against their gold pants? White over white isn’t as bad as black over black, but it always looks better to wear pants that match the helmets when you have gold or silver helmets. I’m assuming they’ll also wear white high socks. The Saints have one of the best looking uniforms when they wear gold pants, and one of the worse when they wear black jersey and pants.

    Not to mention their all-black socks. Going full mono. Unforgivable when they used to have such amazing uniforms…both home and away.

    “Here’s a look back on the 1981 Topps NFL set.”

    – Included, is a picture of Steve Largent with the rare logo-less Seahawks helmet.

    Topps for many years did not have the rights to use NFL logos on their football cards. All of the helmet logos were airbrushed out.

    “The Cavs bench chairs now feature heaters and massagers”. I’m just waiting for the first “When I played, all they gave us were folding chairs” lawsuit from a former player.

    As bad as the Falcons uniforms are, there is nothing that will sully the return of the Oilers!
    OTOH, the Browns in poopy pants ruins the re-introduction of the silver-headed Seahawks. Heck, even white over orange would have been a terrific choice for this one.

    BYU cuts their helmet stripe in the rear of the helmet (where the ridge is) as well as in the front where the panel is

    The Celtics “Maine” jerseys are likely the warmup uniforms from their G-League affiliate, appropriately called the Maine Celtics.

    Apparently so.

    Here’s what opponents have worn (Dark or Light) vs. the Lions in mono-silvergray since the set was introduced for the 2017 season:

    2017: Bears (navy blue)
    2018: Cowboys (white), Panthers (black)
    2019: Bears (white — Thanksgiving game)
    2020: Falcons (red-black gradient), Tampa Bay (white)
    2021: Ravens (white), Vikings (white)
    2022: Dolphins (white), Bills (white)

    The Lions have opponents have worn both light and dark jerseys against the mono-silvergray, but the trend the past couple seasons has been for their opponents to wear their white jerseys. Almost without exception, every matchup between Lions in mono and their opponent have been the worst pairings of the season. It’s hard to pick the absolute worst, but I’ll nominate the 2020 matchup against the Falcons as THE WORST.


    But it’s got a lot of competition.

    It makes sense for any opponent the Lions play when wearing the greys to wear their darks. White vs grey is less distinguishable than something we have never seen, but certainly should : Red (chiefs) vs Powder (chargers). These light colored “dark” jerseys could certainly be a light jersey. Oilers, Chargers, Broncos Orange. Cincy Orange. It just makes sense.

    Holy Lord, those Olympic Lyonnais kits are horrendous. I hope these do not come to the NWSL — either in the form of OL Reign or a re-badged Washington Spirit (owned by the owner of the OL women’s team).

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