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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 18, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: More indoor games coming to the NFL, SI goes retro for its latest cover design, and a very cool Fenway Park employee-service pin.



  • Josh Kantor has been the Fenway Park organist for 20 seasons, and the team recently gave him a pin recognizing his years of service. Kantor tweeted a photo of that pin and the other pins he received for five, 10, and 15 years of service. All Fenway employees are eligible for these. (From @ColHapablap)


  • Riverfront Stadium, the home of the Double A Wichita Wind Surge, has been hosting high school football games during the offseason. (From Michael Hochman)




  • Cross-listed from the baseball section: Riverfront Stadium in Wichita, Kan., which typically hosts minor league baseball, has been hosting high school football games during the offseason. (From Michael Hochman)


  • Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has written a tribute to Penguins equipment manager Dana Heinze, who recently retired. (From our own Jerry Wolper)
  • The San Jose Public Library has unveiled a new Sharks-themed library card design that includes a mesh-patterned background. (From Mark Burkhardt)
  • The Maple Leafs’ arena had a display featuring the Coyotes’ old logo ahead of last night’s game in Toronto (From @mcianfrini)


  • The Bulls’ new City uniforms have apparently leaked. (From @sean_janko and Phil)


  • The cover of Sports Illustrated’s new college basketball preview issue features No. 1 North Carolina and coach Hubert Davis re-creating a 1981 SI cover with the Tar Heels and then-coach Dean Smith. (From Dave Garabedian and James Gilbert)


Grab Bag
  • An Australian Football League fan came up with some design concepts inspired by the NHL’s “Reverse Retro” series of alternates. (From our Jamie Rathjen)
  • Speaking of Jamie, he’s currently in Ireland and had the chance to visit the Emigration Museum in Dublin, where he saw a display of hurling and Gaelic football shirts from GAA teams outside of Ireland. He also spotted a statue in Kilkenny commemorating a local hurling team’s 2016 championship.
  • Here’s a look at all the kits that will be worn at the Cricket T20 World Cup. (From Jerry Pemberton)
  • This Hasbro commercial from 1972 features Tom Seaver, Bob Griese, and Earl Monroe, all wearing their jerseys backwards. (From David Firestone)
  • The Ohio State Highway Patrol is changing its policy to allow troopers to sport arm tattoos, provided that they wear long sleeves to cover them up.
  • The Auburn Uniform Database has published an interview with Randy Brown, the designer of the “Double Eagle” logo worn by the Auburn University Marching Band from 1974 to 2017. (From Clint Richardson)
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Comments (12)

    There’s almost an inverse relationship between how much I like any team’s T20 kit and how good the team is. Scotland and Afghanistan are tops for me, closely followed by England. If the pattern holds, USA will look very, very good when we host in 2024.

    Without even getting into how unsavory it looks for an NFL team to only use a stadium for 23 years, it should be illegal for NFL teams to play in domes.


    Too many NFL stadiums are sterile already. I stand by my belief that the Vikings lost a lot more than games when they moved indoors. -C.

    Bad weather games are fun to watch on television, but much less enjoyable in person. As I get older, the idea of sitting through games in relative comfort is more and more appealing.

    That said, I’m sure this has as much to do with being able to host Super Bowls and Final Fours as it does the convenience of Titans fans.

    I live in Houston. The entire city could not exist as a major metropolis until air conditioning was invented. And that means it could not exist as a major sports market.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the Fenway tour guides wearing those pins. And World Series rings. And if you just ask, they’ll show and tell you about both pieces in amazing details. Say what you will, but the people in the organization have remarkable pride in what they do and represent.

    On my Ireland items, I don’t think the statue is supposed to commemorate anything in particular. It’s just that it was installed in 2016. It depicts players from Kilkenny’s county hurling team.

    The shirts from left to right in the hurling display are from Argentina GAA, Australasia GAA, and Hamburg GAA. In the football display, it’s London, Dubai Celts, and New York. London and New York are both “counties” and compete against other county teams in the various men’s and women’s competitions.

    i noticed both SI cover prices are $1.50, despite being 41 years apart
    I lost interest in SI and have no idea what today’s cover price is.

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