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Uni Watch News Ticker for Oct. 1, 2023

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In today’s Ticker, we’ve got white helmets for the Falcons, orange helmets for the Dolphins, lots of hockey news, and more.



  • During yesterday’s Mets/Phillies tilt, Pete Alonso was hit by a pitch on the C-flap of his helmet, which broke off. (From BatBeat2)
  • Here’s a great in-depth piece about graphic designer Grady Phelan’s ergonomic angled-knob bat design that reduces injuries and is finally gaining acceptance in Major League Baseball. (From Kary Klismet)


  • The Harleton (Tex.) High School baseball team has received its championship rings for winning the state title last spring. (From Kary Klismet)



  • Kind of an odd scene down in Auburn yesterday, where Charles Barkley appeared to have covered up the “BU” in “AUBURN” with tape. Sir Charles, of course, is a Nike athlete and Auburn is a UA school, so maybe that’s why? (From Stu Taylor)


  • Photo here of #85 of the Habs, John Parker-Jones, in Friday night’s preseason game. JPJ has no hyphen here…which is bizarre to me because he had a hyphen last year in AHL Laval (random photo of a YouTube thumbnail on Google), and the Habs have hyphens (Rafael Harvey-Pinard). You’d think he’d keep his same spelling with the same employer and payroll office! (From Mike Engle)
  • Check out all 32 center ice designs for this NHL season in the NHL center ice archive. (From The
  • The Vancouver Canucks have a brand new and rather large scoreboard at Rogers Arena. Also, the top of the boards are now blue instead of red. (From Wade Heidt)
  • This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has followed Uni Watch for any period of time, but the Detroit Red Wings have continued their pre-season tradition of straight, serifed NOBs. (From Rob S)
  • Here’s a very cool video showing how an NHL goalie mask is customized. (From Andreas Papadopoulos)


  • The WHL’s Winnipeg Ice abruptly moved to Wenatchee in the off-season. There had been a delay in seeing the new Wenatchee Wild uniforms as a result. We have finally seen the dark uniforms on Friday night. First time wearing the dark uniforms this season. Using a Blackhawks’ template for the black uniforms trimmed in blue. (From Wade Heidt)
  • The Brandon Wheat Kings wore special Truth and Reconciliation helmet decals last night. It also was the first time the team ever wore a gray/silver helmet. The team also broke out new uniforms. More here. (Also from Wade)


  • New court at Louisville’s home arena. (From Kary Klismet)


  • In what would not be considered a shock, Inter’s Lionel Messi jersey is the number one seller in MLS.
  • Here’s an absolutely brutal red vs. orange matchup in last night’s USL action. (From Michelle Corey)


  • Today FC Tokyo plays against Gamba Osaka in a 25th season memorial game. The uniform shown here is what they wore when entering the J.League. Ampm is an American convenience chain that was in Japan then, not now. (From Jeremy Brahm)
Grab Bag
  • The following four items are all from Kary Klismet: The new costumed mascot for Ticonderoga High School in New York will be known as Ty the Sentinel after the results of a public contest to name it were announced.
  • Why does Campbell County High School in Wyoming have a camel as its mascot? This story explains it.
  • The Refugio (Tex.) High School boys’ and girls’ track teams received rings for winning their respective state championships.
  • Bradley University’s student newspaper has published a spirited debate among its editorial team about whether the athletic program’s old or current logo is better. (Thanks, Kary!)
Comments (15)

    It was bad enough the Oilers switched from blue to white helmets after 1974. So glad the Falcons didn’t switch from red to white.
    Although I would prefer that to any helmet they’ve worn since 1990.

    While I like the concept of the bone jerseys, I wish the Rams would wear them for an outdoors day game instead of in a dome.
    Or are the Colts opening the roof today?

    I’m sure the reason Campbell HS has a camel mascot is tautology, the same way Campbell University is called the Camels. GO HUMPS!

    …Or you could read the story and learn a little more about the school’s history and the nuanced reasons behind the name! ;^)

    There is Campbell County High School in northern Kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati, who is also called the Camels.

    Okay the “debate” about the Bradley logo made my head hurt. The guy arguing for the newer logo, in the middle of his piece, says the old one is perfect. Whatever. I think they both suck.

    As an alum who was around when they introduced the older BU/Braves logo, a few things:

    1) It was not around in 1989 (c’mon Scout, do some research!). It was introduced in the early 90’s to officially stop utilizing Native American iconography. At that time the logo was a basic “B” with a feather on the top corner, which in itself was a veer away from the stereotype tomahawk wielding Brad E Lee Indian. That one still has folks lamenting it being gone, since it was the logo during the basketball team’s great Jim Les and Hersey Hawkins 80’s. I think it was horribly racist and I’m glad it’s gone.

    2) Nobody liked the one introduced in the early 90’s. The school insisted on removing the iconography, but keeping the nickname, thus limiting options for redesign. The “BU/Braves” is a terrible mish-mash of block letters, shadow, and a completely unrelated script “Braves” across it. Bad design, for which they paid too much. It looked clunky on book-store merch, too. That’s a huge minus. I was so glad when they decided to scrap it.

    3) The current shield design has been incorporated quite well into the athletic department. It’s unique and has a whole font set that is utilized across all sports and the campus. It looks decent on merchandise (yes, book store merchandising is important for mid-sized schools!). It’s recognizable from afar, as well when shrunken down to phone icon size. I’ve come to appreciate it and think it will stick around.

    4) Not the logo, but the costumed mascot these days is a gargoyle named Kaboom! Yes, Kaboom! as anyone listening to a Dave Snell basketball broadcast will know as his signature slam dunk call. Kids seem to love Kaboom!, who kind of looks like Count Chocula with bat wings. It’s grown on me and certainly has much more love than the short-lived Bobcat that was trotted out in the mid-90’s. The Bobcat somehow mysteriously just disappeared and no one even asked what happened to it.

    That’s too much opinion on a mid-major’s logo, but there you have it.

    I guess us “old folks” are going to have to come to grips with the mono uniform sets. So sad, since a LOT of the NFL uniforms are so good until they go the mono crap. The Cardinals new jerseys may not be that bad if paired with the white pants (that have a little bit of color to them). I really was not a fan of the Pats uniforms until they paired the “gray” pants with them last year. I thought they actually looked pretty good that game. Not sure why they insist on wearing the blue pants with the blue jerseys. Anybody checked with the marketing folks in New England as to why they keep going with the mono look at home?

    The current Falcon helmet decal looks like the doodle of the airplane Flounder draws in “Animal House”.

    The Cardinals in all white versus 49ers look really good. Much better than the all blood clot look.

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