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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 27, 2023

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We are hanging in there up here in Maine. In today’s Ticker, more speculation about the fate of the Giants’ ad patch, a possible Washington Huskies uni jinx, and more.



  • The D-backs posted a video to social media of a team employee applying the World Series patch to the chest of their red jerseys. As Paul noted in his World Series preview, this is the first time a team has worn the World Series patch on the chest since the Rockies wore their sleeveless unis in the 2007 Fall Classic. (From Josh Pearlman)
  • SF Gate is wondering what will happen to the Giants’ ad patch now that the advertiser is prohibited from operating in California. (Thanks, Phil)


  • The Ravens will wear black-white-white for Ravens/Cardinals. It’s the first time they’ll wear that combo this season. (From Andrew Cosentino)


  • Does Washington play worse when it wears alternate uniforms instead of its traditional gold-purple-gold look? At least one sportswriter has made that connection. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Notre Dame’s costumed leprechaun mascot will be portrayed by a woman for the first time ever when the Irish play Pitt on Saturday.
  • Nevada football will debut a new helmet for their homecoming game against New Mexico. (Thanks, Phil)
  • Here are this weekend’s uni combos for Pitt and ASU.


  • A hockey writer has endeavored to provide a nickname for every NHL arena. Some are better than others. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The PWHL, the new women’s hockey league founded in the wake of the dissolution of the PHF, has filed trademarks for a number of team names.


  • Here’s a gallery of many NBA championship rings. Many teams in the 1970s and early ’80s had similar base designs — I wonder if that was league-mandated? (From Kary Klismet)




  • England: Queens Park Rangers of the EFL Championship have a new naming advertiser for their stadium, Loftus Road.
  • Spain: Photos of Atlético Madrid’s new fourth kit have leaked. As the article notes, this kit was likely designed and released in case of a kit-clash with another team with a very light kits, as their first and second kits feature a good amount of white, and their third kit is light green.
Auto Racing
  • Here’s a collection of logos from the heyday of World Team Tennis. Lots of 1970s aesthetic greatness to be found there.
Grab Bag
  • For breast cancer awareness, Chiquita has adjusted its famous Chiquita Banana logo character so that she’s now giving herself a breast self-examination. (From Liz Clayton)
  • I’m pretty sure we’ve covered this before, but just in case, here are some of the rejected logos for Sony’s original PlayStation.
  • The excellent Retrologist Substack has a tremendous (paywalled) piece on the evolution of Pepsi’s logo, as told by roadside signs. (From William F. Yurasko)
  • A new book coming out in February about Boston sports dominance in 1986 features an apostrophe catastrophe on the cover. (From Janet Davis)
  • Here’s an interesting feature on the University of Illinois students behind the effort to change the school’s mascot to a bird known as the kingfisher. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Did you know that Ohio University used to have a female counterpart to its costumed Bobcat mascot called “Bobkitten”? Here’s the story. (From Kary Klismet)
Comments (23)

    Regarding the hockey arena nicknames, I’ve long heard Denver’s arena referred to as “The Can,” which works as the building is generally circular, and fit in well with both Pepsi and Ball in the name of the building.

    The Saddledome should be the “Little Sombrero” or the “Potato Chip”. Arenas named for car rental giants should be called “The Counter”.

    “Andretti Global Racing driver Jake Dennis will drive the famous No. 1 for the entirety of Season 10 as a fitting tribute to his victory in Season 9, which is a privilege only given to the current Driver Champion.”
    -Very cool…Nascar champ just gets a sticker

    Yes, there is a sticker on the car, but the drivers also list their championships on their uniform for the rest of their career (sort of like the NFL man of the year).

    Also keep in mind that F1 (which drives a lot of Formula-E approach) did not allow drivers/teams to have consistent numbering from year-to-year until 2014(?). Not only did #1 shift from team to team each year, ALL of the numbers shifted based on the previous seasons standings (this isn’t necessarily the approach since the beginning of F1, but was certainly the longest approach).

    NASCAR numbers are assigned to the team, (not the driver, which is the F1 approach) but can occasionally follow the driver when he switches team. It is a completely different approach.

    I wouldn’t say one approach is better than the other, they are just specific to the series.

    On the Notre Dame bit, the history being made there is this is the first time a female leprechaun will appear at a football game. ND has a corps of leprechauns that appear at athletics events. They’ve had a female leprechaun at hockey games and, I presume, other sports events as well.


    Man, the Ravens don’t wear that black/white/white combo nearly enough; such a sharp look. (And my second favorite after black/purple/white.)

    The NHL arena article was fun. But I’m sorry– calling Montreal’s Bell Centre “Habitant Habitat” makes no sense. Arena has 3 syllables, nickname 6 syllables! :)

    According to my daughter, the kids these days call nicknames longer than the actual name “Nicholas Names”

    I have always wondered do teams consider their opponent when they make a uniform choice?
    Yeah, I’m looking at you Pitt. choosing yellow/white/yellow vs ND gold/blue/gold

    They must not. I thought the all white look should have been saved for this game and the gold/white/gold look should have been worn against an all black Wake Forest team this past weekend.

    It’s a classic combination for Pitt playing Notre Dame wearing their classic combination. Sometimes instead of contradiction, you go with — for lack of a better phrase — a parallel.

    Besides, the last time Pitt played Notre Dame, they wore those hideous all-steel gray uniforms and got crushed. It’s no wonder they went with a traditional look for tomorrow.

    Re: the NBA rings – did the 1955 Nats not get rings until a couple generations later? Because that is a modern-styled ring, complete with the Jerry West logo that obviously did not exist in 1955 when West was a junior in high school!

    Will the cardinals ever go Red over White? Just bc Nike rolls you our in a certain combo doesn’t mean it should be the standard forever!

    That’s the hope.

    The Commanders sorta did the same type of thing last year when they unveiled. They showed (and started off wearing) mono-burgundy, mono-white and mono-black. After a while they began mix/matching the burgundy and white (which hopefully they will NEVER mix in with the black pieces).

    So…perhaps the Cards will begin to mix/match the cardinal/white sets. Hopefully.

    “Applications for Toronto Torch, Montreal Echo, Ottawa Alert, Minnesota Superior, Boston Wicked and New York Sound were filed by PWHL Holdings LLC on Wednesday.”

    So it is possible to have a worse name than an MLS team. The More You Know…

    It’s too bad First Union bank got bought out. The FU Center was a perfect nickname for the home of Philly hockey.

    When I see UW wear the purple helmets, I think of Jim Owens and Jim Lambright. Both coaches had some success at UW but there were seasons of inconsistency and futility.

    For the final (?) Apple Cup, please wear the purple helmets; that’ll inspire them to play like crap against WSU.

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