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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 12, 2022

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Today in the Ticker: A fun video game and basketball crossover, more uni fallout from the recent Hockey Canada scandal, and updates on NHL uniforms.



  • TBS yesterday referred to the Guardians by their former name, which comes off the heels of more Guardians name and logo mistakes from just a few days ago. (From @AntsTweeting)
  • In an ad, MasterCard used the seating chart of the long-gone Shea Stadium to represent Yankee Stadium. (From Taylor, who didn’t give his last name).






  • The Peoria Rivermen have received their championship rings for winning last season’s Southern Professional Hockey League title. (From Kary Klismet)


  • Bauer has suspended its deal with Hockey Canada over the latter’s handling of an alleged group sexual assault involving members of the 2018 men’s national junior team. (From Andreas Papadopoulos)



  • Cross-listed from the NBA section: The Lynx and Timberwolves are having a huge fire sale of merch this week.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man are seen in a social media graphic promoting a J-League game between Shibuya Sunrockers (owned by Bandai Namco, creator of Pac-Man) and Susanoo Magic (owned by Sega, creator of Sonic). (From Jeremy Brahm)


Grab Bag
  • Goshen College has unveiled its new costumed mascot, a black squirrel named Dash. (From Kary Klismet)
  • Also from Kary: The editorial board of George Washington University’s student newspaper wants Hippopotamuses to be the school’s next team name.
  • The latest episode of the podcast 99 Percent Invisible is about the vuvuzela, the South African horn instrument that took over the 2010 FIFA World Cup. (From Andrew Cosentino)
  • More AFL Women’s pride designs, this time for Collingwood, Hawthorn, and Freemantle. (From our own Jamie Rathjen)
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    As a GWU alum, I want the new nickname to be Continentals, but I won’t mind Hippopotamuses. Former school president Trachtenberg will be pleased if that’s the name, as he’s responsible for the giant “river horse” hippo statue near the center of campus. I think he also placed a couple of smaller hippo statues around the edges of campus prior to the big one in 1996.

    Other than not understanding why Colonials is offensive, I submit (per an awesome old comedy record from Alan Sherman I used to listen to incessantly)

    “One Hippopotami would not fit on a bus
    Because one Hippopotami is two Hippopotamus.”

    So should they change from Colonials to Hippopotami or Hippopotamuses?

    “not understanding why Colonials is offensive”>

    From this article link:

    “The Colonials name has been criticized in the past for its association with colonialism, which is defined as domination of a people or area by a foreign state or nation, occupying it with settlers and exploiting it through economic means.”

    And to Scotty: My undergrad alma mater, Hamilton College, are the Continentals, a much better nickname than Colonials. But you can’t have it ;). Go Hippopotami!

    Don’t kid yourself; the standard usage is going to be “Hippos”. Hippopotamuses/Hippopotomi will be a footnote.

    Did the old RR “Blasty” for Calgary Flames have the flame graphics at the cuffs? That may be a new feature.

    Interesting! Must be a Canadian thing. When I activated my VPN for a New York address, it worked. Thanks, guys!

    The first sentence in the Roquan Smith article begins, “The Bears will wear orange helmets Thursday for the first time in franchise history”.

    The GUD would beg to differ, as it attests orange helmets being worn at least three times in 1933 (with the uniform for the game in Portsmouth on December 3rd being unknown), at least four times in 1934 (neither team’s uniform from their shutout of Pittsburgh on October 10th are accounted for), eight times in 1937, and once in 1938.

    While I don’t dispute the excellent research by the GUD (and there’s probably a separate page somewhere on the site that *confirms* the orange hat before 1937), the also excellent Helmet History site (link) doesn’t confirm an all orange helmet for 1933 or 1934; they do mention an “orange helmet with blue stripes” in 1934 (link). But, the solid orange helmet is confirmed in 1937-38, so either way, the Roquan Smith piece is wrong (if there were no solid orange helmet in 1937-38 I might let him slide, but the team definitely wore the solid orange lids during those two seasons).


    I actually tried to look up the model type of that blue-striped helmet, since that style was worn a lot in the leatherhead era (whether unpainted, painted solid, or having the crown-converging stripes painted a separate color), but all I got was a bunch of sites selling modern-made replicas, that completely fail to mention what the original models were.

    Somehow my original post didn’t include the link to the Helmet History site. (link). It’s now there (and also in this comment), so you may be able to ascertain the model(s) from the photos

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