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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 25, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: An upcoming color-vs.-color game in the NFL, a uni ad dispute sends Australian Netball into crisis, a jersey designed for nursing mothers, and more.



  • When most people saw the Astros’ AL Champion T-shirts on Saturday, most people just saw bunting hanging off the word “champions.” Not Jeremy K’s 14-year-old son, who said, “But why did they put France’s flag on it?”
  • Here’s a great look at the history of World Series and other championship trophies. (From our own Jerry Wolper)


  • Austin Gillis has a friend who once appeared on the soap opera Days of our Lives. That friend recently shared a photo of the cast softball team — look at those awesome Pirates-style pullovers!


  • Looking ahead to next week: The Jets will debut their black helmets along with their black jerseys and pants — marking the first time they’ve gone away from their white jerseys and their fifth straight week in black pants. (From Phil)
  • The Bears will wear their orange helmets again on Sunday in Dallas in what will apparently be a color-vs.-color matchup with the blue-clad Cowboys. (From Phil)
  • The New York Post’s Monday back cover included an outdated Jaguars helmet. (From Mike Chamernik)
  • On Sunday, the Broncos celebrated the 25th anniversary of their Super Bowl XXIII championship. Former players wore replica team jerseys with a commemorative logo on the left sleeve. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The striping pattern on Kansas’ helmets last Saturday incorporated the “Bowtie K” — a stripe-heavy logo first worn by Kansas on their 1928 jerseys. (From @kagavi)


  • Chicago has gone ad-free so far this season, but that will likely change, as team business president Jaime Faulkner has indicated that the team is simply taking its time in looking for an advertiser. (From Phil)
  • This blog takes a look at some of the more subtle details of the Capitals’ new RR uniforms. (From Brandon Weir)
  • Speaking of RR, here’s a piece about the minor league team that inspired the Kraken’s new set — the Seattle Ironmen of the 1940s and ’50s. (From Phil)



  • This story is a few years old, but a community newspaper in Toronto wrote a story about the extensive sweater collection of a local rec hockey jersey designer. (From Will Scheibler)
  • After a seven-year-old Manitoba boy’s hockey card collection was stolen by bullies, strangers stepped up to help him rebuild his collection. (From Max Weintraub)


Grab Bag
  • Netball Australia is facing a funding crisis amid a controversy surrounding a uniform advertiser. Some of the players refused to wear the ad patch after a player of Indigenous origin raised concerns about racist comments the founder of Hancock Prospecting made in the 1980s. After players began refusing to wear the patch, Hancock pulled out of a lucrative advertising deal, putting the future of the sport in jeopardy. (From Chris Bisbee)
  • The California Air National Guard has painted one of its F-15C fighter jets in a stars-and-stripes livery. (From Shawn Hairston)
  • The downtown Baltimore Arena formerly known as the Baltimore Civic Center, which is currently under renovation, has sold the naming rights to the building. (From @b_fianchetto)
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Comments (14)

    Broncos commemorative/replica jerseys for the 25th anniversary celebration also looked mercifully free of any makers marks

    Love seeing the Peoria Rivermen raise a banner at Carver Arena. It looks like they raised it to the rafters, but normally the Rivs honor championships and retired numbers along the north wall of the arena. Kind of like the way the Lakers hang their retired numbers on the wall. Maybe they wanted to “raise” it from the ice in the ceremony and then it’ll be moved to the wall?

    A little blurry, but here’s the view from the other end. link

    In the World Series, when the Phillies go to Houston, they ought to break out their blue throwbacks, as that’s what they wore when they won the 1980 NLCS in Houston.

    It’s possible. But they don’t even wear their blue throwbacks on the road. They are for Thursday home games. They’ll probably go gray shirts on Friday, red shirts on Saturday.

    Nostalgia aside, the Phillies post-season record in that uniform was not very good.
    I calculated (with highly questionable research/math skills!) that between ’76-’83, they appeared in 8 “Series” (2 WS in ’80 & ’83, 5 NLCS from ’76-’78, then ’80 & ’83 of course, & 1 NLDS in strike-impacted ’81) and played 36 games total, 17 of which were held away from the Vet. Out of those the Phillies recorded just 7 wins, with the ’80 NLCS accounting for 2 of those…the only time they won more that 1 road game in a series.
    And the last time they wore powder blue for a postseason game (Game 2 of ’83 WS), they lost.
    When was the most recent game for which they wore those for a road game anyway?
    If it was 10/2/88, they lost that one too:

    Very interesting…2019 one of those was a Sunday night game and the other was against the Rams, who were in a weird color phaseout and the NFL was trying to avoid having them wear their blue uniforms.

    Really unique situation

    For the Broncos celebration, it should be Super Bowl XXXII, not XXIII. At first I thought it might’ve been meant to be XXXIII, but that anniversary comes up next season.

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