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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 23, 2023

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Today in the Ticker: It took less than two weeks for Pride Tape to reappear in the NHL, a patchwork soccer shirt, and more.



  • Phillies P Jeff Hoffman has had “FAH,” for “fuck all hitters,” on his glove for several years. He’s now changed it to the Philly-ified “PHAH.” (From Seth Poho)
  • If you’ve ever wondered why the Diamondbacks’ mascot is a bobcat, now you know: iI comes from the first naming-rights advertiser for their stadium and stayed even though the advertiser has changed. (From Kary Klismet)
  • The Astros wore navy caps last night, but manager Dusty Baker’s cap had an orange brim. (Thanks to all who shared)


  • The Bears didn’t change their facemasks from grey to navy until 1982, but Kurt Rozek found a shot of kicker Mirro Roder wearing a navy single-bar mask in 1973!


  • Left over from Saturday: Navy honored former QB Roger Staubach by putting his No. 12 at the 12-yard line. (From Jacob Hill)
  • Here’s all you didn’t know you needed to know about Floyd of Rosedale, the Iowa/Minnesota trophy that was up for grabs this weekend. (These are all from Kary Klismet)
  • An LSU mechanical engineering professor attended an NFL symposium on safer helmet design in 2019, and since then he’s been working on a prototype.
  • The editor of Nebraska History Magazine will lecture on the history of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium and its predecessors this week.




  • At least one writer thinks NBA City Edition uniforms have gone “too far,” calling some of this season’s designs lazy. (From Kary Klismet)


  • On Saturday, Coyotes D Travis Dermott became the first known NHL player to put Pride Tape on his stick since it was banned by the league, although it’s on the shaft instead of the blade. The NHL gave a non-answer answer when The Athletic asked if Dermott would face any sanctions. (From Wade Heidt)


  • It’s not often that women’s sports teams wear throwbacks. But Boston College is doing just that for the 50th anniversary of their program, based on their first design which, of course, was a hand-me-down from the men’s team. (From Owen Bawn)


  • The WHL’s Red Deer Rebels have a new alternate. (From Will Scheibler and Wade Heidt)
  • The WHL’s Vancouver Giants wore their “referee appreciation night” black and white striped jerseys yesterday. That left the question of what the officials would then wear, and the answer was solid white. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The WHL’s Everett Silvertips wore Pink in the Rink uniforms on Saturday. “Forest green and pink work as a colour scheme and you don’t see that often if at all,” says Wade Heidt. “Hard to see the sleeve numbers though.”
  • Cross-posted from the football section: The OHL’s Ottawa 67s wore Ottawa Redblacks-themed jerseys on Friday. (From Wade Heidt)


  • Last week, the news site The Messenger was able to nail down where the teams in the new Professional Women’s Hockey League would primarily play, including the athletics center in the ex-Maple Leaf Gardens, one NHL arena (Minnesota), one AHL arena (Bridgeport, Conn.), one OHL arena (Ottawa), and two others.


  • Last week, we mentioned that the NWSL’s Orlando Pride honored striker Marta for being the first to reach 100 appearances for the team. She also got a shirt made up of seven different designs she’s worn with the Pride.
  • Unlike other soccer teams, college teams are allowed to have logos in the center circle and some other places on the pitch because the NCAA uses its own rulebook instead of the Laws of the Game. Wake Forest has had its alternate walking deacon logo, with a soccer ball background, on its field this season. The women’s team also wore pink on Thursday. (From @VictoryCB)


  • England: I don’t usually think soccer NOBs are Ticker items, but one instance where I think they are is when somebody changes from what they had before. You might also be aware of the pattern of NFL players or whoever putting “Sr.” in their NOB, which new Luton Town winger Andros Townsend just did.
  • Germany: VfL Wolfsburg’s women’s team brought back the peace sign center circle design that was a little bit of a trend in the country after the Ukraine war started. It shouldn’t be allowed under the Laws of the Game, which prohibit any extra markings on the pitch, but clearly the powers that be have turned a blind eye. Wolfsburg and opponents Hoffenheim also wore black armbands, but I didn’t see them explicitly say they were for the Israel-Hamas war.
  • Scotland: Men’s and women’s teams did their annual promotion for the charity Show Racism the Red Card this weekend. On the Friday before, the charity encourages people to wear red, and Queen’s Park’s second-tier men’s team played along by wearing their red second shirt. Others wore red warm-up shirts. The charity’s patch usually goes in the center of the upper chest, but Premiership club Livingston’s black shirt is so busy in that area that they stuffed it basically on players’ armpits.
  • Scotland: The same teams were also encouraged to wear black armbands “as a show of humanitarian support” for victims of the Israel-Hamas war. Unfortunately, 11 pro-level men’s and women’s matches, mostly in the east and northeast, were postponed because of severe weather, so not as many teams as usual participated in either gesture. I’m not sure how many of the teams that played wore armbands.
Auto Racing
  • The ex-Nio 333 Formula E team has a new name: ERT. It doesn’t have a livery yet but one should come soon with preseason testing around the corner. The one shown in the article is an old Nio 333 livery. (From Kary Klismet)
  • LIV Golf gave its individual champion, Taylor Gooch, a championship ring. (From Kary Klismet)
Grab Bag
  • The Philadelphia Phoenix in the men’s American Ultimate Disc League temporarily changed their name to the Gators for the NLCS, wanting to ditch any possible reference to Arizona and instead referencing an incident from September where a fan wasn’t allowed to bring in his emotional support alligator to a Phillies game. (From Kary Klismet)
  • College field hockey teams that wore pink included Penn State (shirt and socks).
  • The Wall Street Journal has a paywalled piece on how Nike is apparently losing ground to other shoe brands among — judging from the first paragraphs — people who aren’t elite marathon runners. (From Tom Turner)
  • A teacher in Nashville who’s a member of one of the “Divine Nine” historically Black fraternities and sororities recently confiscated a White student’s shirt because it had the logo of the teacher’s sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. The teacher explained to the student’s parents that, in common with the Divine Nine, only AKA members are allowed to wear their logos. (From Jason Hillyer)
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    I refuse to say that Dusty Baker wore the wrong hat. The man is simply too cool to wear the wrong hat. Either the rest of the team was wearing the wrong hat, or Dusty is pioneering the Manager’s Hat.

    A co-worker and I tried to imagine what the most inappropriate support animal might be, and she won the contest by suggesting “bees”.

    Wake Forest should put a soccer ball at the feet of that Walking Deacon logo (thus making it Dribbling Deacon). Definitely a missed opportunity.

    If I were that child’s parent, that teacher would be arrested for robbery and assault. How can anyone who read that article not be infuriated by such entitled behavior of that teacher. PS, I know Paul will take down this post.

    At first I thought something similar but in all reality if the student wishes to wear the shirt they should apply to the sorority… if they would exclude someone from a sorority or fraternity based upon race then it’s a violation of their civil rights but confiscating a shirt that violates rules is not a civil rights violation… I would guess the university has strict rules about representing fraternities and sororities and I would also guess that wearing something like that, that you’re not part of is a violation of those rules… in other words they could wear that shirt off campus but not on campus.. .and as a side note I’m always pleasantly surprised that Phil and Paul allow us to speak our mind and kind of hash it out even though I know they can’t agree with everyone….

    Few things. First off, I don’t think civil rights laws apply to private clubs, they apply to places of business. A sorority is not one.

    Second, this is a little kid at a children’s school. A friend of the family gave her the sweatshirt as a hand me down. It’s not a civil rights issue here either and I don’t think anyone is saying it is. It’s at least a theft of property issue, and if the shirt was forcibly removed (I don’t think it was) then it would also be a physical assault and child abuse issue.

    Bottom line though, you have a grown adult teacher acting extremely immaturely towards a child in her class.

    With the Nashville teacher story, I’ve seen 2 think pieces justifying the teacher’s actions and trying to explain them in a culturally nuanced way. To that I say 2 things.

    1. Try to imagine the reaction in the press if it had been a “mainstream,” aka not historically race specific sorority, and a little black girl wearing the shirt (the girl wearing the shirt was white) Does anyone think a single outlet would be even thinking of justifying the teacher’s actions? No flipping way.

    2. I was in a fraternity. We had mostly the same rules. We did allow mothers and wives of brothers to wear the letters but the same taboo existed around male non-members wearing the letters. If I saw a little boy wearing my fraternity’s letters, I wouldn’t care because I’m a 37 year old grown a** adult! My goodness, grow the heck up, it’s a college Greek org. I’m most concern someone that immature is a teacher.

    I just misread (put my foot in my mouth) the ticker and assumed this happened at a university instead of an elementary school… the AKA website states that it does not exclude anyone based upon race or any other reason only academic and moral standards… but it’s also a corporation, with trademarked logos… so one would have to violate trademark law before that Corporation could take any type of action against anyone, and wearing a t-shirt with a logo from a second hand store(or given) is not violating any trademark law… the child was in violation of school policy but not the law…then the teacher violated school policy by confiscating it without getting parents permission…so you are correct sir… the school did state they would be clarifying the policy to the teacher so that this will not happen again… all in all the teacher missed an opportunity to help this young person understand the significance of her sorority rather than being stuck up about it because again according to the AKA website one of their missions is to influence the community in only positive ways and invite all who are worthy to become a member

    That was a good one… that’s some crazy loyalty!
    But what’s the city of Dallas, PA gonna do if they wind up meeting the Rangers? ( :-D )

    Not surprising at all that the 67s would collaborate with the RedBlacks, considering their arena is built under the stands of the football stadium.

    They are neighbours! Interesting thing. The Redblacks-themed jersey doesn’t look like the actual black Redblacks jersey. The rumour is the Redblacks are changing a uniform next season. Likely the black one as they recently changed the white ones while keeping the black uniforms the same. Are we looking at a preview of what the new Redblacks black jersey will look like in 2024? Let the speculation begin.

    Loved the linked article about the prototype LSU helmets…really interesting seeing what goes into all that…
    Btw have you guys covered LSU’s air conditioned helmets?
    maybe I missed that on an old ticker but that would be a cool interview…

    City Edition unis in the NBA have definitely gone too far. They feel like they’re the jerseys of a group of that team’s alums who play in The Basketball Tournament. Like “Best Virginia” (WVU), “Herd That” (Marshall), “Ram Up” (CO St), “The Commonwealth” (UMass), “The Ville” (Louisville), etc.

    The Professional Women’s Hockey League story is worth following to look up the Mattamy Athletic Center, the 2800 seat arena built into the domed roof of what used to the Maple Leaf Gardens building. While the main area below is now a downtown supermarket. A unique approach to building preservation.

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