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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 9, 2023

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In today’s Ticker: The story of the NFL’s first flak jacket, lots of new state flag designs, and more.














  • Yeshiva University’s men’s team has added a patch showing the American and Israeli flags. (From Yoni Kirschner)
  • Gonzaga men’s will wear turquoise uniforms on Friday for Native American Heritage Month. (Thanks, Phil)
  • New court for Clinton Community College in Plattsburgh, N.Y. (From Kary Klismet)

G League



  • England: Our own Jamie Rathjen says, “During Tuesday’s men’s UEFA Champions League game between Manchester City and BSC Young Boys, Young Boys midfielder Mohamed Ali Camara asked City striker Erling Haaland for his shirt at halftime, instead of at the end of the game. Haaland obliged, but apparently told Camara, ‘You cannot do this.’ A series of observers, including Young Boys’ manager, thought the request was weird because it was at halftime.”
Grab Bag
  • The rock band Wilco now has — and is selling — its own typeface. (From Jimbo Huening)
  • Here are proposed designs that people are submitting for a new Minnesota state flag. (Thanks to all who shared)
  • Weedsport (N.Y.) High School has changed its team name to “Wolverines” after dropping its old Native American-themed team identity. (From Kary Klismet)
  • What are the scariest costumed mascots in college sports? Here’s how students at UMass-Lowell ranked them. (From Kary Klismet)
  • This is pretty cool: Aerial photos of star-shaped forts around the world.
  • Three school board members in Sandusky, Mich., lost recall elections this week after they voted to change the local high school’s team name from “Redskins” to “Wolves.” (From John Chapman)
  • Someone on eBay is selling a signed copy of my 1997 book, Inconspicuous Consumption: An Obsessive Look at the Stuff We Take for Granted, for $75, which is pretty funny. You can get a used copy on Amazon for a lot less than that and just mail it to me for me to sign. (From Jeremy Bridges)
  • New logo for SiriusXM.
Comments (16)

    Here are proposed designs that people are submitting for a new New Mexico state flag.

    The link takes you to proposed new flags for Minnesota.

    Came here for the same comment. At first I was floored because New Mexico’s state flag is tremendous. Glad it’s just a typo!

    The bad and the ugly: Almost every single submission. Mostly so bad, such dreck, that they would be a downgrade from the current state flag, which is among the ugliest flags in official use by any polity in the world today.

    The good: The dreadful crappiness of most of the new designs should help ease the path to adoption of the North Star Flag, the already existing and popular alternative state flag.

    Yes and yes, R. Scott! Some of the others were okay, but most were–as you said–dreck. I also saw the state seal submissions, and really like the first ones based on the floor design in the capitol rotunda.

    What I noticed with a number of those designs is, if adopted, other states would have copyright infringement claims, as is popular with companies these days. I’m only kidding, but Maine and Texas came to mind immediately.

    There are a lot of bad ones on there, but I’m a fan of this one link

    I like that its a recognizable flag motif (Nordic Cross) but distinctly different besides just colors. Though the North Start Flag is pretty good and if it already has some acceptance they should just go with that. Pretty much anything is an upgrade from a state seal on a blue field (even the one submission that is just a picture of an old dog standing in a field)

    Boras’ logo is so unbelievably bad. Looks like a logo for a fake brand in a PGA game or something. You’d think someone who’s worth roughly half a billion dollars could commission something better than that.

    Right? Also, a white cloth step-and-repeat hung from a shower curtain? This is very 1991-ish branding all around. It’s like he doesn’t have staff, or doesn’t trust or permit his staff to do professional work outside of his direct, personal oversight of every detail. I don’t know any communications professional who would use such a prop, unless they simply didn’t have the budget to afford a couple hundred bucks for a proper, well engineered step-and-repeat.

    “Weedsport (N.Y.) High School has changed its team name to “Wolverines”

    – You’re a high school with an opportunity to create a whole new identity. Where’s the fun and creativity? Wolverines are nasty creatures and not native to New York. Thumbs down. (Let me guess, they lazily go with a winged-helmet as well.)

    Obviously the Minnesota state flag site is displaying all of the submissions, since some of them are worse than the current flag, and the current flag is terrible. It would have been nice for each flag to be accompanied by a short explanation, much like flag F6.

    Another SB conspiracy would be the coincidence that during the covid years the teams hosting the superbowl ended up in it.

    Not that this wasn’t alluded to, but hockey helmets are originally sold with the plastic ear pieces. Kids sometimes unscrew them out as an aesthetic appearance. Similar to biker short trend in football.

    Shouldn’t the Colorado Tweeter refer to CU’s “return to the Big 12” rather than next year’s “first season in the Big 12 Conference” – ?? Colorado was an original member of the Big 12 when it was formed from the Big 8 and four refugees from the SWC, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor.

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