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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 28, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: Bob Boone in goggles, some very odd Southern Miss NOBs, and more.



  • After a comment thread in yesterday’s lead post, reader Christopher Hickey went through the Getty Images archive and stumbled across this photo of Phillies C Bob Boone wearing goggles underneath his mask. Did he do this frequently?



  • The Washington Post has an excellent piece on the guys behind Unison, the small uniform manufacturer that has become the go-to choice for DC public schools. (From Jason Walker)


  • The Oilers have a “victory vest” given to the most outstanding player in games that the team wins. (From Brandon Weir)
  • Alaska Airlines is giving priority boarding to anyone who wears a Kraken jersey on their flight. (Thanks, Phil)


  • UMass men are wearing John Calipari-era throwbacks for three games this season. Note the addition of the Adidas maker’s mark, completely ruining the V-neck motif of the originals. (Thanks, Phil)


  • Miami (Fla.) painted the numbers of graduating seniors onto the pitch for yesterday’s game. GK Melissa Dagenais wore the team’s pink outfield kit for breast cancer awareness. (Thanks, Jamie)
  • San José State women’s did the same thing but used a very odd font. The 3 looks upside-down and what’s going on with the 9 in the 19. (From Frank Mercogliano)


  • England: The Premier League has launched this season’s high-visibility ball for the winter months. (Thanks, Phil)
Auto Racing
  • Ty Dillon will have chrome numbers for this weekend’s race in Martinsville. (From Shawn Hairston)
Grab Bag
  • Princeton men’s hockey and lacrosse are adopting Princeton football’s winged helmet motif for their own helmets. (From Dave Turner)
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    Princeton hockey has the helmet/wing look in it’s best form in my opinion: black helmet, orange “wings” and stripes. The football team once had this same look, but now wears and orange helmet with black wings and stripes. Doesn’t look right to me. May from all the years of seeing Michigan and Delaware with the helmet itself being the dark color.

    That #19 for the San Jose State women’s soccer team certainly looks like a #11 that was fixed to look like 19. Must have been a mistake, or they didn’t have a #9 stencil? The upside-down #3 and the uncentered/unbalanced look of all the numbers together is certainly a subpar look.

    Southern Miss reminds me of the Pirates’ black jersey during the bumblebee era. Players with three or four letter last names were always “stretched” like that.

    Re: Bob Boone’s goggles.

    This was about the time that Steve Yeager had gotten injured when a piece of splintered bat went into his neck. He was the first catcher to wear a flap below his catcher’s mask. Nowadays, most catchers have a throat-protector molded into their headgear.

    The weird thing about the Yeager incident is that it didn’t happen while he was catching. He was in the on-deck circle when teammate Bill Russell’s bat shattered.

    Another thing about Yeager: I always thought he had a great batting stance — looked very in command, well-balanced, ready to attack. But he was, in fact, a terrible hitter (career .228 average). The gap between his aesthetics and his performance always stood out to me.

    I think it’s great for a university’s brand to have the helmets across all sports match their football helmets IF their football team has a great helmet design, such as Notre Dame, Princeton, Michigan, Penn State.

    High time that Princeton adopted the winged helmet for their hockey team. Don’t think this is news to anyone here, but the winged helmet – long associated with University of Michigan football – was originally called ‘the Princeton helmet’.

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