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Uni Watch News Ticker for Nov. 9, 2022

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In today’s Ticker: A sneak peek at the Carolina Panthers’ new black helmets, lots of helmet news from college football, and a couple of teasers from some college basketball programs.




  • Here’s every Tennessee uniform, newest to oldest, since Nike became the team’s outfitter in 2015. (From Chad Fields)
  • Camouflage and flag-desecration helmets last night for Toledo and Ball State, respectively. (From Blaise D’Sylva)
  • New flag-desecration helmet for Iowa, too, which is part of a blackout uni they’ll be wearing this week. (From our own Phil Hecken)
  • Also from Phil: Here’s Marshall’s helmet for this year’s “75” game, which pays tribute to the 75 people who died in the 1970 plane crash.
  • Really fun new helmets for Western Kentucky. More details here. (From multiple readers)
  • Orange/brown/orange this week for Bowling Green. (From Peter Spivak)


  • A Zamboni at last night’s Coyotes/Sabres game broke down, so they had to use the other Zamboni to tow it off the ice. (From Mike Chamernik)


  • Penn State women’s teased their new jerseys. (From Chris Grosse)
  • Dayton’s men’s team tweeted a photo with a powder blue background, which could mean a new color scheme for the school. (From John Flory)


  • Germany: Ahead of the NFL’s game in Munich on Sunday, the Bundesliga’s English Twitter account tweeted a graphic of NFL-style helmets for this week’s matchups. (From Mark Dziak)
  • ESPN did a World Cup-style tournament — complete with group and knockout stages — to rank the uniforms for the upcoming men’s World Cup. (From Mic Foley)
  • Sebastian Korda has switched endorsement deals from Adidas to Nike. (From Mark Brieve)
Grab Bag
  • Dad sneakers are apparently very popular on the resale market. (From Tom Turner)
  • The Sports Field Management Association is holding its annual contest for the best mowed-in field patterned. (From @NotReallyOnHere)

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Comments (13)

    The Panthers logo is already sort of a muddled mess even on their silver helmet, now you can’t even tell what it is at all on the black helmet, it just looks like a splotch.

    Terrible design, on top of not necessary.


    I’ve been a fan of the Panthers’ helmets since the team first hit the field. A model of consistency compared to their expansion twins, the Jagwires.

    “ESPN did a World Cup-style tournament — complete with group and knockout stages — to rank the uniforms for the upcoming men’s World Cup. (From Mic Foley)”

    I thought the US had absolute dog water kit for the WC and then I finally saw everybody else’s. They’re still terrible, but the difference is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. What an awful year for World Cup visuals.

    Absolutely agree. Other than France (who always looks tasteful and elegant), Mexico (rich history, huge market base) and Germany (adidas’s flagship team), everything else is template-driven schlock. You would think that Nike would have done better by the US team but I guess not. And Puma’s weird number bibs are wretched.

    As an Eastern Kentucky University graduate, I must say that those Western helmets are pretty fun and a great looking helmet.

    But, being a Uniwatcher, I noticed that the center stripes are different on the one that is put on the desk and the one in the locker room.

    I had to come back to check out the grass designs again, man they are terrific.
    I guess we got to thank the GPS strategy for these designs.
    I currently live in a rural community and was literally amazed by the farmers accuracy of planting lines and after living in the city for 40 years.
    I thought humans were creating these magnificent designs.
    Still, pretty cool looking designs.

    If Carolina rolls with white pants I honestly think its a better look for them than the one they’ve sported otherwise. A perennial bottom-five NFL set typically from The Panthers IMO. Teal is always hideous. A new look is long overdue there…

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